Your May Astrology Forecast

April 30, 2022

Kindred Spirit astrologer Demian Allan reveals what’s written in the stars for May in 2022

Over the next two months, as we transfer from winter to spring, the planets are all moving forwards with no retrogrades. This means that a lot can happen in these next eight weeks. The two zodiac signs that are dominating the sky are Aquarius and Pisces, which have themes of stepping outside of the system and looking at the collective from a different perspective. The planet Jupiter travelling in its own rulership of Pisces is beckoning us forward to take leaps of faith and to unite with others who see the world in the same way. Empathy and understanding are Piscean themes that are rising up to the surface in these next two months, while Saturn in Aquarius is laying down new structures that we all need to understand and embrace – it’s a collaboration between the two planets that can truly define our future. 


Notable Astrological Dates 

✧ 2 May – Venus enters Aries 17.10
✧ 5 May – Sun 15 degrees
✧ 10 May – Mercury retrograde 12.47
✧ 11 May – Jupiter enters Aries 00.22
✧ 16 May – Full moon 25 degrees Scorpio 05.12

✧ 25 May – Mars enters Aries 00.17
✧ 28 May – Venus enters Taurus 15.46
✧ 30 May – New moon 9 degrees Gemini 12.30



This is a month of two halves as your planetary ruler transits your solar 12th house, concentrating its energy on your internal world and the need to have time and space for yourself. This will last until 25 May when Mars moves into Aries, which will give you a sense of purpose and a renewal of energy that inspires and creates opportunities for growth and change, further magnified by Jupiter entering your own sign on 11 May.




There is a lot of energy directed towards self-reflection this month as you seek to understand your own internal rhythm. Your planetary ruler Venus is travelling in the hidden part of your solar chart until 28 May, when it moves into your own sign. The entrance of Jupiter in your solar 12th house on 11 May will enable you to direct energy towards a spiritual practice that focuses on your emotional needs from the past, present and future.




From 10 May, your ruler Mercury is retrograde again. This time it begins in your own sign and ends in Taurus. This is a time to prepare for any future projects, making sure that details are well-established. On 16 May the full moon shines on your working environment. You might need to clear the
clutter from your desk.



The planet Mars, which is transiting your solar 9th house in Pisces, is supporting you this month in finding new and innovative ways of dealing with the big philosophical questions in life. This can also help to support you in education or training which will allow you to
develop your career or your future goals. On 16 May, the full moon illuminates your self-expression and creativity.



The sun is shining a light on your career and ambitions for the future, which means that you are the centre of attention in your outer environment. To utilise this planetary energy, be aware of your own power and your ability to create and transform opportunities for
yourself and others. Bring change to situations or projects that have been stagnant.




Career matters could get complicated this month, as your planetary ruler Mercury goes retrograde in your solar 10th house from 10 May. Try not to get caught up in work politics that are not directly affecting you. Your natural ability to strategise and plan ahead might be less evident this month. If anything, this is a time to stay out of the spotlight and work quietly behind the scenes.




From 11 May the planet Jupiter enters into your 7th solar house of partnerships for a couple of months. This will create a period of expansion and new opportunities in regard to your relationships with others. The planet Venus will also be travelling in the relationship section of your
chart from 3 May – this will be a great month to connect with those close to you.



The sun shines on the relationship section of your chart – this can be fun, but Mercury’s retrograde on 23 May can spoil the party if you don’t explain your feelings in a constructive manner. On 16 May the full moon is in your own zodiac sign. Try to keep things in perspective when it comes to other people’s feelings.



The archers are a zodiac sign that loves their personal freedom sometimes. On 11 May Jupiter enters into your solar 5th house, making this an important couple of months in which you will demand that you have the space and time to express your many pursuits with
vigour and without interference. This could create conflict with those around you, who may expect you to be at their beck and call
– set realistic expectations.



There is a huge amount of planetary energy focused on the home and family as you try to be as diplomatic as possible in the eye of the storm. The planets Venus, Mars and Jupiter are all travelling in your solar 4th house at some point this month. Jupiter could create a restless energy, meaning you
might start to plan moving home or redecorating over the next couple of months.



Both of your planetary rulers, Saturn and Uranus, are moving forward in the sky this month, allowing a certain amount of focused direction in your life. Communication is key this month as three planets transit your 3rd solar house. Getting your ideas across in a constructive way that improves the thinking of others will create change and movement in your work life, especially on 16 May when
the full moon basks in the career sector of your chart.



On 11 May your traditional planetary ruler, Jupiter, moves from your own zodiac sign into your solar 2nd house for a couple of months.
This planetary combination brings expansion in financial matters and how you look after your mind and body. The retrograde of Mercury from 10 May highlights issues in the home that need to be re-examined before any major decisions are made.


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Posted by: Gwen Jones