Monthly Moon Astrology: February 2021

February 1, 2021

Jennifer Hollie Bowles gives a moonology reading for February 2021 and lets us know what we can expect from its path across the sky at the start of the new year

by Jennifer Hollie Bowles



The Moon in Astrology is connected to the powerful forces of cycles and changes. While everyone has a Sun Sign in their Birth Charts, everyone also has a Moon Sign, as well as sign placements for all of the other planets. Sun Sign Horoscopes barely scratch the surface of Astrology, and the movements that occur in the sky impact everyone. By examining the Moon’s placement through her cycles, we can better intuit our unfolding emotional tides and adaptive qualities.


February Last Quarter Moon

The Moon will come to her Last Quarter on Thursday, 4 February in the enigmatic sign of Scorpio. The Last Quarter is a time of readjustment that helps reveal where we’ve fallen short. In the Scorpion sign, we are encouraged to see beyond material reality, to potentially make changes in our spiritual and sexual lives. We are also likely to become much more aware of the subtle manipulations of others, as well as ourselves. This is a good time for coming clean with things we may have been hiding or stretching the truth about, within and without.


February Balsamic Moon

The Balsamic Moon represents a time of waning, eliminating unnecessary attachments, and closing the door on things that no longer serve a purpose in our lives. The Balsamic Moon will travel through many Zodiac signs from 5-10 February, 2021.


February New Moon

The New Moon occurs on Thursday, 11 February in Aquarius. As the most humanitarian and innovative of the signs, the Water Pitcher will speak to our broader goals and group connections to the world around us. Transcending the personal for the social, the desire to reach others in ways that matter will be highlighted. This placement reminds us that we are not islands to ourselves, and the seeds we sow go beyond our individual lives. The key is to not become too entrenched in singular causes that promote separatism, or to spread our seeds so far apart that we lose our fields to bear fruit.


February Crescent Moon

The Crescent Moon cycles through the signs from 12-17 February. As a time for collecting information and investigating options, the Crescent Moon helps us to understand the best courses of action. When things are coming to fruition during the Crescent Moon, pay attention to details and meanings, as they are likely to be relevant in the future.


January First Quarter Moon

On Friday, 19 February, the First Quarter Moon occurs in the witty, dual sign of Gemini. As a time of action and directness, the Twins offer the energy of heightened perspective and seeing both sides of the story. Communicating with quickness is favored: following through with action, however, may be more difficult if we allow ourselves to become distracted from the issues and responsibilities at hand. The opportunity to take action with greater awareness and adaptability is possible, but we are tasked with the challenge of calming and focusing our minds and hearts enough to follow through.


January Gibbous Moon

Everything expands during the Gibbous Moon, the second waxing phase. It represents a time for organisation and interpretation, for giving the best of ourselves. Gibbous will occur from 20-26 February through many signs.


January Full Moon

The Full Moon occurs on Saturday, 27 February in Virgo, the sign of purity and objectivity. The Virgin provides the enhanced ability to analyze the fulfillment we experience during the Moon’s time of illumination. We will be better able to see our accomplishments from an outside perspective, to be critical, sober, and humble. Depending on what has occurred during the cycle, we may also become overly critical. Use this energy to embrace the perspective of the Observing Self – without judgment, yet with enhanced clarity.


February Void of Course Moons

During specific times of her cycle, the Moon doesn’t make contact with other planets and becomes Void of Course. This lack of contact indicates that it’s best not to begin things or to initiate important events. If an important activity is already scheduled, focus on staying as calm and non-reactive as possible. The Moon will be void of course during the following days in February: 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 13, 15, 18, 20, 22, 25, 27.


About the author:

Jennifer Hollie Bowles has studied and practiced Astrology for over twenty years. Her approach to Astrology readings is non-deterministic and Holistic in perspective, including integration with Jungian Psychology, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Spirituality, as well as mindfully LGBT/LGBTQAP+ inclusive. Her articles, poetry, and fiction have been widely published in numerous and varied venues.

Posted by: Leah Russell