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Why We Need to Learn About the Astral Body

by Inna Segal   The astral body or the star body is where you feel your pain and pleasure, your passions, desires, wishes and virtually all sensations. The astral body needs a nervous system to incarnate into. Plants do not have a nervous system but animals do, thus they have an astral body and astral thinking. The feelings, thoughts and will impulses you experience in the astral body will create the colours and formations of your aura. A person who has refined their intuitive abilities can look at your aura and instantly perceive your most intimate thoughts and feelings.

Subtle bodies

This subtle body extends beyond the physical body attaining impressions from all directions. It constitutes a big part of what is called a soul, but most importantly it carries your karma from one life into another. This karma, which lives in your astral body, draws you towards challenges, opportunities, significant events, places, addictions, illnesses, health, relationships, life experiences, talents and abilities, and the purpose you have to work with in a lifetime. How can you determine that there could be truth in this? Look at all the big events in your life. If you tried to plan them out one by one and materialise them, would it be possible? Look at all the little things that had to happen for you to meet some of the most important people in your life who have impacted your choices and who you are. Think about the forces of destiny working in your astral body, leading you unconsciously towards these life experiences.

Paris holds the key

I have loved Europe since I was a child. It literally felt more like home to me than Belarus, where I was born. When I was in my mid-twenties I was lying on a couch meditating when I felt an unusual presence. Within moments I felt like an invisible being pushed me off the couch and as I was rolling on the floor, I heard the words ‘you have to go and teach in Paris.’ At that point I had never considered going to France. Within a few weeks I had a phone call from a lady who was living in a small holiday place in NSW that I had recently visited. At the end of the phone call she told me she was French. Not long after she attended a workshop I was teaching. At the end of the workshop she told me she was truly impressed with what she had learned. The next time we met at an advanced workshop I was teaching, she took me aside and asked if I was interested in coming to teach in France. I knew it was destiny and six months later I was teaching in Paris which opened my heart and mind, allowed me to have the most extraordinary experiences and gave me an opportunity to travel all over Europe and many parts of the world. The more in-tune we are with our soul, the more messages we can hear to allow us to follow our true destiny.   This is an extract from Understanding Modern Spirituality by Inna Segal, which is published by Rockpool and is available from all good bookstores from 8 June 2023.  About the author: As well as being an expert in energy medicine and human consciousness, and a gifted healer herself, Inna Segal is a sought-after spirituality speaker, TV host, and author of several books, including The Secret Language of Your Body, and The Secret Language of Colour Cards.