Your Astrology Forecast for May

April 29, 2021

Kindred Spirit astrologer Demian Allen reveals what’s written in the stars for May in 2021


Key Astrological Dates 

11 May New Moon in Taurus, 21 degrees

14 May Jupiter enters Pisces

23 May Saturn goes retrograde in Aquarius

26 May Full Moon in Sagittarius, 5 degrees

29 May Mercury goes retrograde in Gemini




20 March – 20 April


This is a month in which you’ll get an opportunity to reflect and to concentrate on home matters and family traits. Your planetary ruler Mars is transiting in your solar 4th house: this could be a good period to work on your ancestral lineage through a therapeutic setting or meditation. On 14 May Jupiter briefly enters your 12th house, the placement of spirituality.


20 April – 21 May


From 9 May your focus should be on finances and how you take care of them in the future. This is activated because your planetary ruler Venus is travelling in your solar 2nd house, ruling your possessions. On 26 and 27 May, Venus squares Neptune. Look out for unrealistic expectations in regards to relationships during this period: your idealism could get the better of you.



21 May – 21 June


On 4 May your ruler Mercury enters into your own sign. To get the best out of Mercury it is important to consider how you communicate, and to allow the more creative side of your brain to flourish with new insights, especially in regard to educational matters. Try not to spread yourself too thinly.




21 June – 22 July


The planet Mars is transiting in your own sign of the zodiac this month, helping you to direct your energy in the right places in your life. However, this has to be controlled in some way. Mars is an unpredictable planet, meaning that you might lose your temper or become agitated rather too easily. Take deep breaths and try not to make impulsive decisions.



22 July – 23 August


There’s so much focus on the relationship part of your solar chart this year that sometimes it will feel like you’re putting all of your energy into others rather than yourself. In a way this is true, but by allowing others to become part of your life, they can bring in new opportunities and ideas that can transform your life for the future.



23 August – 23 September


Planetary energy this month focuses on your career and how you want the world to see you. Your ruling planet Mercury is travelling in your 10th house, the placement of your superiors. This can bring in many exciting new challenges. On 29 May Mercury will start to move backwards in the sky, creating issues in work and ambitions – it’s better to speak to your boss earlier in the month rather than later!



23 September – 23 October


Your planetary ruler Venus dances in two signs this month – from 1 until 9 May it is travelling in your solar 8th house, which rules other people’s money and your partners. Then on 9 May it moves into Gemini and your 9th house, adding a certain amount of playfulness to focus on your own educational needs.




23 October – 23 November


There is a lot of planetary activity in the relationship area of your chart this month, given added intrigue by your ruler Mars’ placement in Cancer. You’re a complex individual that needs space from others, but also feels compelled to keep people close to you, This paradox could confuse others this month.



23 November – 21 December


Your planetary ruler Jupiter moves briefly from Aquarius to Pisces on 14 May, where it will remain until the end of July. This is significant because it is transiting in the home and family sector of your chart, meaning you can expect changes in relation to those areas. At first this could cause friction, but ultimately it is about you becoming much more philosophical regarding patterns of behaviour.



21 December – 20 January


The transit of Saturn through your 2nd house has made you more aware than ever of your financial situation. On 23 May Saturn begins to move retrograde in the sky, which will have an impact on how you respond to finances in general. Hopefully you have put new structures in regard to your income since the beginning of the year.



20 January – 18 February


Your traditional ruler Saturn and your modern ruler Uranus are clashing in the sky for most of this year, which at least makes for some interesting situations. This month could see you focus on your general health as Mars travels in the corresponding zone of your chart. Over the next four weeks it is important to keep a steady routine and to not get involved in conspiracy theories.



18 February – 20 March


On 14 May Jupiter moves into your sign of the zodiac for the first time in 12 years. This is only for the next couple of months, until it goes back into Aquarius before rejoining your own sign at the end of the year. This is like a taster of what 2022 could bring to you: good luck, friendship, new educational avenues and a hint of adventure.



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