Your April Astrology Forecast

April 7, 2022

Kindred Spirit astrologer Demian Allan reveals what’s written in the stars for April in 2022

Over the next two months, as we transfer from winter to spring, the planets are all moving forwards with no retrogrades. This means that a lot can happen in these next eight weeks. The two zodiac signs that are dominating the sky are Aquarius and Pisces, which have themes of stepping outside of the system and looking at the collective from a different perspective. The planet Jupiter travelling in its own rulership of Pisces is beckoning us forward to take leaps of faith and to unite with others who see the world in the same way. Empathy and understanding are Piscean themes that are rising up to the surface in these next two months, while Saturn in Aquarius is laying down new structures that we all need to understand and embrace – it’s a collaboration between the two planets that can truly define our future. 


Notable Astrological Dates 

1 April – New Moon 07.24 11 degrees Aries

16 April – Full Moon 19.55 26 degrees Libra 

30 April – Solar Eclipse 21.28 10 degrees Taurus



The first half of this month is going to be testing, since your ruler Mars is going to be forming a conjunction with Saturn. This planetary energy reacts in a way to make aware of your own limitations and scope of ideas. To get the best out of the next four weeks, plan ahead and don’t get deterred by any restrictions.




From 6 April your ruler Venus is travelling in your 11th house of friendships and the collective groups that share the same vision for the future. This is an important change from the previous month, when all of your energy was directed towards work. Now you can begin to allow a more playful attitude to emerge. On 30 April we have a solar eclipse at 10 degrees in your own sign – time for the bull to move to a new field.




The theme over the next four weeks for the twins is to take time out to listen to one’s inner needs. This can be done through spiritual practice or just taking time out from your busy schedule. Your ruling planet makes a conjunction to Uranus on 18 and 19 April in your 12th solar house. This could take the form of some strange dreams or personal insights into the metaphysical.



The sun is transiting in Aries for the majority of this month, which forms a natural square with your own sun and shines a light on the career sector of your chart. Over the next four weeks it’s going to be important that you remain true to your core values of how you want to be seen by the world. Friendships are proving to be a greater healer during this time for you. Make sure you appreciate those around you and the support they offer.



The transit of Saturn in your opposite sign has meant that others have put boundaries in place for you. This may not go down so well this month, as a rebellious streak in you takes over and you’ll feel less inclined to want to toe the line. This feeling will subside from 15 April when Mars moves out of your 7th house and into your 8th solar house.




This is a period focused on your relationships with others, with both Venus and Mars travelling in your 7th solar house creating a planetary energy of connection and compromise with those close to you. This is also intensified by the planets Jupiter and Neptune also transiting your 7th house. It’s a definite party in that area of your life, and yes, you are the host!




In the first week of April, Mercury is located in your 7th house of personal relationships. This means you can communicate in a direct and effective way that will push connections forward, whether in terms of business or romance. On 27 April Venus and Jupiter connect in the work area of your chart, which can bring rewards from work that you have done in the recent past – enjoy.



From the depths of internal wranglings of last month to the rebirth in April, suddenly there is a shift of planets that are now moving into the playful 5th house. This placement is about being much more external and seen by others – usually you are not so comfortable with that, but this time you should feel liberated and free to express yourself.



Venus and your ruler Jupiter do a nice dance with each other as the month progresses, which can make you feel at ease with the world and much more relaxed in general. However, the planet Saturn is pushing you to remain active and alert for new opportunities – if you blink for too long, you might just miss them.



A lot of the planetary energy moves from your 2nd solar house to your 3rd in April. This means that your attention will be drawn towards how you communicate your ideas into the world. This could be through a business that you are building or a project that you have been given, but the idea this month is to be bold with your ideologies concerning your unique self.



As both Venus and Mars move into your solar 2nd house, money and how you value yourself are themes that will play out this month. This could indicate a new project or business venture, especially in the second half of the month. You still have Mars travelling in your own sign, meaning you can accomplish a lot in a short space of time.



Venus and Mars join the Pisces party this month and get you revved up for the remaining year ahead. Sometimes in life we need to be a little selfish and concentrate on looking after number one. This is one of those months – just don’t cut off those around you. Explain that you need a little space to gather yourself and do your own thing for a while.


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Posted by: Gwen Jones