Guardian Angel Alchemy: Honour your Softness

May 19, 2021

Each month, angelic channel Alexandra Wenman shares guidance and healing from the angels to support and empower you in your daily life


When I sat down to write my first angel column for I expected the Archangels to be the first to show up to deliver a channelled message. But to my surprise and joy, the angels who have come forward at this time are the guardian angels. They have decided to speak as one voice and be described as the ‘Guardian Angel Collective’.

Every human being has at least one guardian angel and these loving guides accompany your soul through every lifetime. Your guardian angel is your truest ‘kindred spirit’ and, during this time on the earth, with so much uncertainty around, we need the love and support of our personal angels more than ever before.

They have asked me to impart this message and, if you are reading this column now, take it as a personal message direct to you from your own guardian angel.

Channelled message from the Guardian Angel Collective: ‘Honour Your Softness’

‘Beloved, you are weary and you have been in so much need of rest. We bring you an invitation to enter into softness. Let yourself release the strain and tension around your heart and sit back upon the soft, supportive feathers of our love.

We angels wish to cushion and cradle you now. The child within you has been crying out for a gentler world – an easier experience of life. And we have come to show you how to create this safer world within, so that you may help to create it in your outer world as well.

We are going to guide you into your angelic sanctuary within. This space of grace resides within your own heart. When you bring your attention to this ever-permeating inner light, you are accessing your own angelic soul energy. It is a place of pure harmony and merely resting for a moment in this state each day will help to melt away stress and bring more clarity, ease and lightness to your everyday experiences.

With love,

‘The Guardian Angel Collective’

Self-healing with the angels: Silver Security Blanket

Find a space where you will not be disturbed. The best time to do this practice is first thing in the morning before getting out of bed or last thing at night after getting into bed and before going to sleep.

You may fall asleep while doing the practice and that is ok. If you do the practice in the morning, perhaps try doing it sitting up in bed or set a back-up alarm in case you fall back to sleep.

You may wish to voice record this meditation and play it back to yourself or you may wish to read through the whole thing first and do the steps from memory.

Do not worry if you find it hard to visualise. Simply intending to follow each step is enough. Your angels will take care of the rest. The most important thing is to really imagine you can feel all the positive feelings the angels are gifting you with.

Close your eyes and centre your awareness in your heart.

Breathe in and imagine there is a small spark of pearlescent white light appearing in the centre of your chest.

Breathe out and imagine you are releasing all your stress and tension and any lower emotions that may be surfacing.

Breathe in and imagine you are drawing light in the form of pure divine love into the spark of light at the centre of your chest.

The more you breathe in, the stronger and more powerful this spark of light becomes until it holds all the power of the fiery sun.

The spark of light also grows bigger. It becomes a sphere around your whole heart. Like a blazing white inner sun.

You feel more and more relaxed with every breath in, and you release more and more tension with every breath out.

The sphere of light continues to expand until it fills your whole energy field. So now you are sitting inside a large pearl of radiating white iridescent light.

This pearlescent light has formed a loving shield or cocoon around you.

Imagine that this cocoon is now filling with hundreds of white feathers made of pure angelic light.

As your sphere fills with these soft feathers, you feel yourself softening and relaxing deeper into safety and trust.

The feathers now transform into hundreds and hundreds of loving angels surrounding you and embracing you in their white wings of love.

You feel so safe, warm and protected. Imagine what it would feel like to feel this safe, warm and cocooned everywhere you go.

Carry this feeling with you throughout your day and keep an eye out for any white feathers that may cross your path, as this is a sign of confirmation from your angels that they are indeed with you.

Imagine the outer circumference of your sphere is now turning a brilliant silver like a shiny silver coin.

This silver light, like the lining of a storm cloud, seals your energy field so that only goodness and love may enter your personal sacred space.

Keep an eye out for any shiny silver coins in your path as these ‘pennies from heaven’ are another sign from your angels that you are safe and secure.

Trust the feelings of security and safety. The more you imagine you feel safe and practice this, the more the positive feelings will build day by day.

When you are ready, imagine you can wrap your cocoon or sphere around your body like a silver cloak or security blanket.

Centre yourself in your heart once more, take a deep breath and open your eyes.

Try this process for 21 or even 33 days and see what happens. You may even experience an angelic visitation or receive the name of your personal Guardian Angel during or after the experience.

Keep an open heart and mind and let your imagination out to play, as that is what allows the angels to connect with you more easily.

Card reading from Archangel Fire Oracle:

Three cards jumped out at me when I shuffled the deck and asked which Archangels wanted to make their presence known for you this month. They are Michael, The Twin Irin and Tahariel.

Michael’s Message:

“Release your fears. You are safe and protected.
If you are in a time when you need a little more courage, know that I am with you shielding you from any perceived danger.”


The Twin Irin’s Message:

“Ask us to bring you clarity when the truth evades you. We can help you to discern the right choice when making an important decision, or when you are unsure of the highest course of action to take. With our help, anything remaining hidden will soon come swiftly out into the light.”


Tahariel’s Message:

“Honour your sensitivity. Let go of self-limitation and acknowledge the purity of your heart. Every child is born of light. You are returning to your true state of innocence.”



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Alexandra Wenman is a gifted angel communicator, spiritual alchemist, clear channel, healer, poet and presenter.
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