Right Action for 2021

March 8, 2021

From issue 174 of Kindred Spirit, Lizzie Flynn reveals the energy at work and the action to take in this time of major change


These are exciting times: times of change. Taking the right action personally and universally is crucial at this time in our evolution, but what is the ‘right action’? In numerology, the numbers 1 through to 9 have the same essence whether they fall universally or personally, yearly, monthly or daily. This makes taking the right action much less of a guessing game.


We often ignore our intuition and even though we instinctively feel an action is right, we walk away from it. Numerology can act as a useful tool to support our higher knowledge and help us to stay on the right path as we progress on our journey towards self-mastery.

As we move through an epicycle – a period of nine years – we encounter new beginnings right through to endings and transition. There is a perfect time for everything, and if you can keep your centre and trust the numbers, there is much to learn.


The Universal Energies of 2020 and 2021

Whatever personal year vibration you were travelling through in 2020 (and I will be showing you how to work this out shortly), it presented us all with the universal energy of the number 4.

This number is closely connected to foundations, stability, home family, marriage, divorce, limitation and order. It can present us with many obstacles and difficulties, showing us that we need determination, consistency and stoicism. Matthew Oliver Goodwin in his Complete Guide to Numerology states that in a 4 universal year there will be economic problems, scarcity of jobs and financial difficulties. Spot on for 2020.

The geometric symbol for the number 4 is a square. Whenever I draw a square it always ends up as a house: four windows, a door complete with letterbox and door number, a chimney emitting gentle wisps of warmth, and a cat sitting outside the door.

Home became such an important place in 2020 – many people were trapped inside theirs, relying on the kindness of the community to assist with their needs. The homeless in many cases were given shelter in deserted hotels, their rooms becoming a place of safety and refuge.

There were pockets of light to be found everywhere and creativity expanded, helping us to shine our light and connect with the world. But were we merely dancing on top of the rubble? The foundations of any building are crucial. Sometimes you have to clear the rubble away and start again. If you use substandard material when laying your foundations, you will compromise the whole structure and end up with a building which may look fit for habitation, but which will eventually crumble.

The right action when the energy of 4 is in full flow is to build slowly, surely and truthfully without taking shortcuts, whether this is in regards to a relationship, career, business, or even a society. The number 4 should be seen in the widest sense as related to anything you wish to expand, grow or build.

The good news is that in 2021, we have the opportunity to rebuild as the vibrational force of the number 5 steps into the spotlight. The number 5 represents movement, progress and change: the perfect energy at the perfect time. Freedom through discipline is key to its success and if the pitfalls of scattered energy can be mastered, much can be achieved.

So, where do we start? We need to seek out the best way to live on this wonderful planet collectively and individually. Expand your horizons. Be bold, and explore every possibility available to you. As the energy seeks and explores, versatility and independence becomes its theme tune. There is inevitably an opportunity for major change during a year influenced by the energy of the number 5.


Your Personal Year Number

The universal year is the addition of the numbers in any given year:

2020 = 2+0+2+0 = 4
2021 = 2+0+2+1 = 5


Your personal year is derived from your date of birth, your month of birth and the universal year. For example I was born on 1 June, so my calculation for 2021 is as follows:

Day = 1
Month = 6
Year = 2+0+2+1 = 5
1 + 6 + 5 = 12
Keep adding until you get a single digit: 1+ 2 = 3

So, my Personal Year Number (which we’ll look at further shortly) is 3


The numbers should be added together and reduced to a single digit unless the total amounts to 11, 22 or 33. These are master numbers and should be left intact. They contain a higher vibration and are years of major significance in your journey.

Here is the right action for each personal year in 2021.


1 Personal Year

The character is that of the pioneer and this is a time of new beginnings. It is a time to be bold and dynamic. Independence is emphasised and you should look to inner reference as your guide: avoid the external. You may wish to build on an idea, or make a break from a circumstance which no longer serves either you or the planet. The right action this year is to be bold. Expect the unexpected.


2 Personal Year

Patience is key in a 2 year, and right action this year requires you to slow down the pace. Seeds planted at the start of your nine-year cycle will need time to take root. Do not push: that was last year’s right action. This year you will need to wait for developments. There is much opportunity to work cooperatively and diplomatically, and to take care of the details. Reconcile anything which is out of kilter. Align yourself with the energy of Libra and seek balance.


3 Personal Year

This is a great year to network. Find a way to connect with others with a view to self-improvement. Check in on how you want to express yourself. Dig deep, explore your core values and express them outwardly into the world. Paint, sing, dance, sculpt, write, create a garden. The number 3 needs to create, but be warned that it can create for the greater good or it can create havoc – both physically and verbally. Be immaculate with your words.


