Your January Astrology Forecast

January 10, 2022

Kindred Spirit astrologer Demian Allan reveals what’s written in the stars for December in 2021

We live in uncertain times – a period when the old structures of the past are destabilising before our eyes. Astrology is a gift, and its ability to dissect the planetary cycles from a collective point of view can lead to an objectivity about our future on this planet. This year looks much lighter than the previous, but there is always the possibility of a few bumps in the metaphorical road. Jupiter transits two zodiac signs this year: Pisces (the end of the cycle) and Aries (the beginning), leading to a sense of optimism and moving forward as a collective. The Moon’s nodes shift signs on 19 January to the axis of the north node in Taurus and the south node in Scorpio, igniting the eclipses for the year. The polarity of these signs is about basic survival. This can cause problems in the areas of investments, speculation, and a mental health crisis from a global perspective. It is important to remember that if you can stay true to yourself and the people around you by being guided by positivity, this can be a year in which we all find ourselves in a better, more grounded place.



As you learn the art of friendship and collective ideas, Aries will have to be at their most patient in 2022. The rams can be very independent and therefore try to shy away from group dynamics, but the planet Saturn is calling you to be prepared for compromise.

If you are an Aries born between 16 and 20 April, the Sun is also making a square aspect to Pluto, God of the Underworld. This can introduce power battles in your career and social life – be careful not to get too entwined.

The big astrological news for you this year is that the planet of expansion, Jupiter, transits into your own sign for the first time in 12 years on 11 May. This transit lasts until October, when Jupiter briefly returns to Pisces before re-entering Aries in late December. Jupiter in your own sign usually indicates a period of growth through education and travel, and everything can seem magnified when under its influence. For example, if you are unhappy in your work then Jupiter will create a restless energy within that, in turn making you more likely to leave a position that you are not happy with.

On a final note, your planetary ruler Mars turns retrograde on 30 October in the sign of Gemini and your solar 3rd house, which will affect all forms of communication until mid-January 2023. This is a period when things should begin to slow down and you can take stock of situations instead of being impulsive.



Your ruler Mars is placed in your solar 9th house – that of travel and education – before entering Capricorn in the career section of your chart on 25 January. This should ignite a passion within you to embrace new attitudes in regard to your work, offering a fresh perspective on your place in the world. On 18 January Uranus moves forward in your 2nd house, enabling you to discover new ways to earn money for the future.



This is a major year for most bulls, in particular if you are born between 2 and 12 May when the planet Uranus will be weaving its magic around you. However, the start of the new year is a bit bumpy for you as your planetary ruler Venus is retrograde until 29 January. Be aware that personal relationships might feel they are going backwards at this time.

This is a year in which you will make huge progress in terms of your own inner development. Spiritual practices will be the bedrock of your daily routines as you seek to understand your inner workings from an emotional and psychological perspective. The main motivation for you to delve into the metaphysical realm is to help you come to terms with the idea of internal and external changes that you will be experiencing this year.

On 19 January the north node enters your own sign for the first time since April 2003, signifying a change in your goals for the future and in particular with those aspects of life that give you comfort and security. The south node will be in your opposing sign of Scorpio – the lesson here is to not dwell in past emotional hurts or be absorbed by the misty eyes of sentimentality – it will hold you back this year if you do. 2022 promises to be a surprising year, requiring you to be bold and live in the present as much as possible. Take the opportunities that come your way and try not to get stuck in the claws of your past identity. 



Your ruler Venus is retrograde this month until 29 January when it turns direct in the sign of Capricorn. This retrograde is travelling in your solar 9th house , which rules travel, education, and publishing in all mediums, so look out for delays in these areas. On 18 January Uranus moves forward in your own sign, heralding a new cycle of change in your external circumstances of home and property.



The twins are a sign that likes to express themselves in many different ways. Apart from the north node last year travelling in your own sign last year, the planets have been quiet for you. For some zodiac signs this can be a blessing, but not for the endlessly curious Gemini. 2022 is a year when consistency and stability will bring success, and the planet Saturn making a trine aspect to your Sun is helping you to realise the art of planning for the future.

If you are born between 10 and 20 June, the planet Neptune is squaring your Sun. This means that the boundaries between reality and illusion can get muddled at times, and that you are much more open-minded to the less rational. From 14 June, your planetary ruler Mercury travels in your own sign until 1 July – this is a period in which you can put your ideas into the world with vigour and persistence.

On 21 August until late March 2023, the planet Mars is in your own sign. This tends to be a fruitful period – unless Mars is retrograde, which it is from 30 October to 12 January 2023. When Mars is going backwards, be aware that verbal impulsiveness can create chaos and disruption in your life. The best way to handle this energy is to take time out from your busy schedule during this period, meditation is an excellent practice to diffuse the more destructive tendencies of Mars. 



2022 starts off with a Martian bang as the God of War settles in your opposing sign of Sagittarius until 25 January. Ruling your 7th solar house of relationships with others on a more intimate basis, this will allow you to voice any concerns that you might have. However, Mars can be harsh and direct in speech, which in this case could manifest in others towards you. 



