Therapy Reviews: Enlightenment through Colour

May 13, 2021

For Kindred Spirit issue 175 (May/June, 2021), Helen Williams reveals the energy-clearing magic of Colour Mirrors

By Helen Williams

‘One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light, but by making the darkness conscious’ 

– C.G. Jung


The age of Aquarius is here and as we are triggered by external events, we are forced to look within.  The heart has been neglected at the expense of left-brain logic, information overload and timeline thinking.  When we open the heart we balance our left and right brain, centre ourselves in the ‘now’ moment and can begin to manifest the reality we want.

When we change our own reality, we can change the world and humanity. It has never been so important as now.

Connecting with the chakra system in the body, Colour Mirrors is a therapeutic tool to reflect back emotions that may have got stuck, buried or hidden. Enlightenment comes from shining a light into the shadow self to clear out the ‘negative’ dark aspects of ourselves.

There are no new emotions. Emotions are just energy in motion.

Every trigger we experience as adults brings up emotions that are a rerun of a past emotion that caused upset, distress or trauma long ago. When we uncover these emotions, we are able to release them and bring the body’s energy system back into balance.

When we come into alignment with ourselves, we can manifest the outer reality we truly desire. Perception is reality.


Unblocking your chakras with colour

Chakras are energy centres or ‘wheels’ in the body and in the energy field surrounding it.

A bit like roundabouts at road junctions, they need to be open and flowing freely in order for you to feel well physically, mentally and emotionally.

Chakras can get blocked or stuck, trapping us in negative thinking or re-running old, negative patterns of behaviour repeatedly…


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