Guardian Angel Alchemy: Access your Inner Angels

April 21, 2021

Each month, angelic channel Alexandra Wenman shares guidance and healing from the angels to support and empower you in your daily life


Angels are energies or beings of light. They are the essence of pure divine love which exists both within us and all around us. From a Quantum Physics perspective, angels are a part of our own infinite consciousness, and so as we interact with them, we are also having a hand in creating them on some level. When we realise that angels are not just fluffy beings of light or figments of our imagination, but a fundamental part of our own being, we can feel more empowered to access their energy and use it to create the life we want. 

According to both science and metaphysics, angels are actually a part of the fabric of all creation. In fact, they are the energetic building blocks of all life and the bridge between the material and immaterial worlds – otherwise known as Heaven and Earth. Angels help demonstrate to us that we all have access to a higher or divine mind, otherwise known as our higher self.

But how do we tap into our higher self? We all have an internal dialogue, an inner voice that we can sometimes be aware of chattering away inside our heads. Sometimes this inner voice is subconscious, but sometimes it can be very loud and influence our decisions and our desires. We also have an inner gut feeling or intuitive knowing. But which voice or knowing are we actually listening to most of the time?

We are constantly barraged by the influence of external events and the opinions, feelings and beliefs of others. The news, the media, advertising, music, television, our friends, colleagues, parents, partners, and even our dreams can all have an impact on how we perceive ourselves, and this can have a knock on effect for the decisions we make which govern our whole life. Likewise, the subconscious mind is a vast landscape. Previous events, our childhood and upbringing all play a huge part in how we interact with the world and can particularly shape how we perceive ourselves and those around us.

With every thought, you are either consciously or unconsciously co-creating your external reality, so working with the angels can help you become aware of the kinds of thoughts and feelings you are creating, and empowering you to choose the kinds of thoughts and feelings you would prefer to think in order to put your hands more firmly on the steering wheel of your own life, so you can steer the course of your life towards the best possible future or outcome in any given situation.

Like tuning into a radio station, your inner angels can help you choose the best possible frequency to align to so you can follow the most positive guidance to lead you towards success, empowerment, and ultimate fulfilment.

When you realise, at your core, that you are angelic and divine in nature, you have the power to become an earth angel in your daily, waking life.

Inner Angel 1 – Wisdom: The Internal Voice

Get into the habit of listening to and observing the thoughts inside your own mind. Be honest with yourself and allow yourself to become acutely aware of the kind of self-talk you most often use inside your own mind.

Try to spend just five minutes with your eyes closed before you get out of bed every morning just listening to and being aware of your thoughts. The more you practice this, the more you will notice your thoughts throughout the day.

Exercise: Say What?

How to acknowledge and change unhealthy self-talk

When you catch yourself saying something negative to yourself, immediately affirm to yourself that you cancel that negative statement.  Then immediately replace the negative thought you had about yourself with a positive and affirming statement. For example, you might catch yourself saying, “Oh, what an idiot I am.” As soon as you realise what you have said, immediately say inside your mind, “I cancel that thought.” Then replace it with a kinder message, such as: “I am doing a great job.”

A simple exercise is to imagine you are speaking your negative self-talk to another person:

  • Imagine saying these things to someone you are very fond of and who looks up to you
  • Now, imagine you are saying to them all the negative things you say to yourself regularly
  • Imagine how they would feel if you were to call them an idiot
  • How would it make you feel to make them feel bad about themselves?

When you imagine their reaction and the damage those disempowering words would have on another person, you start to get the gist of the damage you are doing to yourself. Make a commitment today to change your negative self-talk into positive, encouraging and loving statements which uplift and support you in your daily life.

Angelic Support:

The Archangel Uriel is an angel of forgiveness who helps clear away old trapped emotions, especially shame and regret, so that you can be kinder to yourself. Invoke Uriel to help you find the right words to say to yourself and to others, so that you can assert yourself with kindness.

Inner Angel 2 – Love: Feelings and Emotions

Being aware of your feelings and emotions is another wonderful tool to help you choose which energy you are investing in or being influenced by. How your daily experiences make you feel has an impact. For example, when watching the news, do you tend to feel happy and uplifted, or does it make you feel gloomy and low?

Similarly, be aware of how certain people make you feel when you are around them. Is there anyone in your life who leaves you feeling drained or out of sorts after you have spent time with them?

Exercise: Follow the Feeling

How to choose your station and know which frequency to tune into

Learn to trust your gut feeling over and above the options or advice of others. The following is a simple exercise to help strengthen your ability to tune into your intuition via your feeling sensations.

