Notions and Potions: Set Your Magic Alight

May 18, 2021

In each issue of Kindred Spirit, a guest witch shares their wisdom. Rebecca Anuwen shares how to set your magic alight with candle spells

Candle magic has been woven into cultures for centuries. You only have to think about making wishes and blowing out candles on your birthday, often accompanied with people singing and cheering to raise the energy of your wish. That’s candle magic! Here’s a step-by-step guide to performing powerful candle magic.


Step One – Get clear on your intention

Why do you want to create a magical candle right now? What are you ready to manifest? Remember, this isn’t about manipulation of others but creating change in a positive way in your own life. Sit with your intention and really feel into what it is that you want to create. Then try and get your intention condensed into one short, powerful statement. You may want to add ‘this or something better’ at the end of your statement to ensure that you’re not limiting yourself.


Step Two – Choose Your Candle

If you are after a quick hit of magic, a small candle will be perfect; perhaps a tea light, a spell candle (which tends to be around two inches tall) or even a birthday candle. If this is an intention you want to work with over a few weeks, a much larger candle can be considered.

Next, choose your colour. What colour embodies your intention for you? You can check in with a list of traditional colour correspondences, but remember to trust your intuition.


Step Three – Cleanse Your Items and Tools

Use sacred smoke or your cleansing item of choice to cleanse your space and the materials that you’ll be using.


Step Four – Carve Your Candle

Some people like to write their name from the top to the bottom of the candle, consecrating it as their candle or otherwise carving a symbol, sigil or word(s). Start by carving your candle lightly – cocktail sticks work well for this. As you carve, focus on your intention, feeling your energy commit to it as you mark your candle.


Step Five – Anoint with Oil

Add a few drops of oil. To attract magic, add the oil from the ends towards the centre of the candle – you’re bringing the energy inwards. To do a banishing spell, add the oil from the centre to the ends of the candle, as you’re removing the energy. Or, you can just add the oil moving from the top to the bottom of the candle, as you give roots and gravitas to your intention.


Step Six – Add to Your Candle

Now that your candle is covered in oil, you can add other items that align with your intention. This could include ground dried herbs, flowers or non-toxic glitter to sparkle your intentions into being. You can either sprinkle these additional items over the candle or roll the candle in the mixture.


Step Seven – Light the Candle

Place the candle in its holder and light your candle in a way that feels good to you.


Step Eight – Focus Your Energy

It’s now time to focus your energy on your intention as your candle burns. Don’t rush this part – you are really pouring your energy into your spell and charging the candle with your intention. To focus your energy you could meditate, journal, chant or speak your intention out loud with the desired outcome.


Step Nine – Tending the Flame

You can let your candle burn out naturally, but please never leave burning candles unattended. Blowing out your candle is further releasing your intention into the world; the power in your breath is potent.

Remember, when you work with candles you’re invoking the energy of earth – the wax or the unlit candle; fire – the flame; water – the melting wax,  and air – smoke as the wick burns. You can also align your magical workings with the phases of the moon and days of the week to give your candle magic even more power.


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Rebecca Anuwen is a modern-day witch, author and kinesiologist. She teaches you to be your true self, to trust your magic and create real change. She offers direction in finding your own path and to have fun on the way. Rebecca is head witch at The Witch Academy, offering a magical place to learn, grow and be fully yourself.


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