Beltane Blessings and Making Spell Jars

April 26, 2021

Beltane is the celebration of love and life in the witch’s calendar. It falls around May 1st or the full moon closest to that date. Rebecca-Anuwen, head witch at The Witch Academy shows us how we can benefit from Beltane blessings and teaches us how to make a Spell Jar


This is a time to be outside, to celebrate nature, to sing and dance. Fires were lit during traditional Beltane celebrations and fire is an important element during this festival. Perhaps you have a firepit, or you could light a bonfire or have candles burning to mark the occasion.

Embodying Beltane means using the fires of Beltane to cleanse and clear, so you have the space to ignite creations and passions. It’s about honouring union and sacred connection, the bringing together of opposites that are needed to bring your creations to life: masculine and feminine energies, structure and flow, rational and intuitive.  Ask yourself, what fire is burning deep inside you? Is this a fire of creation, or a destructive fire that is clearing the way? How can you honour the fire that burns within you? What do you need to connect with, to join with, or invite more of, so you can show up more fully in your own life? Are you ready to figuratively walk through the fires to be cleansed as you start your new project? Like a phoenix rising from the ashes, it’s your time to transform and create something richer, more flavourful and more colourful by listening to your intuition and following the fire of your desire.

During Beltane, flowers are everywhere, and the trees are full of blossoms. There is sunshine and rain, sap rising and fresh growth. Wear green and bring it into your home. Allow the vitality of the colour green to refresh and nurture you. Bring flowers into your home, make a flower crown, create a daisy chain, plant some flowers, give some flowers to a friend! Hawthorn is the tree of Beltane. Dance with it, sing with it, hang ribbons from it. The ribbons represent wishes, but make sure you use something that will not damage the tree or environment such as biodegradable ribbons.

The energy of the Maiden has reached her peak fertility and is joined in union with her partner, where she will become pregnant. Beltane celebrates the union of opposites. This is where the tradition of dancing round the Maypole comes from, the weaving together of the feminine and masculine energies. What can you commit to – a person, a new practice, a new habit, a new way of showing up? Use this time to commit, or recommit, to those things that are important to you.

This is the perfect time in the year to bring your own hopes and dreams into action with the energy of joy and fun. The energy of potential is at its peak and anything is possible. Tune in to your desires and use this passion to bring a new project to life. Embolden your intentions by adding red to your altar to tap into the energy of passion, and add some green to represent your fresh start.

Make a Spell Jar to bring in some love and passion this Beltane

Spell jars are a wonderful way to focus your magic and create something beautiful. This potent spell jar is designed to help you rekindle, or attract, love in your life, either deepening your relationship with yourself and those in your life, or attracting in new love.

Suggested Supplies
A small to medium glass jar – corked jars are good for this spell
A red candle*
Paper and Pen
Herbs you associate with love, passion, or attraction
Crystals you associate with love, passion or abundance
Other small items to represent love**
Items to decorate your jar with**
*Or the colour that represents the love you want to experience

Creating Magic

Prepare Your Workspace

This might sound obvious, but worth noting – you’ll be working with fire, so make sure that there’s nothing around your work area that might catch fire, or ‘float’ into your workspace.

Step 1 – Cleanse Your Items and Tools

Use sacred smoke or your cleansing item of choice to cleanse your space and the materials that you’ll be using.

Step 2 – Get Clear on Your Intention

What kind of love do you want more of in your life right now?
Do you want to:
Create a more loving relationship with yourself?
Deepen the intimacy between you and your partner?
Bring more passion into your life?
Call in your soul mate?

Remember this isn’t about manipulation of others, but creating change in a positive way in your own life.

Sit with your intention and really feel into what it is that you want to create.
Embody how it will feel when this becomes your reality.
Then try and get your intention into one short and powerful statement.
You may want to add ‘this or something better‘ at the end of your statement, to ensure that you’re not limiting yourself.
Write your love statement on your piece of paper.
You may wish to decorate your paper with symbols or sigils.
Fold, or roll, your paper and add to your jar.

Step 3 – Add Your Herbs

Choose your herbs and place them in your jar, on top of your paper.
What herbs represent your intention for love?

Step 4 – Add Your Crystals

Next, choose the crystals that represent your intention.
These could be tumblestone crystals, or crystal chips; the size of the crystal isn’t important.
Crystals to consider include:
Rose Quartz
But, as always, follow your intuition.

Step 5 – Add Anything Else

You can add anything else that represents your intentions.
Charms, glitter, seeds, trinkets etc.

Step 6 – Close Your Jar

Close your jar.
Decorate your jar as elaborately as you wish. Or you may choose to keep it super simple.
If you choose to decorate it, you could use:

Step 7 – Seal Your Jar

You’re going to seal your jar by dripping wax from your candle.
Light your candle and allow it to drip its wax around the lid to seal your jar. Also let the wax drip down the sides of your jar.
As you do this, you may want to chant or affirm your intentions for love.
After your jar is complete, you can continue to burn your candle to amplify the magic, just as you would with any candle spell.

Step 8 – Activating the Energy

Keep your spell jar in a prominent place. Each time you see your jar, you’ll activate the energy behind your intention.

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About the author:

Rebecca-Anuwen is a modern-day witch, author and kinesiologist.
She teaches you to be your true self, to trust your magic and create real change.
She offers direction in finding your own path and to have fun on the way.
Rebecca is head witch at The Witch Academy, offering a magical place to learn, grow and be fully yourself.

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