The Alternative Way to Female Empowerment

March 25, 2022

First of all, I would just like to say that this is such an interesting, relevant and exciting topic to discuss at this particular time in the evolution of our planet.

I have just written a book called No More Crumbs: An Empowerment Manual For the Divine Feminine. In this book, I speak about the importance of self-love and boundaries regarding stepping into our embodied empowerment as women.

The book was inspired by a very upsetting experience I had with a man that I was very attracted to. 

A few moons ago I was inspired to go to London to give him a gift after one of his shows. After the event, I handed him his beautiful gift and at that moment I experienced a profound rejection from him.

I was so shocked and disgusted about having this experience, and as I walked away from him, I experienced a  deep primal rage enter into my being, and before my eyes, I saw clearly Kali-Ma the goddess who in Hinduism is depicted as a very powerful feminine deity.

I saw her so clearly in my third eye, and she was carrying a red chalk in her hand.

She handed me the red chalk and she telepathically told me to draw a circle around myself many, many times and to repeat the mantra, ‘No more crumbs. From this moment, I only allow a man into my sacred space if he comes with the energy of devotion and recognition of me as a divine feminine’.

The goddess, Kali, kept repeating this mantra to me over and over again.

As I was walking through the rainy streets in London, I felt this deep primal rage come over me and I knew that I would never, ever chase after a man again.

I carried on walking through the streets, repeating the mantra, ‘No more crumbs, no more crumbs. That’s it, no more crumbs’.

I’m very blessed to have a very active and devoted online community. I knew that as I was experiencing this transformation, these codes, insights and this understanding would be passed on to all of the women in my community.

I had the most incredible experience of all of my self-worth codes being restored back to me after aeons of forgetting my true value and worth as a woman…

I received so much information around women’s worth and around how we’ve all been programmed from our mothers, aunts, grandmothers and great-grandmothers to very often accept crumbs in our romantic relationships.

I saw that this was causing both men and women to experience a huge detriment in many of our personal and intimate relationships.

As I was walking through the rainy streets in London, I received this enormous sense that there was a beloved that wanted to connect with me, but because I was calibrated to accepting crumbs, I was not at a vibrational match to meet and align with this man.

I realised that I was the one that was blocking my divine relationship because the man that the universe had set up for me, wanted to fill my heart and my life with devotion, but I was happy to accept crumbs, and so therefore we were not an energetic match.

This experience caused me to level up.

I transformed my consciousness and I said, ‘From now on, I only allow a man into my life who comes with the energy of devotion’.

I experienced so many insights and downloads and this really hugely affected my throat chakra.

For the first time in my adult life, I found my voice. I found the ability to say, ‘No, no more crumbs’.

This is an alternative view to feminine empowerment, as working with the red circle technique is one of the most powerful and potent spiritual tools available today, especially If you want to change your relationship with accepting crumbs and calibrate your energetic field to devotion.

My greatest insight was the remembrance that Mother Nature had created a divine partnership for me that was destined to bring me everything that my heart desires. I just had to become an energetic match to that.

I cut off contact with that man, I worked with the red circle technique, I empowered my throat chakra, and within a few months, after many years of being single, a beautiful divine masculine knocked on my door. Even though I sent him away on a number of occasions, as I didn’t believe he was my match, he still persisted in knocking on my door.

Eventually, I opened my heart to him and had the most beautiful and precious relationship.

In my book No More Crumbs, I speak in-depth about this, and I’ve brought through a meditation called ‘The Red Circle Technique’, which has helped so many women transform their relationship with accepting crumbs and has helped so many people align with their heart’s deepest, truest, and most beautiful divine relationship.


Meet the author:

Jen McCarty, 48, is the UK’s leading Spiritual Entrepreneur, Mindset Coach and a multiple bestselling Author who teaches millions about empowerment, self-love and the Divine Feminine. To view Jen’s work visit


Posted by: Gwen Jones