Decluttering your Home Space to Create a Place of Sanctuary

March 15, 2021

Discover how to declutter your home space and create a place of sanctuary with author and female empowerment coach Vanya Silverten

The current global pandemic is causing many changes to people’s lives. One of the most potent changes you can do whilst in lockdown is to turn your home into a temple. During these times, many of us may feel trapped or imprisoned in our home and life. But these times are also making us slow down, go inwards and tend to our home in a whole new way. All change needs to be celebrated because it helps us leave behind the old so that we can live a new life. 

One of the easiest and most effective ways to celebrate the changes you are experiencing right now is to recreate your home. Your home is your ultimate sanctuary. It is the physical manifestation of your soul and a representation of your life. So why not spend a little time making your home feel as divine as a temple, as luxurious as a palace, and as relaxing as a holiday?

You need to improve the space you live in if: 

  • You feel depressed and lifeless in your home
  • Your life is ‘stuck and no new opportunities are coming your way
  • Your home doesn’t feel like you
  • Tension has been rising in your home and you need to bring peace, love and harmony back
  • Or, you simply have a secret desire to live in a temple or live in a heavenly home!

Your home is the ultimate sanctuary for your spiritual self to ground and blossom. When you turn your home into a temple, you nourish both your inner and outer worlds.  When you turn your home into a palace, you set the vibration for more abundance to flow into your home. When you make your home feel like a holiday, you open up more peace, space and calm for greater soul awakenings to take place.

Through intention you can turn your home into a vision board that brings you a better life. For example, the master bedroom could focus on your relationship and you could choose items to make the space feel sensual. The kitchen could focus on your health and wellbeing, and the lounge could help support your desire to travel, and you could put objects that represent each country on the mantelpiece. Then, when you enter each room, you activate those specific desires and intentions to flow and you start living the magic you have created.

Simple transformational strategies to turn your home into a temple

Start Dreaming

The best way to begin this process is to think about the type of home you would like to live in. Do you like opulent statues and velvet cushions, calm minimalist spaces, meaningful art or plants, candles and crystals? Once you have decided on what your perfect home would look like, jump on Pinterest and create a vision board with pictures of homes that reflect your preferences. This will inspire the many ways you can recreate your home. You might also like to journal about what each room represents in your house and why.

The Art of Decluttering

Before a sacred space can be made, the old must go. The art of decluttering is more than just removing unwanted items. It is a process of reflecting, releasing and choosing to move into a life that is more aligned to your truth. Ruthlessly go through your home and get rid of anything that does not uplift you. Maybe it’s some old ugly cushions you bought years ago, or a terrible painting an ex gave you, or perhaps old towels or bedsheets.  Everything that does not meet your new standard must go. This is a powerful process and can indirectly move draining relationships and situations out of your life, whilst giving you new space to welcome in new energy and new standards .

The Deep Cleanse

The cleaning phase is more than just dusting and polishing. It is an opportunity to purify and reorder your home so that new energy becomes available to create miracles in your life. This is all about cleansing your home from the spiritual to the physical worlds. Use sage to rid unwanted energies and set the intention to clean away the old. On a physical level, this is dirt, dust and grime, but on a spiritual level, this could represent old feelings, negative thoughts and challenging situations. 

Sacred Space

Begin by sitting in your new clean and decluttered home. It’s good to take a reflective pause before you begin to create your sacred space. Then, let your imagination run wild as you create your sacred spaces. What colours would you like to use? Can you move furniture or change the layout? Then, set yourself a budget and go shopping for the missing pieces. The next magical phase occurs when your new items are delivered. Make sure you bless every item with an intention before you put them in place. You might like to bless your cushions to make you feel cosy, or your new bedside lamp to bring sensuality, or your new plants to bring serenity.

Relaxing, Enjoying & Living

Your home is a symbolic reflection of who you truly are. Since this is your personal temple, it becomes the ground for you to manifest your precious soul into physical reality. Once your home is in order, make sure you take the time to enjoy each room as you have intended. Relax in each room and soak up the good vibes you have created – and in this way, each room will become soul medicine for your life.

When you choose to make your home magical, you indirectly make your life more magical. Turning your home into your temple, sanctuary, palace or holiday is an alchemical process that has the power to create great change in your health, relationships, intimacy and so much more. It’s something we all have the power to do.

About the author

Article by Vanya Silverten, female empowerment coach, energy healer, teacher and author  of Sacred Revolution: A Woman’s Path To Love, Power & Sensual Enlightenment out now, available on Amazon

Posted by: Rebecca Robinson