Guardian Angel Alchemy: Anchor into your Centre

June 16, 2021

Each month, angelic channel Alexandra Wenman shares guidance and healing from the angels to support and empower you in your daily life


Ever feel like you are being thrown about in a choppy ocean and can’t tell which way is up? This is how I have been experiencing the energies of late.

I took a week off seeing clients to centre and re-balance my own energies as I know how vital it is for me to feel super-clear, grounded and stable before doing healing for anyone else. We all need space to rest and re-group from time to time so that we may know how best to proceed, and this is the guidance of the guardian angels for us all today.


Channelled message from the Guardian Angel Collective: ‘Anchor into your centre’

‘Hold your centre, beloveds. Now, more than ever is the time to stay in your power. Be resolute in your inner strength. Hold to your will and purpose and do not allow other people, situations or frustrations to push you from your path.

Waves of high-octane light are sweeping across your planet and these are disturbing all that has been suppressed and hidden. Much is coming to light, and from your human perspective and vantage point, some of what is being revealed may feel troubling. However, this is a great re-balancing, and a collective deep healing and release is playing out.

In your centre is where you may rest within the eye of the storm and find your certainty, reconnect to your clarity, and then you may steer your course from that still, safe vantage point.

We angels are always here to guide and support you through any challenge. Much is being revealed both within you and in your external reality. The unknown need not be frightening. In fact, the unknown is set to become yet more enlightening. So trust the process, but more importantly learn to trust yourselves. In the centre is where you will find your strength, your courage and your inner power. In your centre is where you will also more easily find your angels.

We love you and we will you to succeed in all your endeavours. Anchor into your own soul and let it be your safe harbour in turbulent times when things seem beyond your control.

You have all the tools you need within you.

We surround you in love, always,

The Guardian Angel Collective’


Self-healing with the angels: Sovereign Tree of Stability

Find a space where you will not be disturbed. You may wish to voice record this meditation and play it back to yourself or you may wish to read through the whole thing first and do the steps from memory.

Do not worry if you find it hard to visualise. Simply intending to follow each step is enough. Your angels will take care of the rest. The most important thing is to really imagine you can feel all the positive feelings the angels are gifting you with.


    • Close your eyes and centre your awareness in your heart
    • Breathe in and imagine there is a small spark of diamond-white light appearing in the centre of your chest
    • Breathe out and imagine you are releasing all your stress and tension and any lower emotions that may be surfacing
    • Breathe in and imagine you are drawing light in the form of pure divine love into the spark of light at the centre of your chest
    • The more you breathe in, the stronger and more powerful this spark of light becomes until it holds all the power of the sun
    • The spark of light also grows bigger. It becomes a sphere around your whole heart. Like a blazing white inner sun
    • You feel more and more relaxed with every breath in, and you release more and more tension with every breath out
    • The sphere of light continues to expand until it fills your whole energy field
    • Imagine sealing the sphere in golden light and then bring your attention to your stomach area. Find another spark of light within your navel – this time a brilliant spark of golden light
    • Imagine that from this spark of gold light, a shimmering and sparkling golden rope is forming and starting to stretch and grow upwards
    • The gold rope grows like a vine, spiralling and reaching from your centre all the way up through the mighty sun into the light of creation, where you plug into the source of All That Is
    • Feel the love, the divine, cascading down through the rope and into your body through your crown and down your spine, filling your inner sun with the celestial solar power of the divine
    • Next see or imagine the golden vine extending downwards from your core and into the earth. It spirals into the centre of the planet where, like the roots of a glorious tree, it winds around the crystal-diamond heart of Mother Gaia
    • Feel the love of Mother Earth travelling back up through your golden cord, illuminating your spine and anchoring into your centre
    • Breathe into your centre and imagine this beautiful golden cord expanding out around you until it forms into a huge golden tree of light with branches reaching into all the stars of the cosmos and roots reaching down through all the kingdoms of the Earth – the crystals, rocks and minerals, the plant and elemental kingdoms and all the Inner Earth caverns of light
    • Breathe into your centre once more and feel held, loved and stabilised by the infinite Golden solar love of Source and Mother Earth, of both God and Goddess
    • Feel, see or sense your guardian angel now appearing behind you. Imagine your personal angel enveloping you in their wings of light and sending an extra boost of love straight from their heart into yours
    • Next, imagine them sending you an extra boost of power from their solar plexus into your centre.
    • Finally, imagine your angel sending you their divine wisdom direct from the crown of their head into your crown
    • Allow yourself to feel centred and grounded in your own infinite soul consciousness. Open your eyes when you feel ready
    • When you are in extra need of centring, do this practice for nine days in a row. Nine is a powerful number and opens a portal or doorway directly to the divine. Your process will strengthen you day by day
    • On the ninth day, place your wishes and intentions into the vine and send it up into Source and down into the Earth, and share it with your guardian angel with a request for your desire to come to fruition if it be for your highest good



The theme of my latest column reminded me of a poem I channelled back in 2016 when I was feeling ‘all at sea’. I wanted to share it with you here in case it offers a little extra comfort and support.



Drop anchor in your centre

And let what will unfold.

You are sovereign

You are gold.

Stay the course.

Hold firm.

Don’t fold.


Poem taken from the book Poems of Precious Wisdom by Alexandra Wenman, written on 20/7/16


Card reading from Archangel Fire Oracle


The three cards I pulled from my Archangel Fire Oracle to support you in feeling safe, grounded and centred in your power – especially during turbulent times – are Metatron, Gabriel and Jeremiel.


Metatron’s message:

“You are crowned with the light of Source because you are the divine incarnate. Walk upon the Earth as an angel and life shall conspire to lift you up. Wisdom is available to those who truly follow the integrity of their heart.”


Gabriel’s message:

“You are in total alignment with your sacred purpose. All is unfolding exactly as it should, according to the divine plan for your life.”


Jeremiel’s message:

“Call on me to bring more comfort and clarity into your life. Do not hold on to that which is outdated. I can help you clear your mind and nourish your soul.”



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