Freedom, Love and Abundance Through Consciousness, Energy and Embodiment

March 4, 2021

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In the full-throttle nature of 21st century living, most people have hardly had the chance to pause and question whether they’re on the right track. So many people today are struggling: dealing with limiting beliefs and following systems that just don’t work for them.


What most people don’t realise is that you can’t move forward freely or create effectively if you have old programming getting in your way. Old programming that is held in your mind, your body and your energy system. Its effecting your frequency, its effecting your manifestation of the life you dream of having. It is literally interfering with who you are at your core.

The experience over the last year of going through the COVID-19 epidemic has forced people to reset. Taking the first step towards living a fulfilled and joyful life on your own terms, be it gaining more confidence, clearing abundance blocks, losing excess weight or ultimately living a life of purpose is not asking too much. If anyone tells you otherwise, you have to question their motives or what outdated beliefs are holding them back.

Issues are rooted in your subconscious and held in your body and energy system, which is then projected out to the universe around you. These facts are no longer considered ‘out there’. Countless studies have measured and proven how we hold trauma in our body and energy systems and how our unique conditioning form the basis for who we are and how we operate in this world.

Your consciousness and personal reality develops over the course of your life, from the family you grow up in, your interactions at school, your cultural background and so on and the experience of life is different for everyone. Once you start to understand how these memories are held within you, you realise that you hold the key to unlocking your freedom. Through self awareness and a willingness to release these old patterns, everything starts to change.

When you work on your mindset, your subconscious beliefs, your energy systems and use embodiment techniques to free your physical body, you literally raise your frequency and your ability to create from a place of pure love. Working in this way over time is a deep, effective and transformational route to freedom and provides a more comprehensive approach to healing.

Working through these issues is at the very core of the human experience. It’s part of this magnificent journey that we are all on. To break through these invisible barriers can be some of the greatest breakthroughs of your life. The whole adventure of your lifetime can shift in miraculous ways to enable joy and limitless abundance in every area.

I use Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT) to help you gain understanding and let go of old beliefs, Vortexhealing® to help release conditioning in your energy system and embodiment practices that incorporate breathwork, Flow and Kundalini Yoga to help release trauma from your body with physical movement. I then use mindset coaching to support your journey forward.

All my programmes are focused on helping my clients get clear, get confident and start activating what they want in their lives, and most of my clients tell me they wish they’d done it years ago.

The Feel The Love System works to the very core of how you see yourself in this world and focuses on self love and self confidence.

The Abundance Activation Adventure is designed to help you shed your blocks and conditioning on all levels so you are free to allow abundance in all areas of your life.

The Rock Your Life Purpose Programme has been specifically created to help clients get clear on how they want to create a life of meaning, make a master plan and then activate it.

The Natural Weight, Wellness & Confidence Reset uses RTT, coaching and embodiment practices to hack your subconscious mind to return your body to its natural weight and state of wellbeing, shift energy in your body at a quantum level and give you support in coaching over time so that your confidence is restored.



“The result was more meaningful than any diet, etc… So simple, honest and powerful. I can never thank you enough for this guidance”

“I experienced a seismic shift after working with Charlotte”

“Quite unexpectedly large sums of money were arriving, and that doesn’t happen to me normally”

“I couldn’t have done this without you”


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This is a sponsored post. Charlotte Ferrier MA, CCHT, ARTT is a mindset and embodiment coach, an advanced rapid transformational therapist, clinical hypnotherapist, Vortexhealer®, kundalini & yoga nidra teacher, student quantum flow practitioner, mother of two and a creative visionary dedicated to helping her clients get free, get confident and activate a life of purpose and abundance in all areas of their lives.

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Posted by: Leah Russell