Guardian Angel Alchemy: Placing Value in Yourself

August 18, 2021

Each month, angelic channel Alexandra Wenman shares guidance and healing from the angels to support and empower you in your daily life


We could all use a little extra abundance in our lives, but most people view abundance from a limiting place of lack or unworthiness. What if you knew you had limitless abundance available to you? This month, the angels have come through to remind us of our true value and worth as divine and sovereign human beings.

The more you know your true worth, the more your abundance will align to that infinite value and the rewards will shower down upon you and your life. Let go of pesky self-criticism and self-doubt. Go forth and live your bliss to the full.


Channelled message from the Guardian Angel Collective: Value your own value

‘Hold your centre, beloveds. Now, more than ever is the time to stay in your power. Be resolute in your inner strength. Hold to your will and purpose and do not allow other people, situations or frustrations to push you from your path.

Waves of high-octane light are sweeping across your planet and these are disturbing all that has been suppressed and hidden. Much is coming to light, and from your human perspective and vantage point, some of what is being revealed may feel troubling. However, this is a great re-balancing, and a collective deep healing and release is playing out.

In your centre is where you may rest within the eye of the storm and find your certainty, reconnect to your clarity, and then you may steer your course from that still, safe vantage point.

We angels are always here to guide and support you through any challenge. Much is being revealed both within you and in your external reality. The unknown need not be frightening. In fact, the unknown is set to become yet more enlightening. So trust the process, but more importantly learn to trust yourselves. In the centre is where you will find your strength, your courage and your inner power. In your centre is where you will also more easily find your angels.

We love you and we will you to succeed in all your endeavours. Anchor into your own soul and let it be your safe harbour in turbulent times when things seem beyond your control.

You have all the tools you need within you.

We surround you in love, always,

The Guardian Angel Collective’


Self-healing with the angels: Abundance alchemy

Find a space where you will not be disturbed. You may wish to voice record this meditation and play it back to yourself, or you may wish to read through the whole thing first and do the steps from memory.

Do not worry if you find it hard to visualise. Simply intending to follow each step is enough. Your angels will take care of the rest. The most important thing to really imagine you can feel all the positive feelings the angels are gifting you with.


  • Think about a time you lacked money, bring all the emotions to the surface – perhaps you felt shame, humiliation, sadness, frustration, and so on
  • Now, transmute the lower emotions by imagining the feelings of joy and positivity you get from spending money and the kinds of things you would like to spend it on
  • Bring a huge gold spinning coin down from source and see it spinning in your energy field
  • Bring a huge silver coin up from the core of Mother Earth and see it spin in your energy field in the opposite direction. This opens up a new field and our intention is that this is a new field of abundance which magnetises money to you
  • See this field open like a sphere of gold and silver metallic light in your energy field
  • Think of the amount of money you need right now and what you want to spend it on – it might be that you need to pay a bill or would like a holiday, or that you need to do repairs on your house. Bring that amount to mind and imagine you are seeing it lit up green light, hovering within the gold and silver sphere just in front of your heart
  • Now, invoke the archangel Sachiel and your abundance Angels to bless the amount and magnetise this money to you
  • Visualise feathers falling from the sky. As they float into your sphere, they turn into bank notes which float into your energy field and dissolve as they infuse you and bless you with the ability and capacity to receive more money
  • See the amount you need lit up in green and dropping into your heart, where a spark of gold light ignites with a brilliant flash
  • Visualise your bank account and imagine it already holds this amount
  • Feel a sense of gratitude and relief washing over you that this money has come to you. Do not worry about how it will arrive, but imagine you already have this money
  • Allow the coins to stop spinning, closing the field and sealing the ritual
  • Say: ‘it is done’ three times. Your angelic money alchemy process is complete


Simple money rituals 

These simple tips will allow you to bless your money and attract more wealth and abundance

  • Bless your money
  • Keep some coins or notes on your altar
  • Get comfortable holding money in your hands
  • Keep your wallet neat and your handbag clean and tidy
  • Write down negative beliefs about money and burn them
  • Do a money spell
  • Do a money visualisation
  • Repeat positive abundance affirmations, such as ‘I am a super money-attractor’ or any other phrases that you connect with


Channelled poem


Let them be envious
But I will shine
When they all tell me
To toe the line

Let them be nervous
But I will shout
I can’t hold my breath
‘Til the truth comes out

Let them be anxious
But I will show
The way I discovered
All that I know

Let them be inspired
To strike for the moon
On the path to success
There is plenty of room

What is your quest?
Oh, have you a clue
Of what it truly is
You came here to do?

I found mine without looking
But now that it’s here
I must follow that calling
Without any fear

Not even a glance
In my own rearview mirror
For when I get my chance
Even though I’m aquiver

I promise you this
I will stand and deliver


From Poems of Precious Wisdom by Alexandra Wenman


Card reading from Archangel Fire Oracle


For each column, I pull three cards from the Archangel Fire Oracle to support you in feeling safe, grounded and centred in your power – especially during turbulent times. This month, the cards are Adnachiel, Galgaliel and Shekinah.


Adnachiel: Wayshower

‘There is no one like you in all the world. You have a unique purpose. Believe in yourself and have confidence. Life is one big adventure’.


Galgaliel: Power

‘Your power comes from God and is the essence of love. Do not be afraid to use your power for good. Claim back your sovereignty and give yourself permission to follow your inner guidance. Take control of the steering wheel of your life. Choose your direction’.


Shekinah: Divine Mother

‘Awaken the divine feminine creative power within you. The earth is your playground. You are a creator god having a human experience. Remember who you are. The time is now’.


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About the author:

Alexandra Wenman is a gifted angel communicator, spiritual alchemist, clear channel, healer, poet and presenter.
Archangel Fire Oracle (£19.99, Findhorn Press) is Alexandra’s first card deck and is available to purchase via her website, along with her poetry collections Poems of Precious Wisdom (£9.99, Precious Wisdom Publishing) and The Poetry of Light (£9.99, Lulu Press).
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