Chinese New Year: Your Predictions and Forecasts for Year of the Ox

February 4, 2021

In 2021, Chinese New Year falls on 12 February. Teresa Dellbridge shares what this year might hold in store for you

by Teresa Dellbridge


The Year of the Ox will begin on 12 February 2021, and most of us are hoping to see improvement on the last year. Challenges are to be expected in the Year of the Rat, but last year’s events were extreme and many of us will be glad to see the back of the Rodent. Yet pandemics and lockdowns, devastating though they are, provide scope for the resourceful and adaptable: characteristics blessed by Rat. Ox brings a very different energy, where things move more slowly and we reap what we sow.

In global terms, our tampering with the ecosystem and mistreatment of animals will continue to bring us the results we deserve. Ox is down-to-earth. Realism and diligence pay off, but if you snooze, you lose – Ox likes things settled and delivered. ‘Slowly, but surely’ is the motto for the coming year.

As this is the year of the Metal Ox, hard work and self-discipline are doubly essential. Layabouts and parasites may well find that excuses wear thin. It’s no pain, no gain as quick solutions are unlikely. Positive change has to be built on solid, reliable and genuine foundations. Do your best, be patient and don’t play with the facts.

First find your sign by using the chart below, then read on for your Year of the Ox forecast.



You’re not hard to please, and your own year bids fair to meet your expectations. There may not be much going on that’s spectacular, but who needs it? What you have is heart-warming and fulfilling. You might choose not to shout about what’s putting that smile on your face, but successes in romance and home life will definitely put a spring in your step. Hard work has never been a problem to you, and you may get a secret satisfaction from seeing the freeloaders outed, while you make steady gains.



Keep on keeping on, but don’t get too comfortable. If you get stuck in a rut you may be okay this year, but when the Year of the Tiger arrives in 2022, you may find you’ve been heading downhill and your position is vulnerable. Avoid being too hard on people you brand ‘slackers’ – others may be struggling with issues invisible to you. Your popularity is a valuable asset which will be improved by a sympathetic attitude. Above all, make time to play!



Ox makes you feel like you’re driving with the brakes on. So, what should you do? The answer is definitely not to keep gunning the accelerator. You will meet obstacle after obstacle, but that’s not going to kill you. In fact, the most wonderful thing about this year will be how it reveals to you – and others – just how strong and resourceful you are. Being alert and far-sighted, you will know that change is the only constant, and something better waits round the corner.



Your glass is half full, and you mustn’t forget it. Keeping a low profile doesn’t suit you, but it’s the best way. Cultivate a philosophical outlook. Plan for the future while you keep your eyes open and your head down. Whatever the restrictions you can expand your mind and enrich your friendships, keeping the fires of your spirit burning bright.



And breathe. The Year of the Ox promises more of the peace you crave. Your home is your haven of security, and friends bring you affection and attention. You’ll enjoy many of the amiable discussions you love, about culture, current affairs and good old gossip. Work ticks along steadily, and by using your diplomatic and intuitive skills, you achieve success, leaving you free to pursue the arts, walking, cooking, gardening and writing. Maybe nothing dramatic, but you prefer the satisfying to the spectacular anytime.



DIY projects will delight you. Work within your budget to create a more beautiful environment. With your ‘eye’ you can do wonders with just new throws and cushions. This is a good time for a sort-out, or even a house-move. Make this the year for a domestic overhaul. Luck is on your side, and you may well find something of value hiding under cobwebs.



Walk your talk, and remember that the right thing not only needs to be done, but seen to be done – don’t let your pride get in the way when it comes to explaining yourself. The steady trudge of Ox isn’t your favourite, but you will get somewhere as long as you don’t waste time and energy flapping your wings, with lots of sound and fury but little substance. When you hit snags, be prepared to accept help. Think of this as yet another gift from your generous heart to those who long to be useful.



Nurture all established relationships: romantic, friendly and familial. Being there for those you love is worth far more than extravagant gestures. If you’re embarking on a new involvement, be patient and never promise more than you can deliver. Although you love your own company, letting others close will give your life meaning.



Follow your hunches, for you are on target. The relaxed pace of the year reassures you, melting away the stress that can cramp your intuition. However, being comfortable is one thing and getting complacent is another. Opportunities of many descriptions will come your way, and you’ll need to be alert to grab them. At work there will be chances for advancement, and relationships are exciting and fulfilling. You go!



Do everything you can to develop your insight, even to the point of clairvoyance and psychism. If you need an answer to a problem, consult oracle cards. Meditate and practice stillness, noting ideas that come to the surface. You know more than you think. Let the wisdom of your inner self be heard.



