How To Create a Spiritual Sleep Practice

June 21, 2021

Sarah Marie Liddle teaches us how to create a soulful and spiritual sleep practice


Sleep is such an effective way to give your body energy. I find that with adequate sleep—at least eight hours each night—I am more equipped to enjoy the day. There was a time in my life when I once worked vigorously, and I did not take adequate sleep or rest. The result was that I felt very out of tune with my body. I was constantly getting sick and could not enjoy life fully, and I could not tap into my intuition. Because of this, I engaged in destructive behaviours daily such as drugs, alcohol and poor work choices.

‘Sleep is a spiritual practise’, says Gabby Bernstein. The space we sleep in can be a cosy retreat or a place that stifles our energy. I feel it is important to note that the things you surround yourself with in your room can give energy to you or take energy from you. To create a good sleep practise, we need to look at our existing habits and environment that we are sleeping in. Are they conducive to good sleep? Or do they leave us feeling groggy in the morning? To master sleeping well takes practise. It takes time, reflection and dedication to resting well.


How To Create Your Sanctuary

The first practise I would like to address is technology. With the increase in time that we spend on our phones, it is no surprise that our devices also end up in the bedroom next to us. I recommend switching phones, tablets and computers off early in the evening. This allows your body to decompress from the day. Placing your phone in another room, in a drawer, or in a place where you can’t see it is best. This way you are less likely to use it, which will trigger your mind with images that flood your thoughts and emotions. Personally, I like to switch my phone off at 5:00pm.

Simplifying your space is also important. Having a large stack of books, old cups of water, or any clutter next to the bed can be distracting. Clear the clutter from your room, only have adornments and practical objects that you feel connected to deeply. These objects and items are the things you will see when you first open your eyes, and close them in the evening. Make sure they are vital representations of the life you want to live, and the person you want to be.

Watching a scary movie or eating late into the night, or doing an activity (other than sex or self-pleasure), that gets your adrenaline going won’t be conducive to creating a sacred and relaxing space to sleep in. Our sleep practise does not just happen when we go to bed, we are setting ourselves up long before we go to bed for the perfect night’s sleep.

Arianna Huffington has a great practise that she recommends before sleeping. She says one should make a gratitude list before bed. Listing down all the things you are grateful for. Just make sure you don’t use your phone to write down your list!


Soulful Reflections For Better Sleep

  • Does my bedroom provide a tranquil space to decode from my day and connect with my lover or myself sexually?
  • Does my bedroom provide me with a feeling of relaxation in my body?
  • Have I set up a separate space for my phone and technology outside of my bedroom?
  • Do I have a sacred bedroom ritual that I practice every evening?
  • In what ways does my bedroom feel tight and restricting?
  • What adornments can I bring into my sleep space to invite a sense of peace and harmony?
  • How can I honour myself and my body before I go to sleep?
  • What are some rituals I can bring into my evening to sleep better?

About the author:

Sarah Marie Liddle is a Certified Professional Coach.
Sarah has been a coach for fifteen years.
She specialises in wellness, healing and soul growth.
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