There is much to appreciate this year for you. For one, the emergence of Jupiter in Aries from mid-May in the career sector of your solar chart should bring many positive changes. Jupiter is known for being the planet of expansion, adding educational knowledge to your repertoire. This is a year to think big in terms of work, aspirations and how you want to be seen by the world. Jupiter is a planet that creates external changes and opportunities from seeds of ideas that you would have planted four years ago. How these ideas begin to manifest is going to be enabled by how you respond to the chances that are in front of you.

From 25 May the planet Mars also travels in your 10th house, which also adds power and the ability to act quickly when the need arises to support your ambition. The eclipses this year are in your 5th and 11th house of creative expression and collective responsibility. These are important times to be aware of: the solar eclipses are on 30 April and 25 October, and the lunar on 16 May. Since your planetary ruler is the Moon, eclipses can magnify and signal periods of beginnings and endings in your life. The areas of life that these eclipses fall on are the areas of self-expression, romantic links and social groups. Look out for these aspects of your life changing in a unique way.



You have a full moon at 27 degrees in your own sign on 17 January, which also makes an opposition with the planet Pluto. The lead-up to this could be intense in terms of old emotions and memories manifesting up into your awareness – meditate on the meaning and learn the art of letting go to bring in the new. 



Last year’s presence of Uranus and Saturn in Taurus and Aquarius (both fixed signs, like yourself) has come at quite a cost for you on a personal basis. Limitations and structural insights have certainly added gravitas to your personality over the last year, but at what cost? 2022 is a year in which you can be secure in the knowledge that you – and only you – have to provide solid foundations in your own life to begin emerging into a new cycle of being.

The transit of Jupiter in Aries in May provides you with a real sense of adventure as you seek to change your current circumstances from routine to excitement. This is the essence of the Leo individual; you have the ability to help others make positive changes in their own lives. Only now will you feel that you have the philosophy in your heart to be able to put your words into action. The true gift for you lions in 2022 is the ability to light up others with your wisdom and charm. The period from 4 June until 23 October will tend to be the most problematic, since Saturn will be retrograde in your opposing sign of Aquarius. Be careful not to make impulsive decisions just for the sake of getting life moving – you’ll slow things down even more.




Leos will be happy to see the planet Uranus moving forward in their solar 10th house on 18 January. This movement helps you become much more aware of your own inner motivations for change, and is helped by the planet Venus going direct on the 29th in the work sector of your chart. The sense of a new beginning will be felt for 2022.




Virgos have experienced support by the transit of Uranus in Taurus. An earth element, like yourself, it has helped you to embrace and revel in change over the last 16 months. This theme continues for 2022, especially if you were born between 3 and 10 September. If you are born from 10 September onwards, the nebulous energy of Neptune is zapping you. With this astrological combination, expect the dissolving of boundaries between your own personal identity and how others view you.

For a brief period between 1 January and 11 May, the planet Jupiter is travelling in your opposing sign of Pisces. During these times, a period of expansion in regard to the connections you make with others will begin to manifest and help you move forward in your life. This will be a year when most of you will maintain a healthy adaptability towards life.

The planet Saturn, which continues to transit your solar 6th house, adds discipline and the ability to structure yourself in the area of work or studying. However, from 21 August the planet Mars is travelling in your 10th house and will be going backwards in the sky for the rest of the year. This rules your ability to get along with authority figures and can cause altercations that really don’t serve you well, especially in the area of verbal offence. Maintain a sense of order, not allowing others to distract you from your own path.



As Mars travels in your solar 4th house, there is quite a lot of planetary energy directed towards the home environment. On 14 January your planetary ruler Mercury goes retrograde in your solar 6th house of health and your working environment, so it will be important to try to maintain self-discipline and restraint during this period. 




The majority of 2021 was supported by the transit of Saturn in Aquarius in your solar 5th house, creating opportunities for your creative expression to come to the surface. This continues to be the case in 2022, as Saturn adds structure to your self-expression. However, on 11 May the planet Jupiter entered your opposite zodiac sign of Aries, relating to the relationship sector of your solar chart. This combination brings in opportunities for growth and expansion in terms of the people that enter your life for 2022. This can be from a romantic or business relationship, or a new friendship that helps you to develop your identity in dealing with the outside world.

Librans are known for their tact and diplomacy skills – this year allows you time to flourish in these areas. The nodal axis points travel in the financial houses of your solar chart, helping you to concentrate your energy on how you deal with your money and other people’s finances. If you’ve been thinking about investment or expanding your business, this is the year when you can create change out of nothing – go forth and conquer.



Your ruler Venus is retrograde in your solar 4th house, so family matters or situations to do with the home and property could be delayed until 29 January when it moves direct. At the beginning of the month Jupiter enters the work area of your life, bringing with it a sense of renewed optimism in regard to your career and working environment. 



Your theme for the year ahead is transformation in dealing with others. The planet Uranus is teaching you about the art of letting go of preconceptions of how you should respond to those close to you, and for the last couple of years, it has allowed you to be much more aware of other people’s frailties and shortcomings. This has contributed to you being much more interested in the psychological aspects of human behaviour, which in turn has created a new occupation – or at least the seed of an idea in that field.