Oh, wouldn’t you just love to break free, galloping off into the distance and leaving behind all that frustrates you? Sadly, for a little while longer you’ll have to hold yourself in check, dotting ‘i’s’ and crossing ‘t’s’ and consolidating what you have. Others will be calling the shots more than you’d like, for a while. Caution and consideration are your bywords. What do you most value? The good news is you can make it extra-safe if you’re sensible.



They say that happiness comes not from having what you want, but wanting what you have. If you do one thing, try to count your blessings and be grateful. Now is a good time to look deeply within yourself, to understand your motives, for that is true inner liberty. Freedom and excitement will arrive eventually, but what a shame it would be to waste precious moments wishing your life away.



A quiet, uneventful life suits you – but Ox is the wrong sort of ‘quiet’. Maybe you can’t quite put your finger on it, but it all feels quite ponderous and obstructive, cold rather than cosy, and the family values and cultural pursuits you hold so dear bring you little fulfilment. Those you turn to for support seem to take more than they give, and work brings onerous responsibilities that make you anxious. But don’t despair, for things are not as bad as they seem.



Learn to manage your anxiety, through counselling and other therapies, and do not meet trouble halfway. Most of what bothers you is in your mind. Keep your head down and do your best. Live in the moment and enjoy simple pleasures such as good meals, walks and early nights. At the end of the year you will know yourself better and feel pleased at how much you’ve developed.



‘If it’s not broken, don’t fix it’ is your principal message this year. Things are okay and you will do better to consolidate, rather than poke and prod and make work for yourself. Jokes and mockery may fall a tad flat, so if you don’t want the laugh to be on you, use your amazing inventive brain to say and do things that will evoke goodwill. Limit the time you spend at your workstation, for however much you strive, career progress is likely to be modest and you have better things to do. After all, what are you working for? Can money buy you love?



The gentle climate of Ox favours closeness and canoodling, so quality time to spend with loved ones is essential. If you’re single, that could well change in the most delightful way. Romantic gestures, atmospheric assignations, intimacy and shared fun are on the menu with lovers old and new. Don’t fear commitment: you have nothing to lose and a lot to gain.



You’ll be able to strut and preen to your heart’s content as your efforts strike gold and the frustrations of last year are put down to experience. Work is not only going well – everyone sees it’s going well and you’re getting the appreciation you adore. Because you’re feeling good about yourself, your cup runs over and you’re able to be extra-nice to those you love – and who you would like to love you. Bring on the candlelight and roses.



Let go of your tendency to be just a little picky. Good enough is good enough, so enjoy leisure and let your inner child out to play. Try to let go of your tendency to be black or white, for the best parts of life are often found secreted in the grey areas. Being relaxed keeps you open to new ideas and you’ll spot opportunities. Follow up anything interesting, however wacky or far-fetched, because you never know where it might lead…



Certain projects will have to go on the back-burner this year, while you lower your sights and concentrate on your domestic situation. Family issues that you’ve tried to sweep under the carpet may now need addressing, which is all to the good but could cramp your style. However, there will be much to enjoy, close to home, and your loved ones have always been more important to you than glittering lights. Your patience and loyalty will pay off.



Diplomacy comes naturally to you, and it’s a talent to treasure while still retaining your integrity. Be honest with yourself. Compromise is great but not at the expense of self-esteem. If you are comfortable with yourself, everyone around you will soon be comfortable, too. Enjoy time with Nature, drawing close to trees and animals. Now would be a good time to research your family tree and gain a greater sense of your roots.



This year will be a bright and upbeat time, offering new avenues to explore, interesting information and varying perspectives. Your diligence and attention to detail will bear fruit, and your popularity will grow. It would be a shame if a sense of well-being brought out your lazy streak, for this year should be about happy exploration and moderate speculation, with plenty flowing your way.



Get off your backside! There are treasures to be found but if you hang about, you miss out. A general sense of well-being will encourage you to trust others and be open, but you must discriminate between the deserving and the dodgy. All may look sweet now, and indeed there’s no need to be suspicious. But carelessness could come back to bite you on the tail when the unpredictable Tiger arrives. Use your intuition, and also your logical mind. Going on a course of study is favoured.



Stability gives you the opportunity to consolidate gains from last year and to recover from challenges. You’ll have to work hard, taking on responsibility and feeling pressure, but in the main this will bring satisfaction. Emotionally you should be at ease, with the sense of inner harmony that comes from being friends with yourself. Naturally, this diffuses into family life, bringing contentment.



Focus on finance. Are there areas in which you are wasting money? What about savings and investments – are they wisely placed? In today’s climate your Rat shrewdness is a mighty asset, so be sure you use it. In the sphere of work, accept responsible roles when they are offered, for you’re better placed as a leader. However, manage your schedule so you do not feel bored and burdened. You’ll achieve more if you inject variety into your routine and you’ll be much happier.


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Posted by: Leah Russell