4 Personal Year

After the joy of your 3 year, now is the time for hard work. It is the time to build a solid stage. Progress may be slower than expected, and you may feel frustrated after the fast-moving energy of last year. In order to build something which will last you will need to overcome the obstacles and then reap the rewards of a job well-done. Right action revolves around the home and family, who will be at the forefront of this year.


5 Personal Year

Open a can of curiosity and head off on an adventure. You may want to do everything all at once, but remember that freedom often comes through discipline. This year is halfway through your epicycle and can be a period of important change; there is often a crossroads. Your right action is to move away from the old and outdated, and to explore, expand and grow. Put your best foot forward.


6 Personal Year

Duty and responsibility surrounding family and community will be back this year. Service is the key to right action, and there may be many demands on your time. Love may be in the air as the number 6 is closely associated with marriage. Be dutiful, helpful and supportive, but don’t forget that this also relates to self. You should aim to be a well that family and friends can drink from, rather than a well which has run dry due to taking on too much duty and responsibility.


7 Personal Year

Known as the sabbatical year, the 7 year brings the opportunity for a welcome pause. Spiritual awareness should be developed, with right action leading you to time alone to meditate, contemplate and rest. If you are a party animal you may feel as if you have lost the plot, but trust the energy. It is there to bring you insight into your further progression. Aim for inner development. Enter the cave of enlightenment.


8 Personal Year

Your energy and desire for material satisfaction and mastery will be high this year, and you should proceed in a businesslike manner in order to make the most of what the year has to offer. If you’re doing what you love and expressing yourself truthfully, the rewards could be great. The task too is great, but when the power of 8 is awakened and developed, it is the master energy working for humanity.


9 Personal Year

This personal year is all about completion. Tie up any loose ends, rid yourself of what no longer serves you, and forgive. It can be a very emotional year and in order to transition into the next cycle successfully, we need to allow that emotion to rise to the surface and release from our bodies. It is inadvisable to start anything new: concentrate on clearing away the old. Keep what you truly love, and compassionately say goodbye to what needs to leave.


Keeping a journal is a great way to start to become acquainted with the art of numerology. My book Life in Numbers documents my journey through a nine-year cycle, starting in a year governed by the number 3, when I started to create a new reality for myself. It was through my diaries that I gained some amazing insight into the right action of any one year. Wherever you find yourself at this present moment in time, it is the perfect time to start expanding your knowledge and embracing the idea of ‘right action’.

Remember, all of these energies are dancing around with the universal energy of 2021. There will be much to consider, and many opportunities for right action. Place your personal year and its esoteric wisdom next to the universal year, and consider how you can proceed during the exciting and progressive energy of 2021. If you are in a 5 personal year then hang on to your hat: this will be a major year in your wonderful journey here on planet earth. Take heed, take heart, take action.


About the author:

Lizzie Flynn has been engaged in the field of personal development for over 20 years. Her passion stems from her search for truth and meaning. Born in Berkshire and introduced to the theatre at an early age, she has observed the world of theatre as a player, an audience member and subsequently a director. After studying English and Drama at Royal Holloway University as a mature student, she set up a Musical Theatre company providing classes for children and adults. It was here that she started to develop her work on building confidence through a greater understanding of character.
This work has evolved over the years and she now uses her theatrical experience, along with her knowledge of numerology, to run both public and corporate workshops alongside one-to-one coaching sessions. Lizzie also runs confidence-building singing for wellbeing sessions at the Mayflower Theatre, Southampton.


Lizzie’s recently published book Life in Numbers is the personal account of a journey covering 9 years. Each year a different set of ideas are explored and developed within the context of Personal Year energy and Right Action principles. These are based on her diaries and explored through 9 distinctive characters, all given their place in the spotlight. The aim of her work is always to help people get closer to self-mastery through her personal experience.
After a period of 10 years on the Isle of Wight developing her programme and writing her book, Lizzie now lives in Wiltshire. She has 3 grown-up children, 3 grandchildren, and a desire to engage fully in life after lockdown.


Facebook: @lizzieflynn.numerology


Life in Numbers: A Journey Through a 9 Year Numerology Cycle of Growth and Renewal by Lizzie Flynn is available now



‘Right Action For 2021’ was first published in Kindred Spirit issue 174 (Mar/Apr, 2021) and incorrectly attributed to Elizabeth Barber. The writer of this article is Lizzie Flynn, author of Life in Numbers: A Journey Through a 9 Year Numerology Cycle of Growth and Renewal, not Life by Numbers: Unlock the Answers You Seek by Using the Power of Universal Number Attraction as previously attributed.

Posted by: Leah Russell