Your Astrology Forecast for July

June 28, 2021

Kindred Spirit astrologer Demian Allen reveals what’s written in the stars for July in 2021


Key Astrological Dates 

10 July New Moon Cancer, 18 degrees

24 July Full Moon Aquarius, 1 degree

29 July Jupiter ingresses into Aquarius





20 March – 20 April


Your ruler Mars is travelling in the playful 5th solar house, combining passion and social activities with a need to be self-expressive. Mars is also opposing Saturn in the sky, so be aware of others trying to restrict your need to speak up – not that anyone would intimidate you too much: you’re an Aries after all!



20 April – 21 May


Your ruler Venus opposes Saturn in the first week of the month, causing awareness of your own limitations when relating to other people. Sometimes in life you have to be the bigger person and concentrate on the end game. You’re one of the most patient signs of the zodiac – you may just need to dig a bit deeper to find that trait this month.



21 May – 21 June


During certain phases in life, it’s important to feel comfortable with who we are and try not to allow others to create an image of how they want you to be. This is a month to stay strong and committed to who you are and your own personal goals. Your planetary ruler Mercury is in your own sign until the 12th when it moves into your solar 2nd house, the zone of your finances.




21 June – 22 July


There is a new moon at 18 degrees in your own sign on the 9 July, heralding a new sense of purpose and clarity in terms of direction in life. On 12 July Mercury ingresses into your own sign, speeding up communication and ideas for your future. At the end of the month we have a Full Moon in your solar 8th house – deep emotions will come to the surface.



22 July – 23 August


This is a reflective month as the sun moves through your solar 12th house – it’s time to unwind and look after your spiritual self. This is a good time to practice meditation or yoga, anything that helps to build, mind, body and soul. On 23 July the Sun moves into your own sign, bringing with it a real sense of external change and new beginnings.



23 August – 23 September


It’s important that you get enough rest and recuperation from the stresses and strains of everyday living over the next four weeks. Virgo is a sign that needs to be able to switch off that busy mind and relax – July is the perfect month for you to be able to at least practice that.



23 September – 23 October


There is a lot of activity taking place, with Saturn and then Jupiter transiting back into your solar 5th house. This combination brings self-discovery about your individuality and creative potential, in particular regarding starting your own business or teaching others in a subject that you are well versed in. Go for it.




23 October – 23 November


Career matters this month will take centre stage as Mars is passing through your 10th solar house. Mars is your traditional ruler and can help you to focus on your objectives and aspirations. This is a good period for you to fight for what is important to you in work and how you want to be perceived by others – just don’t lose your temper while raising your concerns.



23 November – 21 December


This month Jupiter is retrograde in Pisces, which is transiting in your solar 4th house. The planetary energy is firmly focused on your ancestral roots and family communication skills. This is an important month when you can access areas in your inner motivations that can guide you when Jupiter goes direct in October.



21 December – 20 January


On 10 July you have a new moon in your 7th house of relationships, creating a new cycle of experiences and changes in how you view your present connections. This is also emphasised from the 12 July as the planet Mercury will also travel in the partnership area of your chart – time to let your true feelings reveal themselves.



20 January – 18 February


The planet Jupiter is now activating your 2nd house in retrograde – the last time this happened was early 2010, so it’s worth looking up what happened then in relation to your finances. On another note, Saturn is also retrograde in your own sign. This can have a slowing effect on your day-to-day activities, so be aware of delays.



18 February – 20 March


This could be a month in which there is a sense of urgency that is building up within you, and in a way there is – your ruler Jupiter is doing its last dance in your own sign before it re-enters Aquarius. Time to put some of those crazy career ideas in practice. Your need to explore new terrain in regards to work could help you to enjoy a new path ahead.



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