Crystal Q&A: Crystals for Manifestation

September 8, 2021

In this Crystal Q&A mini-series with founder and director of Jude Polack, we learn which crystals can help us when it comes to manifesting our heart’s desires and the futures we aim to reach


Q: I want to use crystals to aid in my manifestations. Do you have any recommendations for this?


A: Citrine is known as the stone of abundance, making it one of the most powerful crystals to aid in manifestation, wealth and success. The energy of this stone is alive and overflowing with joy, wonder, delight and enthusiasm. It is believed to motivate the user, enhance creativity and raise one’s self-esteem, thus opening a world of abundance.

Another crystal to use when actively manifesting is pyrite, also known as fool’s gold. Pyrite boosts willpower and drive, allowing the user to focus in on their manifestations, so you can use pyrite to attract luck, money and wealth into your life. Pyrite is also a great stone for grounding, centering and balancing energy as it protects the user from negative energies.

Tiger’s eye has similar properties to pyrite and citrine in that its powerful for attracting luck and wealth, however tiger’s eye is perfect for confidence, courage and strength. When worn as jewellery it is said to bring good fortune to the wearer and ward off negative energy. Use these three crystals when setting intentions and manifestations to speed up the process and give you that extra bit of luck!


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Jude Polack is the founder and director of bewater, a company that works with crystals, bringing their wonderful properties together in crystal water bottles.
She has a long standing interest in natural wellness and also works as a doula and positive birth advocate.
Jude’s three children all keep stashes of crystals in their rooms and schoolbags too.

Posted by: Leah Russell