Guardian Angel Alchemy: Inviting Love

September 15, 2021

Each month, angelic channel Alexandra Wenman shares guidance and healing from the angels to support and empower you in your daily life



Channelled message from the Guardian Angel Collective: Let Yourself be Loved

Beloveds, you are so loved. We come this day to surround you in the rose-pink light of compassion. Where have you felt lacking in love and kindness in your life and relationships recently? Where does the love appear to have waned from your experience of life?

We angels wish to tell you that love has not left. Love is always there for you in every moment and experience. All you need to do is open your heart and be willing to recognise the way love is communicating with you for it may not appear in the way you might expect it to or in the way you think you need it to show up.

Sometimes the language of love is revealed in a person’s actions, rather than their words. At other times love may need to withhold something from you in order that you will open your eyes wider to the truth you are not seeing in front of you.

Love is the only real truth there is. It is the very fabric of your existence – to think oneself devoid of love would be an illusion.

Remember love, dear ones. Feel deeply into the heart of yourself and retrieve that love you so crave right now. Breathe in the rose-pink light of love and compassion and let it fill your being and flow out from you in all directions. Use this expansion of love within to draw more love to you from your external interactions with others in an interchange and exchange of love’s purest frequency.

Wordless and soundless, love needs no labels and it does not take orders. Simply be willing to know love in all its many guises and you will see it emerge miraculously in the hearts and minds of strangers, and in the places and experiences you thought it least likely to appear.

Love is here. Love is always here. Let love lift you out of doubt and fear.

Create the love you wish to know. Open your heart and let love flow.

We are the Guardian Angel Collective and we surround you with our love.’


Self-healing with the angels: The blossoming heart

Find a space where you will not be disturbed. You may wish to voice record this meditation and play it back to yourself, or you may wish to read through the whole thing first and do the steps from memory.

Do not worry if you find it hard to visualise. Simply intending to follow each step is enough. Your angels will take care of the rest. The most important thing to really imagine you can feel all the positive feelings the angels are gifting you with.


  • Close your eyes and centre your awareness in your heart
  • Imagine, sense or visualise a huge pink rose opening within your heart centre
  • Imagine you can smell the perfume of the rose
  • Imagine you can delicately brush its soft petals with your fingertips
  • Imagine you can taste the subtle flavour of rosewater
  • Imagine you can hear the soft tinkling of bells or beautiful harp music to sound the vibration of your heart as it comes into full bloom
  • Take in all the detail of this heart-rose. See it billowy petals, the vibrant thorns on its stem, the dew drops glistening
  • A sweet bumblebee buzzes in to view, resting in the centre of the rose
  • Feel the vibration of the bees buzzing – your sweetness and delight has attracted it here
  • The bee is wriggling around in the pollen in the centre of your heart-rose, tickling your inner being with its pure joy
  • This bee represents the sweetness of your life and reminds you of your own ability to pollinate your life with joyful experiences – to make honey by doing more of what you love
  • Remember to stop and smell the roses and choose to say yes to the experiences which allow you to follow your joy, so you can generate more love for yourself and others in your inner and outer world
  • Next, imagine a beautiful pale pink angel appearing behind you and enveloping you in her wings – her feathers as soft as a rose petal
  • Allow yourself to feel centred in love and let the pink light, perfume and sensations of this experience permeate your entire being
  • Allow your vision to zoom out and find yourself in a beautiful heavenly garden, surrounded by pink roses, lush plants and beautiful water features
  • Know you have created your own heavenly garden of delights and you can add any other features you wish to make it the most perfect safe space for you to bathe in love and safety
  • Spend as long as you need to in this space of soft tranquility
  • When you are ready to return, bring your attention back to your physical body and set the intention that you are bringing all the positive energies of this experience back into your daily, waking life. (If you wish, before opening your eyes, imagine you are seeing the world through rose-coloured glasses so everything is covered with a love filter)
  • Allow yourself to feel grounded within your body and return to the here and now
  • Open your eyes when you feel ready

TIP: Try this process for 9 days or any time you need a little love boost. If you make it part of your daily practice, you may be surprised at the miracles that show up in your life.


Channelled poem

Is not limited to human emotion
It’s a multi-sensory, multidimensional,
Multifaceted, multitudinous
Power portal to sensational
A heavenly hiatus of hypocrisy
Amidst heights of existential ecstasy
Where mania and mastery meet
I soar on the wings of love
And simultaneously
Throw myself at its feet
I’m unworthy and at once
It’s all I want
And all of me
And best of all
It’s free!

From Poems of Precious Wisdom by Alexandra Wenman


Card reading from Archangel Fire Oracle


For each column, I pull three cards from the Archangel Fire Oracle to support you in feeling safe, grounded and centred in your power – especially during turbulent times. This month, the cards are Sofia, Adnachiel and the Twin Irin.


Sophia’s message:

‘Do not fear the depth of your emotions nor the heights of your exuberance. Humanity is undergoing a shift. Find your inner sanctuary as your emotions deepen and soar’.


Adnachiel’s message:

‘There is no one like you in all the world. You have a unique purpose. Believe in yourself and have confidence. Life is one big adventure’.


The Twin Irin’s message:

‘Ask us to bring you clarity when the truth evades you. We can help you to discern the right choice when making an important decision, or when you are unsure of the highest course of action to take. With our help, anything remaining hidden will soon come swiftly out into the light’.


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About the author:

Alexandra Wenman is a gifted angel communicator, spiritual alchemist, clear channel, healer, poet and presenter.
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