Ancient Wisdom: Accessing Your Akashic Records

April 5, 2021

Alan Purves shares a glimpse into the Akashic Records, a rich compendium of universal knowledge we can all access

The subject of the Akashic Records is a vast one – the records themselves are the source of all universal knowledge, after all. They are a record of a Soul’s journey from the time of its inception to the present life, and we are going to look into accessing our own personal Akashic Records and the benefits of doing so.

When we make the decision to experience life as a soul, we enter a field of energy created to record every thought, word, emotion and action generated by that experience. This field of energy is called Akasha. Akasha is a Sanskrit word which means ‘primordial substance’ or ‘ether’, and it is the energetic substance from which all life is formed. It is an invisible field of energy around us.

The Akashic Records have been mentioned in most cultures and spiritual traditions and are known by many names, including the ‘Book of Life’, or ‘Book of Remembrance’. There have been many historical figures purported to have consciously used the Akashic Records, including clairvoyant Edgar Cayce, writer Alice Bailey, and astrologer William Lilly.

Accessing Your Akashic Records

Many believe that accessing information from Akasha can only be done in certain states of consciousness, with some having claimed to have accessed the Akashic Records through dreams, trance, meditation, or near-death experiences.

In fact, there are many ways in which we can connect with and gain access to our own Akashic Records. One of the easiest ways is to open your Akashic Records by means of a sacred prayer, which comes from the Mayan tradition, during which we align ourselves to the vibration of Akasha.This vibration creates a new frequency that gives us the opportunity to enter the Akashic fields and explore.

Saying the sacred prayer and using our name – which is the key enabling us entry into these fields – the prayer carries with it God’s protection through the Masters and Lords of Akasha. However, it is not enough simply to read the prayer – we must prepare ourselves and keep an open heart while receiving the information.

The Masters of Akasha are the keepers or custodians of the Akashic Library. What that means is that we can go to that library and ask for guidance from the Masters. We can ask any questions that we want to ask about the past, present or the future possibilities of our lives and the different potentials, based on our actions, will be available to us.

The way we receive the information from the Akashic Records is in the encoded language of light, which is sacred geometry of words. Learning how to interpret the information is crucial. We start learning to use our inner senses to give words and interpretation to what we receive; we also start getting fine-tuned to this new energy.

Reading the Book of Life

The whole purpose of accessing one’s Akashic Records is to seek advice and guidance from the Masters of Akasha – to be inspired, to open our creativity, to look deep within, explore and heal. To create an extraordinary life and share it all with others. To know that we are an integral part of life which can make this world a better place. We can find out how and where everything fits together in the widest scheme of things, getting an overview of all existence and experience.

If you are able to understand your past and present life challenges, you can ask to receive the guidance to know how to best deal with them. If you are able to clearly see and explore your soul’s potential, you will be able to gain the awareness of who you truly are. You will be able to leave any emotional, mental, spiritual pain behind and learn how to best cope with challenges which your life brings, enabling you to shine your best light. With that, you can create the life that you wish.

If we are unable to remember the past, we are condemned to repeating it. If we learn to remember, however, using the information we get within our Akashic Records and the tools taught in our classes, we can discover what has been holding us back. We get an opportunity to delve deeper into what some call our genetic code or our cellular memory – whatever name you give it, it is all connected to our soul’s deep history.

We have the opportunity to unearth those things which hold us back from moving forward – the past, pre-conditioning, effects of our experiences, error or mistakes.
The Akashic Records give us the potential for growth and understanding, and the possibility for truly awakening of the divine that is within us. Accessing our Akashic Records gives us the opportunity to make exciting changes to our lives and the possibility of seeing ways to experience profound ongoing transformation.

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The Akashic Records: Sacred Exploration of Your Soul’s Journey by Ernesto Ortiz  (£12.99, New Page Books)
Alan Purves is based between Manchester and London and is a certified Journey to the Heart Akashic Records consultant and teacher. Alan has had the advantage of studying with Journey to the Heart founder Ernesto Ortiz for many years, as well as teaching in the UK and Malaysia and assisting Ortiz with international trainings and retreats.

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