Your Astrology Forecast for November

October 28, 2021

Kindred Spirit astrologer Demian Allen reveals what’s written in the stars for November 2021


Key Astrological Dates 

4 November – New Moon 12 degrees Scorpio 

19 November – Lunar Eclipse 27 degrees Taurus 

4 December – Solar Eclipse 12 degrees Sagittarius 

18 December – Full Moon at 27 degrees Gemini




20 March – 20 April

Your ruling planet Mars is transiting in Scorpio, activating your solar 8th house. This house deals with other people’s finances and could indicate a certain amount of energy being directed towards how you value yourself with the work that you do. This could be a good time to push forward your own ideas in regard to work and how to improve from a financial point of view.




20 April – 21 May

The planet Mars is in your opposite sign of Scorpio, activating the relationship zone of your chart. This will be a month in which you will need to be self-assertive with those around you, and in particular with romantic partners. This is heightened from the 6 November, when Mercury also travels in your 7th house. On the 17 November Mars and Uranus clash in the sky – unpredictable actions will give you a new perspective on relationships.



21 May – 21 June


The twins can find this time of the year a bit of a low point, as if all their creativity and energy has been depleted. However, this is an important time when you can step back and reflect on how you have progressed since your birthday this year. You may find some surprising results begin to appear in front of your eyes.





21 June – 22 July


The element of water is dominating the planetary energy this month, which creates a need for you to be flexible in your approach to most situations that you’ll come across over the next four weeks. The new moon in Scorpio on 4 November allows your strong creative instincts to surface in your consciousness.




22 July – 23 August


The focus for this month is family and your ancestral roots – there is much more of an internal rhythm and quieter social aspect to November. This will suit you well as you realise that you need to look after yourself and nurture your own needs. Both Jupiter and Saturn are moving direct in your opposite sign of Aquarius, putting an emphasis on other people’s expectations of how you should be. Don’t get dragged into any projections from others.




23 August – 23 September


From 6 November your ruler Mercury travels in your solar 3rd house, which rules all forms of communication and short distant travel. The planet Mars is also travelling in the same position, which will add some spice. You are going to have to be less impulsive when talking to others – there could be a tendency to be too direct.




23 September – 23 October


Venus travels in your solar 4th house, ruled by Capricorn, leading to a focus on inner work and a more introspective energy. This could be a really positive time for any spiritual development practices such as meditation and yoga. This is being helped by both Jupiter and Saturn travelling in your solar 5th house, which rules self-expression and creativity – enjoy!





23 October – 23 November


This is a month when you will notice how much strength and endurance that you have, as your traditional ruler Mars travels in your own sign. From 6 November Mercury is transiting in Scorpio, which adds foresight and adaptability in solving problems. Be aware of unpredictable actions from those around you on the 16 and 17 November, when Mars opposes Uranus.




23 November – 21 December


Your ruling planet of Jupiter is moving direct in your solar 3rd house this month, helping to expand your ideas to other people in a positive manner. This is also being supported by Saturn transiting the same house – there is depth in your ideas for the future, and the archers love to look to the future of possibilities.




21 December – 20 January


From 6 November the planet Venus is travelling in your own sign, providing an ability to be diplomatic to other people’s feelings and ideas. This is intensified when Venus makes a trine aspect with Uranus on 19 and 20 November. On 10 November your ruler Saturn squares Mars in the sky, meaning you could find limitations are put on you from those in authority.




20 January – 18 February


Jupiter and Saturn are moving direct in your own sign enabling progress in particular with your career aspirations. Your modern ruler Uranus is moving backwards in the sky, helping you to re-evaluate aspects concerning home and family life. The planet Mars is travelling in your solar 10th house, the area of your career.




18 February – 20 March

There is a lot of planetary energy being directed to friends and groups this month, as the planet Mars is helping you to understand the need for you to be much more self-assertive with friends. There are also lots of planets in the career sector of your chart – your need to be independent in your work is going to be strong, so don’t compromise.




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