The transit of Jupiter in your solar 5th house for the first four months of 2022 will help you to discover a new creative side to your nature. On 11 May Jupiter moves into the work sector of your chart, igniting your interest in being at service to others. It could also mean that health matters become a way of life for you – this is a good period to embrace healing practices within a spiritual or philosophical system. Saturn is still travelling in your solar 4th house this year, which is about duty and responsibility within the home environment. This may take the form of an interaction with elderly relatives or setbacks in regard to moving or buying properties. 



Your traditional ruler Mars is transiting in the house of your personal finances, unlocking the hidden potential of making money through the act of sheer determination. On 25 January it moves into your 3rd house, the placement of all forms of communication. Now is the time to get your ideas across in the landscapes of both work and play.



The archers are an optimistic bunch who are always on the lookout for a new vision to conquer in their mind’s eye. The movement of Jupiter in 2022 creates two sides to the year ahead – one of nurturing and one of self-expression and social activities. First of all, until 11 May Jupiter is travelling in Pisces in your 4th solar house, which can activate a restless need to change address, or at least decorate rooms and move furniture. It can also alert you to the fact that you may wish to have a much more active home life. Running workshops from your home is one possibility for expansion.

From mid-May onwards Jupiter starts to move into your solar 5th house, which is the placement of the individual and your need to connect with others in a creative way. This is an important junction in your personal development. Over the last six years you have concentrated for the majority of the time on helping others create their vision, but now it’s time for you to do the same for yourself. By allowing yourself to be centred much more on your own needs, you can go back to helping others once more when Jupiter moves into Taurus. 



This month will be focused on your home environment, but also your personal finances, since Venus is travelling in your solar 2nd house. To get the most out of the next four weeks, look at how you value yourself through the work that you do, and how you can improve your financial situation to suit your needs.



Capricorns are in for a much quieter year than they have experienced in the last few years, particularly from March onwards. Pluto still resides at the tail end of your zodiac sign – if you are born between 16 and 19 January, you will be feeling the full power of plutonic forces of relentless change and transformation. For the majority of you, though, this is a year in which you can expect progression without the fanfare of the past.

From mid-May onwards, the benevolent planet Jupiter enters your solar 4th house. This can make you restless to move house or set up working from home. Jupiter tends to create a period of expansion and education in terms of family matters and the idea of what makes you feel emotionally secure. If you can let go of past patterns of behaviour that make you feel more secure in the world, you have the possibility of gaining some hidden knowledge and power the likes of which you never expected. Your ruler Saturn still weaves its magic in your 2nd solar house, that of finances. The lesson here is that less is more. 



Venus is retrograde in your own sign this month, indicating a period in which your need to be alone is stronger than social graces. However this will change on 29 January when Venus turns direct, allowing you to push ahead with social activities. On 14 January Mercury goes retrograde in your 2nd house – look out for any loopholes in regard to finances that you may have missed.



There are major planetary configurations taking place for Aquarians, with Saturn and Uranus still maintaining a square aspect with each other for certain periods during the coming 12 months – this means revolutionary change and potential disruption in your work and personal life. However, the silver lining for many of you is that you’re comfortable with a sense of disorder, because out of chaos comes new structures.

In the first four months of the year, your finances could see a period of expansion as Jupiter travels in your solar 2nd house. In the second half of the year, Jupiter transits your 3rd house – the communication zone of your chart – which increases your ability for education and connecting with others, expanding your ideologies in turn.

Home life continues to be transformed by the transit of Uranus in your 4th house. This year, it demands that you let go of any habits that no longer serve you. These could be emotional or habitual, but the ability to shrug off repetitive actions are being supported by the planets.



On 18 January, your modern ruler Uranus moves direct for the first time since August last year. This marks a shift in your external life – you’re experiencing movement, finally. This is also supported by your traditional ruler Saturn, which is also moving direct. With Mars in your 11th house on top of this, friends will be showing their loyalty by helping you out and connecting you with the right ideals.



It’s safe to assume that you’ll feel a bout of optimism at the end of 2021 that will positively radiate out from you – and for good reason, with Jupiter re-entering your own sign on 30 December. The first five months of 2022 will see Jupiter creating opportunities relating to your own natural abilities and creative, spiritual gifts, and the spring of 2022 is a crucial point as to how it plays out for the rest of the year.

From the end of May the planet Jupiter moves into your solar 2nd house of finances, which will see a marked shift in both how you acquire money and how you spend it. As a period of growth and expansion, this could also be a time in which you start a new business or personal venture.

Neptune continues to travel in your own sign, and if you are born between 15 and 19 March you will be deeply affected by Neptune’s dissolving energy, transporting your imagination to new lands. Overall, in 2022 most Pisces will enjoy a new sense of direction and focus that they have not experienced for some time.



Friendships come under the microscope this month as Venus goes retrograde in your solar 11th house. The big news is that Mars is travelling in the career sector of your chart – use this planetary energy wisely. The best advice I can give is to be bold while considering others points of views. Under the rays of Mars, you can get a little bombastic. 


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