Your Passion is Your Power: How to Relight Your Internal Fire

February 14, 2021

If life has felt a little lacklustre of late, you might be craving some passion. Passion Priestess Stephanie Starla is here to help us relight our fire in every area of our lives


It’s our birthright to experience passion. We were created to feel passion – it is what drives us to the things we need and want. It is the fuel to fulfil those needs and desires. Our passions – the things we get excited about, our goals and dreams, the people we think fervently about, the pleasure we yearn for – we need to acknowledge and honour those feelings. We must look to ourselves and ask what is stopping us from embracing them and chasing them down with everything we have.

Often, it’s conditioning – gradually acquired behaviour that runs deep within our memories, telling us that we can’t do what we want to. We might feel that it’s wrong to indulge our pleasures or put ourselves first. We might find that fear asks us ‘who am I to do that or want that?’. Or, our own procrastination covers up the worry that we may just not be good enough?

Your passions can take you to exhilarating, dangerous, way-out-of-your-comfort-zone places. If you’re daring enough to follow them then you will find yourself: the authentic, real you that you’ve been searching for your whole life.


Finding your passion

It’s time to get to know yourself. What is it that you are longing for? How could you feel more fulfilled? Get your journal out and explore every area of your life: the physical, the spiritual and the emotional. If you didn’t do the work you do now, what would you be doing? Who do you wish you could help? What do you want to change in life? Which injustices get your blood boiling? What do you secretly hope for? Do you want more from your relationships? What is it that you really desire?

If you are stuck, go back to what you loved to do when you were a child. What were your favourite childhood pastimes? What was your teenage dream? And now, what is the one thing you really look forward to doing? It could be anything from making the dinner for your family to meeting up and socialising with friends or, like me, you might even want to train as a Burlesque teacher.

These are the things that make you feel most inspired and alive. What is it you really want? Write them down, say them out loud.

When you know what your passions are, you’re ready to start taking action. You’ll know when something is right because it will feel right. Things will start falling into place for you. Circumstances and opportunities will arise because they are attracted to your passion. You are a magnet. All you have to do is make the first move.

So, you might not be ready to make a giant leap to move half way across the world or have the time to pen that book right now or make dramatic changes to your relationship but you can take the first steps. It starts with you. If you’re looking for more romance then buy yourself the flowers and take yourself out on a date night, when you can! If you wanted to become an ambulance driver, what are the first steps you must take? If you want a University degree, is there some initial reading up you can do?

Become aware of how often you fill your life with your passion. Is it numerous times a day, every day, once a week, a month, a year? Start with some small but mighty actions and it won’t be long before it adds up.


What to do when passion fades

You may not have noticed your passion disappearing, but you’ve looked around and it’s gone.

That might have been six months or even six years ago – the fires have ebbed and you feel the drag of the everyday. Where has the passion gone? Will it ever come back?

I’m going to let you into a secret. It never left you. Your passion is infinite. Right now, you may not feel it, but it is still there ready to be sparked once more.

Take some time to map out why you started your relationship, your work or your mission in the first place. Take yourself back to that time when you were so passionate you couldn’t stop telling everyone about it – be there, feel it again. Let the memory spark your the fires of your passion. Feel it start to burn. Having rekindled this flame, you need to add fuel. What you are feeling is creative energy or pure sexual energy. It will propel you to take action. Others around you will feel it and rise to the challenge, raising the excitement. Feel the magick every day.

You might need to bring in new players, and you might need to expel people from your life who don’t believe in your mission and who may project their fears on to you. Your passion is sacred – treat it that way!

Your passions are your clues as to what your life purpose is. They are uniquely yours. You are here to help others in a way only you can. Your passions fulfilled are your path to doing this. If it puts a sparkle in your eye and it makes you feel good, then that’s your spirit giving you a nudge. Doing something good for yourself is not selfish. Be a shining example to those who look up to you but most importantly, do it for you. It’s your time!


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About the author:

Stephanie C Starla is a Passion Priestess, business coach and author. Stephanie helps you to become successful, independent and abundant, knowing you are safe to raise your feminine, sexual energy to feel truly powerful and attractive.
Stephanie has created a sacred coaching space – The Creatrix Matrix – to facilitate these changes and to help us unleash our passion for life. Stephanie has two upcoming books: romance novella The Passion Priestess and Priestess in the Boardroom, a non-fiction book helping you to power up your business and career with the help of your own inner Priestess. Both books have corresponding coaching courses.

Posted by: Leah Russell