Crystal Q&A: Hydration Motivation

August 11, 2021

In this Crystal Q&A mini-series with founder and director of Jude Polack, we learn which crystals can inspire us to keep hydrated as the summer continues


Q: I want to stay hydrated and take care of my body this summer, but drinking water can be a chore and is a little boring; are there any crystals that can motivate me to stay hydrated?

A: Sodalite, with its royal blue colour, is known to aid in concentration and clarity. Not only is it beautiful, it is also powerful, aiding the user to focus on their wellbeing and health. That makes this a great crystal to have around when wanting to change your routine for the better.

Also known as the stone of wisdom and calmness, sodalite encourages rational thought, truth and patience with oneself. It helps the user bring balance and self-esteem into their life. When actively taking steps to better your wellness routine, keep a piece of sodalite close to you. You may also want to meditate with your sodalite to clear any blockages or negative thoughts you may have towards yourself.

Making crystal gem elixirs is a great way to make sure you stay hydrated and energetic throughout the summer. Gem elixirs can be made using two different methods: the first is by placing the crystal of your choice directly into your water to be charged with the crystal’s energy; and the other is by placing the stone in a container and that container into the water to charge the water with crystal energy.

The second method is the safest option as some crystals should not be placed directly into water.

Making gem elixirs is an easy and fun way to make sure you are drinking enough water – many who use gem elixirs say that it encourages you to drink more water on a daily basis – and you can create your own mixes to suit your needs.


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Jude Polack is the founder and director of bewater, a company that works with crystals, bringing their wonderful properties together in crystal water bottles.
She has a long standing interest in natural wellness and also works as a doula and positive birth advocate.
Jude’s three children all keep stashes of crystals in their rooms and schoolbags too.

Posted by: Leah Russell