Your Numberscope for December

November 29, 2021

To discover your personal Life Path Number, write down all the digits in your date of birth and add them together, (eg: 16 December 1965 is 1 + 6 + 1 + 2 + 1 + 9 + 6 + 5 = 31).
* If they add up to 11 or 22, that’s your number.
* If they add up to a number that’s more than ten, you keep adding the numbers together until you reach a single digit, (eg: 3 + 1 = 4).
* Therefore 16 Dec 1965 would have a life path number of 4.

by Sonia Ducie, Dip.CSN.AIN


After tremendous reevaluation, we land on firmer ground. Details fall into place the way they’re meant to. There are greater forces at play. We’re searching for answers with restless contemplation and pull together to find renewed purpose in life. Success is guaranteed when we put the work in, and when the conditions are right. Love blossoms and spiritual truth uplifts our spirit.



You can accomplish a lot from the comfort of your own home. You spread sunshine and light everywhere you go. Empower friends and family to rely on themselves. You can easily write an in-depth manual on life – love is the essence. Words placed kindly touch your soul and spark change. You can overcome obstacles by being assertive. Flexibility is also a gift.


How do you show others you care? Do you love yourself? A little TLC goes a long way. Learn to polish your skills. Let go of old habits and wasteful distractions. You’re providing a foundation of love and kindness and giving out to your community. It’s great to be successful, and even better when you share the goodies around. Get organised.



Your sense of humour borders on the critical sometimes. Be more aware of the way you speak. Your witty and perceptive observations put others in the picture. Reevaluate your true intentions, aims and ambitions. Your creative individuality gets noticed. Big choices need to be made; cut away any dead wood. Learn to take each day as it comes.



The pinnacles of life are due to all previous actions and choices. Luck is earnt. Learn to consider all the players in a situation; stick to facts. Tarot cards, numerology, astrology, or psychic instincts can also guide you. Brighten your mental outlook with daily exercise. Take out your jewellery box, throw open your wardrobe. Being true to yourself is the greatest ‘X factor’.



You may feel wobbly, but you possess a strong mind and can overcome insecurities. There are many different formulas for life. You’re constructively getting on top of chores, catching up with communication, and sorting out your life. Rely on inner strength for sunshine.  You read back on old diaries and howl with laughter and emotion. You see how far you’ve come.



Valuing your contribution to work, love and life is important. Be fulfilled by doing things you love. Pioneer new plans that feed your soul and are rewarding on many rich levels. Spend time being with people who care about the world and who have your back. Explore the symbolism of your dreams intuitively. Miracles do happen.



Appreciate when your life falls into place at your own pace and convenience. At other times, see what needs to be done and make it happen. Your moods are strong and intense as you take on others emotions too. You spiral up or down – it’s your choice. Your mind sees through the process. If you feel invisible, state your needs. Walk your talk.



It’s a time for renewal and rebirth, when projects can powerfully ignite or turn to dust. Spiritual guidance (from within) helps you to see life in a philosophical way. What is yours is yours. Discover peace and inner beauty within your soul and your outer achievements to date. Donate money or time to charity – keep the energy flowing. Give generously what you can.



You’re reaping the richness of previous lives and your soul is blossoming. You are tempted to over-protect others. Create space for yourself to be able to see the bigger picture. Family and loved ones gather around – forgiveness is on the agenda. Relationships can strengthen. You’re standing in your own authority and basking in the glory. Good judgements pay off.



Listen to classical or soul music to soothe your day. Welcome in change and warm to the possibility of new experiences. Friends support you to a point, but situations fluctuate. Reality can be disguised by humour: be open to truth. Visit the theatre, museums, online concerts, or team up with like-minded people. Emotional intelligence sets your spirit free. Your telepathic connection is strong.



You find simple goals to inspire and achieve each day. You may enter areas outside your arena of knowledge, but keep your head down and march on. Your skills are in high demand. You are an anchor for others, offering practical solutions. Like a butterfly, the opportunities for transformation are all arising – it’s up to you.


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Sonia Ducie Dip.CSN.AIN. is a teacher at The Connaissance School of Numerology and a member of the Association Internationale De Numerologues. She has been a professional numerologist for more than 28 years and has written 12 books, which have been translated into 13 languages.
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Posted by: Gwen Jones