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Connecting with Spirit through Psychic Art

Sheila Rose teaches us how to connect with spirit through psychic art

What is the fastest way to connect with Spirit? Meditation. However, thought forms, dreams and visions can be elusive. What we need is some kind of confirmation. A sign. Something we can see and touch. Something physical.

So we use tools to get this confirmation, such as runes, pendulums and cards. These tools have been used for hundreds of years and are constantly being updated. What if I told you there is a tool you can use that is completely unique to you? A tool that allows you to explore your creativity and clairvoyance, and connect with your Spirit Guides? Art – specifically drawing and painting – is an exciting way to reach this goal. Psychic Art is the combination of spiritual practice and creativity. Historically, artists have been striving to reach spirituality through mark making. From Dogon cave paintings and Egyptian hieroglyphics to Buddhist mandalas, all have a common goal in communicating spirituality. Their art is so intriguing as to invite continued conversations about the Nature of the Divine. So what happens in the modern world, when you take someone (such as myself) who is both artistic and clairvoyant, and combine these skills? For me, art came first. I was naturally empathic but, as a young person, it didn’t occur to me to merge my abilities. I was quite happy to paint wildlife and portraiture. This was, in part, a result of the lack of encouragement from friends and family for me to develop my psychicabilities. As a child of the 1980s, the old fashioned values did not allow for certain differences of opinion, so I had learned to keep quiet. However, as the years progressed, I noticed certain “coincidences” between the paintings and my extrasensory perception. Slowly but surely, I came to realise that not only are clairvoyance and art compatible, but they make a powerful combination. When I paint, I enter into an altered state of consciousness, where I am able to access information from other realms of existence. Having started my official career as a Psychic Artist in 2008, I have often felt like a pioneer – discovering new territories and showing the way for others. But in the last five years or so, I have seen a sudden upsurge in Psychic Artists. I feel that the time is right, now, for people to find their own means of communicating with Spirit. Furthermore, I feel it is important for everyone to develop themselves creatively, regardless of their chosen medium. And because art materials are so diverse, there are many different effects that can be achieved by varying the medium. But let’s assume that you don’t have any art materials to hand. You can still connect to Spirit using nothing but a pencil and paper. For example, the following exercises can be practised at home. For both exercises, the first step is to meditate. Meditation will put you into alignment with Spirit. It doesn’t matter what type of meditation you choose (whether it’s guided or not) so long as you settle yourself into a peaceful and open state of mind. There’s no prerequisite on how long you should meditate for; it could be anything from five minutes up to an hour. Ideally, you should come out of it feeling calm and connected.  

Exercise One:

Concentrate on your question to Spirit. For example: “Who is my guardian angel?” or “Am I on the right career path?” You might have many questions all jumbling around in your mind, but for this exercise try to pick just one!

Have your pencil in your hand and the paper in front of you.

Close your eyes and allow your hand to draw approximately eight random lines on the paper.

Open your eyes and look at the lines. If nothing jumps out at you immediately, turn the paper at different angles or look at it from a distance, and see what is forming itself within the lines.

Once you have a feeling about what you can see, write it down; then ask yourself questions such as: “How does this drawing make me feel?” and ‘“What do the symbols appearing on the paper mean to me?” You can practise this as often as you wish. You will find that it comes more naturally when you relax into it.

Furthermore, if you have some art materials and wish to go deeper into Psychic Art, here is another technique.

Exercise Two:

As with the previous exercise, start by meditating; then place an open box of chalk pastels and paper in front of you.

With the question in your mind, intuitively pick a colour.

Rub the chalk pastel on the paper and smudge it in circles with your fingers.

Choose two more colours and then repeat.

Keep going until you feel intuitively that it is time to stop.

Look at the colours and see what you have created.

It may just give you a feeling as you look at it. It’s important to pay attention to the impressions and emotions that arise within you, regardless of whether you deem them to be “good” or “bad”. As with the previous exercise, make notes about your experience.

The secret ingredient in Psychic Art is to trust your intuition. No matter what you see or feel, trust the messages that are revealing themselves. Don’t use your logical mind to override this. The beauty of art is that it bypasses our logical and mental defences, and brings us back into our natural, childlike playfulness. As we know, children are highly connected with Spirit because they have not yet been tainted by cynicism. So relax, let your inner child express and have fun!

Find out more:

Sheila Rose founded “Tribal Angel”  in 2008 and is currently based in Crawley.
She is best known for figurative oil and watercolour paintings that have an otherworldly or magical quality.
Her work has been exhibited around the UK, USA and Europe, and she holds a degree in therapeutic arts counselling.
To find out how you can have your own Spirit Guide painting, or to learn with Sheila, visit her website: