Sacred Feminine: Awakening Your Inner Magic

June 14, 2021

For Kindred Spirit issue 176 (July/Aug, 2021), Sonraya Grace explores how we can connect to our sensual, sexual self, helping us reclaim our inner magic
by Sonraya Grace


Feminine sexuality is our primal life force, and the source of women’s power and vitality. However, many women have become disconnected from our sexual power due to society’s conditioning and expectations, causing us to suppress our natural instincts. When our life force becomes stagnant, we may experience blocks to our creative flow, feel inhibited and lack vitality and energy. Many women suffer from health issues, particularly in the pelvic area where we can hold unresolved trauma and stress at a cellular level, causing pain, discomfort and disease, lethargy, a lack of motivation and libido.

When we are connected to our sexual power and primal life force, we experience a greater sense of flow, passion, creativity and sexual expression. We have greater vitality, feeling comfortable in our own skin and with an inner glow and beauty that naturally radiates outwards.

Can you recall a time when you felt full of joy and positivity?

Notice how your inner joy naturally attracted more magical synchronicity into your life. When we feel ‘on fire’, our passion naturally lights us up – it is the magnetism that draws more of what our heart desires towards us. This abundance can come through as finding a new partner or a renewed passion in an existing relationship, increased friendship and greater love and enthusiasm for life.
Each spring and summer, we have an opportunity to harness and cultivate our inner fire and magic by consciously working with the Earth’s potent life force and the element of fire, as the increasing light from the Sun brings warmth and new growth.

What better time to choose to awaken our sexual power and sensual pleasure in the body than now, helping us to confidently express our inner beauty and radiance?


Awakening Your Sexual Power

Our primal life force originates from the base of the spine, and is activated more during the spring and summer months as we align with the forces of nature. With conscious breath and awareness, we can awaken our sexual energy (often referred to as Kundalini energy) to greater heights within our being. This creates a magnetic flow of energy up our spine that nourishes our physical and spiritual light bodies.

This ancient practice of awakening our Kundalini, the Serpent-like energy that ignites and rises up from the base of the spine to the top of the crown and pineal gland, is the path the ancients knew as the ‘Path to Enlightenment’. It is a full awakening of our primal life force and power, the key to life’s magic and awakened consciousness. In the ancient Egyptian Temples of Isis, initiates would be trained in the art of sexual magic, the alchemical process of consciously working with the feminine and masculine serpent energies to awaken a deeper communion and expanded state of consciousness with the Divine.

Many people use Kundalini Yoga to awaken their inner sexual fire, and there are other ways to gently awaken our sensuality to express our inner beauty and radiance…

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