  • Sit quietly somewhere you will not be disturbed
  • Close your eyes, breathe deeply and centre yourself
  • Place your conscious attention in the centre of your body, as though you are looking out of your body through your naval
  • Notice the physical feelings and sensations of your body – the temperature of the air, the clothes against your skin, the weight of your body on the chair where you sit
  • Notice how these sensations make you feel – be aware of the emotions arising within you. Do not judge the emotions, but merely observe them
  • Next, think of the word ‘yes’ and say it over and over inside your mind. As you say the word ‘yes’ inside your mind, notice how it makes you feel. What sensations and emotions arise from this positive word?
  • Now imagine you can say the word ‘yes’ louder inside your mind. ‘YES!’ Make it as positive an affirmation as you can
  • Again, notice the sensations in and around your body as this will be the way that your feelings react to a positive situation, decision or choice in answer to any question you may have in the future
  • Next, do the same exercise for the word ‘no’. And be acutely aware of how the word ‘no’ makes you feel
  • Inside your mind, say the word ‘NO!’ even louder and with more power. Really notice how your body and sensations react to this negative word
  • Then return to your centre, breathe and relax
  • Now try the exercise by saying your own name. Repeat the phrase: ‘My name is… (add your name here)’. You should get the same or a similar response that you got with the word ‘yes’ as the statement is true and therefore positive
  • Now try saying a different name in the same sentence: ‘My name is… (replace your name with a random name)’ and see how your feelings and sensations react. You should get the same or a similar response as you got with the word ‘no’ as this statement is untrue or negative in nature

Now you know how your feelings react to positive and negative choices, you are able to read the energy of any choice or decision you need to make. If you have a decision to make, ask your body to show which choice would be the most positive for you. Even if the choice that feels right doesn’t seem logical, it is usually the right choice to make.

Have you ever made a decision where you went against your intuition only to regret it or find out later that it was the wrong choice? In truth, there are no wrong choices as we are always learning and growing from our experiences – but listening to our intuition and gut feelings can save us a lot of time and energy in the future.

Angelic Support:

Archangel Gabriel is the angel of communication. Invoking Gabriel can help you enhance your gifts of inner communication, so you know how to listen to, and act in accordance with, your own intuition.

Inner Angel 3 – Power: Truth, Discernment and Authority

Knowing what is good for you is vital in navigating your way through life, and as all humans are unique, one band-aid solution does not always suit everyone. It is important to know yourself so that you can become your own authority and discern what situations, relationships or choices are going to be for your highest good.

It’s one thing to know what is best for you and quite another thing to be able to act on that guidance. Having healthy boundaries is the first important component in standing in your power. As humans, we have been conditioned to believe that we must put the needs of everyone else before our own – but have you ever heard the saying, ‘Nice guys finish last’?

It is not selfish to speak your truth and assert your needs. It is vital. The more you can help yourself, the more equipped you are to help others. I believe we should all be free to pursue our heart’s deepest desires so long as we bring harm to none.

Exercise: Question Everything

How to decide what you want and assert yourself

Some key questions to ruminate on are:

  • Where do you put the needs of others before your own?
  • Do you feel comfortable speaking your truth, or do you tell little white lies to make others feel more at ease?
  • Do you practice what some people refer to as “idiot compassion” or true compassion? For example, do you allow others to walk over you and disregard your boundaries in order to be kind?
  • Do you know how to access your own truth and do you feel comfortable speaking the truth?

Becoming aware of where you give your power away is the first step towards changing the programme. Practice speaking your needs from a place of kindness and compassion. You will be surprised at how much the universe supports you when you acknowledge your inner warrior/authority, and have the courage to stand in your truth for the greater good.

Angelic Support:

Archangels Ariel and Michael are angels of courage who can help you feel safe and protected, whilst being brave enough to assert your own needs. Invoke these angels whenever you need to access the power to stand up for yourself.

About the author:

Alexandra Wenman is a gifted angel communicator, spiritual alchemist, channel, healer, poet, presenter and author. Alexandra is the go-to expert and wise woman in a world that is waking up quicker than ever. Previously editor of Prediction magazine, Alexandra has appeared regularly in the press, and is the founder of Precious Wisdom Alchemy. The Archangel Fire Oracle  (Findhorn Press, £19.99) is out 13 May 2021. Alexandra also has a Fire Angel Alchemy feature in the May/June issue of Kindred Spirit magazine.

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