Crystal Q&A: Feeling Anxious? Add Amethyst to Your Routine

July 14, 2021

In the first of our Crystal Q&A mini-series with Jude Polack, we discover all about the calming energy of amethyst


Q: I’m looking forward to lockdown easing but feeling anxious about what the future might hold. What crystal do you recommend?

A: Amethyst is great during times of flux and uncertainty.

A type of quartz with iron inclusions found in countries all over the world, Amethyst is a smooth, clear and reflective gemstone ranging from lilac to deep purple in colour.

The name ‘amethyst’ comes from the Greek word améthystos meaning ‘not intoxicated’ and it has long been associated with clarity of mind and peaceful thinking.

Use amethyst during meditation near your third eye chakra (on your forehead) to alleviate mental stress and tap into your inner wisdom.

Use it in crystal grids or near your workspace to encourage focus – and use it in gem water if you want to anchor feelings of peace and clarity throughout your day.

If you are looking for more advanced ways to work with the energy of amethyst, try this simple exercise by Solancha: place the amethyst crystal on your third eye and let the energy flow out of the left hand into your heart chakra, and then let the energy flow out of the right hand into your solar plexus chakra.

This simple practice activates the third eye, and also aligns its energy to the energies of the heart centre and solar plexus.


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Jude Polack is the founder and director of bewater, a company that works with crystals, bringing their wonderful properties together in crystal water bottles.
She has a long standing interest in natural wellness and also works as a doula and positive birth advocate.
Jude’s three children all keep stashes of crystals in their rooms and schoolbags too.

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