Walking Britain’s Ley Lines

April 16, 2021

From issue 175 of Kindred Spirit (May/June, 2021), Susie Kearley details some of Britain’s most sacred walks


Sunrise at Stonehenge (Credit: English Heritage)


There’s something uplifting about walking along Britain’s sacred routes and spiritual pathways. Spending time in the countryside can make us more mindful, immersed in the moment and absorbing glorious views of ancient landscapes. Energy lines (also known as leys) were first discovered by amateur archaeologist Alfred Watkins in 1921 and lead us along timeless routes used by our ancestors over thousands of years. These places were special to our ancestors and where leys intersect, monuments and stone circles are often found.


You can read all about these ancient walking routes in issue 175 of Kindred Spirit, on sale from 29 April, and click through our handy directory of featured walks here.




Part of Avebury Henge, the largest prehistoric stone circle in Europe (Credit: National Trust Images/David Noton)


Durrington Walls Stonehenge Landscape walk

Great Stones Way




Upton House and Gardens (Credit: Chris Lacey National Trust Images)


Upton House and Gardens Ley Line Walk




The view from Glastonbury Tor


Glastonbury Tor Walk




The Rollright Stones


Chippy Rollright Walk




Foraging and dowsing in ancient Dartmoor (Credit: Visit Britain Images)


Yes Tor and High Willhays 

Michael Line




Group of walkers exploring the Yorkshire Wolds and East Riding countryside (Credit: Visit Britain Images)


Rudston Walks




Llanddwyn Island on the coast of Anglesey (Credit: Visit Britain)


Isle of Anglesey Coastal Path




Nine Ladies Stone Circle (Credit: Historic England)


The Nine Ladies Stone Circle Walk

Stanton Moor and The Nine Ladies Stones from Winster




Aviemore Ring Cairn and Stone Circle




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Posted by: Leah Russell