Your Numberscope for July

June 27, 2022

To discover your personal Life Path Number, write down all the digits in your date of birth and add them together, (eg: 16 December 1965 is 1 + 6 + 1 + 2 + 1 + 9 + 6 + 5 = 31).
* If they add up to 11 or 22, that’s your number.
* If they add up to a number that’s more than ten, you keep adding the numbers together until you reach a single digit, (eg: 3 + 1 = 4).
* Therefore 16 Dec 1965 would have a life path number of 4.

by Sonia Ducie, Dip.CSN.AIN

We’re open for business, and coordinating essential negotiations. Illusions of the past release practical solutions to old problems. It’s one step at a time in a creative way. New energy and ideas uplift our spirit.
Life is an unknown entity; soul is the anchor. We naturally radiate love. Meditation, yoga, Tai Chi and teamwork all enhance moments of connection and inner peace.

There’s tangible warmth pouring out from within you. You’re emerging out of your protective shell into the bright light of day. You indulge yourself in art, music and cultural activities. You light a candle to
spirit and welcome in goodness. The colours around you seem brighter, and the perfume stronger. Everything is in place.


As you search within, you feel more at ease with life. Conflicts make you feel uncomfortable – a little introspection reveals the truth behind dramas. You’re longing for your soul mate – to find your way home. Giving love is fulfilling. Taking risks triggers insecurities; decisions are necessary. Allocate yourself space to hear the birds singing and wash your hair clean.


Check your ‘currency’ to make sure you can survive and adapt within all circumstances. You’re reliable when it suits. Cutting corners means you will need to work harder in the long run. Be generous with your love, time and effort. Love your imperfections; make the most of your looks. Your flirtatious fun shows the true motive behind your intentions.


A situation may dramatically close to allow in a whole new world; welcome in the light. Divine intelligence – soul – is guiding you and works it all out for the best. Invest time in relationships. Apply
your skills practically to support future growth. Walk your talk. Find delight in the ordinary everyday beauty of life. Patience and trust are key.

NFTs and social media may distract you from real life situations that need your attention. Analyse situations carefully. Allocate boundaries. Implement a structure that supports all aspects of your life to flourish. You’re up and down emotionally, whilst discovering this may improve your communication with others.


Diet and food are your main sources of preoccupation. Either following recipes for yourself, cooking for friends, or taking expert advice on health supplements, fresh food and where to buy the very best ingredients. Dressing casually is not a sin – a relaxed mind and heart is more important. There are no
quick fixes of the heart; find peace within.


You are never alone – the soul is always guiding from within. You crave privacy yet you have nothing to hide – everyone shares the same issues. If you’re feeling isolated or vulnerable, quiet time helps to restore your equilibrium. Speak up and let your voice be heard. Work hard on your insecurities, and find your happy place, your comfort zone.


Appreciate your own harvest – generosity of heart welcomes the richness of life. What is yours is yours;
what’s not is none of your business. An empty vessel speaks the loudest; meditation stills your ambitious mind. Success and strength shine from within. You may experience moments of déjà vu.


The centre of a building with good Feng Shui needs to be kept open, flowing and clear to enhance creativity in all other areas. Your soul is your centre. As you connect within, you expand your awareness to all living things, to other dimensions, and to your own existence. It’s time to get streetwise and wake up to reality and the facts of life.


You’re discovering what gets you out of bed in the morning – a warm hug from a loved one, a cup of tea, or your mission in life. Focusing on details makes the world disappear – broaden your horizon. Time heals feelings of illusionary separation. Instead of taking situations personally, find the rhyme and reason, and learn lessons.


The translucent mind sees everything in glorious techni-colour. You feel the need to share your life with others and open your heart to the world. Warmth helps everyone to grow and supports everyone on the
journey. What you want and need can be the same if your soul and personality agree. Evaluate business and relationships propositions carefully. Passion alights life.

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Sonia Ducie Dip.CSN.AIN. is a teacher at The Connaissance School of Numerology and a member of the Association Internationale De Numerologues. She has been a professional numerologist for more than 28 years and has written 12 books, which have been translated into 13 languages.
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Posted by: Gwen Jones