Your Numberscope for January

January 10, 2022

To discover your personal Life Path Number, write down all the digits in your date of birth and add them together, (eg: 16 December 1965 is 1 + 6 + 1 + 2 + 1 + 9 + 6 + 5 = 31).
* If they add up to 11 or 22, that’s your number.
* If they add up to a number that’s more than ten, you keep adding the numbers together until you reach a single digit, (eg: 3 + 1 = 4).
* Therefore 16 Dec 1965 would have a life path number of 4.

by Sonia Ducie, Dip.CSN.AIN

We feel encompassed by the enormity of change at many levels. Do we turn towards our inner resources or rely on others? Everything is in the mix. Deep contemplation allows new concepts to emerge. We are absorbed within our protective structure, which constantly shatters illusion. Soul is giving birth to new wisdom. We speak our truth and deserve to be heard.



You possess the will and patience to go beyond your normal outlook. You’re creating your own opportunities and making things happen. Effort and efficiency bring results. You’re cooking up a storm – quick fixes help, but look before you leap. The bubble bursts and illusions release, leaving your mind crystal clear to make important choices. 


You can easily quarantine your feelings, but that can lead to explosions later on. The quagmire is in your mind, so rise above and find solutions. You make spontaneous decisions and there are subtle changes in polarity. You carefully evaluate. There are moments of lows, but also great highs of hope and inspiration. Love more, feel more, care more. 



It’s a case of two steps forwards, one step back this month. Instability is a natural process of allowing new energy to emerge. Situations are blossoming in their own beautiful time. Be aware of signs in nature to help you gain clarity and trust the process. Give over to the greater good. Communicate your needs clearly – setting deadlines and boundaries help.



The walls of illusion have tumbled; the beauty of your inner wisdom has broken through. Each step you take builds a stronger connection with your soul. You’re in a contemplative cocoon. This may be necessary if there are dramatic shifts in consciousness. Persevere and follow through. Make the most of each day. It’s your time. 



You’re relating to life in a new way. You use a different vocabulary or demonstrate your inner wisdom in order to get through to others. Your perception is acute but you stick by the facts. The truth stands out by a mile, so your bigger choices are clear. You’re magnetic, attractive and getting involved with life.



There’s no time for sulking, stamping feet or demanding life to deliver right now. You may desire to be swept off your axis and fall in love, or to be offered that perfect job. Satisfaction comes from truth, endurance and productivity. Question your own motivation – your behaviour and actions. Apply your skills and walk your talk. 


When your mind is focused with clear intent, you can move mountains. Miracles can occur in the most simple and innocent way. People are drawn to you for counselling and practical advice. Do what you can. You may feel in the middle of everything, but introspection and meditation saves time when it comes to finding insight.


You have the power to take control of your life. Learn from your reactions and behaviour. Old scars may be stirred up as they re-emerge. You may be drawn to revisiting a childhood home, old haunts or distant relatives. Unexpected communication may be welcome, but in reality it could either help or hinder. You’re drawn towards tarot or numerology for guidance – the messages are all within. 


Your fears ebb away in the light of understanding. Let go of any blame, shame or guilt and accept the truth. Melt within the encompassing love of soul. Use your words wisely. Be precise with details. You feel connected with people and life. By applying your skills, much good can be achieved all around.



You love giving but you are not a martyr. You listen without prejudice and allow others the space to grow. You feel connected to the world. Your patience with life manifests unity. You make time for healing, important family gatherings and charitable work. You feel withdrawn into the place of inner safety and security. Life welcomes you in. 



Are you doing things for the sake of it, simply going through the motions or putting your life on hold? Ask yourself why. Reality is staring you in the face. There are moments of inspired intuition and of vulnerability. Draw in the love and support from those who truly care for your well-being. There is much inner processing. Be spontaneous. 

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Sonia Ducie Dip.CSN.AIN. is a teacher at The Connaissance School of Numerology and a member of the Association Internationale De Numerologues. She has been a professional numerologist for more than 28 years and has written 12 books, which have been translated into 13 languages.
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Posted by: Gwen Jones