Embracing your Goddess Power

March 8, 2021

Spiritual Transformation Coach & Founder of The Everyday Goddess Revolution Leanne MacDonald explains how to embrace your goddess power


Something that has been so transformational for me was realising that I always had a choice in life, leading me to explore my truth and reclaim my power. For such a long time, I lived life as if I had to accept the hand I was dealt. Now as I write this, it makes me laugh that I lived this way for over 60% of my life. Navigating life’s circumstances as if I was walking through a river of mud, I was mentally and physically exhausted, and I was most definitely not embracing my Goddess power.

A proverb that really speaks to me is ‘When sleeping women wake, mountains move’ and this is so true. When I woke up to my truth, I began to live my life Goddess powered. I began by exploring the identity that I had created of myself. I began to explore the origin of this identity and realised that I had constructed it. Along my journey of life, I had carefully crafted this version of who I thought I was based upon external life circumstances.

Moments in time had shaped who I thought I was. Was I really that person at my core? Or was I just that person in that moment in time from my past? A past that had since left and no longer existed. I had handed over my power to people, places and events that had then gone on to become the lens through which I viewed myself and my life, and then I lived unconsciously by this self-perception.

When I woke up to my truth and reclaimed my power, everything changed. I could see possibility in everything. I felt empowered knowing that I held the power within me to perceive life in any which way I chose, or not at all! Understanding that I was created from one source and one spirit, and that this one source and spirit created everything and everyone, was information that was so familiar to me. It was my truth.

From this place of oneness, my perception of people and their behaviour, including my own, completely shifted. Life started to look like a magical game. I began to push my limitations and ask myself, ‘What could I possibly create today?’ My emotional experiences became more of a source of curiosity and I started to use them as a guide to warn me when I was too far into my old stories. When I feel that emotional tension, I am fighting an internal perception in my mind. Now I just let that fight go.

Embracing your inner Goddess means awakening to your truth and pure potential, and unravelling the stories you have placed upon yourself in a sleeping state. It means shining that light from within and embracing all of who you are. It means knowing the power you hold, and waking up each day choosing to create a life aligned with your heart. The more I embrace my inner Goddess, the more I see the perfection in all my life experiences so far that have brought me to this day.

You are powerful beyond your comprehension, and you have within you a magic that flows through you and out from you, creating the life that you see as your reality. Everything in that reality is temporary – and if you can create one version, you can create a thousand more. People, places, and life events do not make who you are, nor can they take away the magic that is inside of you. They are just your moments in time. Now it is your time to stand in your power, to awaken the Goddess within, and to live your life Goddess powered.


Tips for embracing your inner Goddess

Create a daily practise

Each morning or evening, dedicate some time to remembering your truth. Meditation, journaling, and using oracle cards are all wonderful ways to allow your wisdom to flow through and guide you.


Use your emotions as a guide

Begin to look at your emotions as a guide and as a reflection of the quality of your thinking in that moment. Uncomfortable emotions occur when we are perceiving life to mean something about who we are as a person. Allow yourself to fully feel each emotion that arises, without making meaning from how you feel. The emotion is simply showing you what is going on in your subconscious mind in that moment, nothing more.


Explore the identity you have created

Who is it that you believe you are? When did you start to believe this about yourself? Why did you start to believe this about yourself? If the answer to that last question is because of a person, situation or event, then you have constructed your current identity based on a past moment in time. Begin to explore instead who you would like to become, what is important to you, and what life you would like to lead, then begin to make some adjustments. Remember that anything and everything is possible for you, and that you become who you believe you are.


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Leanne MacDonald is a Spiritual Transformation Coach and founder of the Everyday Goddess Revolution. If you would like to explore your inner Goddess further, you can join the free Goddess Empowerment Summit on 8 March, International Women’s Day, a virtual event hosting guest talks from mentors and coaches from around the world.
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Posted by: Leah Russell