Mapping a New Reality Outside the Zone of Familiarity

October 26, 2020

A call to unity consciousness comes from far away in the night sky

by Pia Orleane, Ph.D. and Cullen Baird Smith


The world is changing. That is a simple fact. Whether we choose to fight those changes or help to create them, change is the nature of our evolutionary path. We are moving away from everything that is familiar to us into an unknown territory – one that our Pleiadian friends, Laarkmaa, call the ‘New Reality’.

What does this mean? It means that our familiar behaviors and interactions with each other will no longer bring the same results. It means that familiar ways of survival in the world will no longer work. It means that our familiar methods of exchange (work for money, money for food, etc.) may no longer be effective. It means that even our weather can no longer be trusted to follow familiar patterns. It also means that what science has previously proven is changing moment by moment, too fast for us to know what is really true and what is part of a string of constantly changing facts, upon which we continue to build our belief systems.

We are facing unprecedented opportunities for growth and evolution. In our current reality, many of the changes we are experiencing are coming from outside of us: earth changes, political changes, medical changes, and financial changes. But it is our participation with these outer circumstances – through our attitudes and voicing conscious protests against control – that will bring ultimate change for us as species.

We need to take back our power and begin to live from a place of love, unity, and trust in each other, rather than from a place of fear and submission. Laarkmaa’s newest book, Pleiadian Manual for Accelerated Evolution & Ascension, guides us in how to move through this transformative time. As our cosmic weather and external world changes, we need to change the reality of human experience – currently based on fear, judgment, competition, separation, and suffering – to the reality of the New Humans (as Laarkmaa calls us) based on love, trust, Unity Consciousness, and the highest good for all.

Before we can make these changes, however, we need to understand the basis and illusion of the familiar reality in which we are living. The first thing we need to understand is that everything that we think or feel is based on principles of duality, which we have never really understood. Our perspective of duality causes us to view everything in terms of conflictual opposites such as ‘right’ and ‘wrong’ or ‘us’ and ‘them’. It is from this familiar perspective of duality that we continually struggle through life. This sense of duality and opposition has caused us to fear that there will never be enough for everyone; from that position we have learned to compete with one another rather than to cooperate. Laarkmaa suggests that we learn to use duality properly, by seeing that opposites are merely different perspectives of a more whole, complete reality which can be blended into a true harmony.

Learning to use duality correctly to harmonise perspectives is a necessary step to help us to attain unity, oneness, and universal love. Laarkmaa tells us that the way to move beyond our incorrect perspective of duality is to take off our ‘familiarity glasses’. We feel comfortable with what is familiar, and uncomfortable with or challenged by situations or people that are different. However, familiarity keeps us stuck; it creates loyalty to old belief systems that may no longer serve us, trapping us in structures that prevent our growth.

To evolve into the New Humans and take our place as cosmic citizens, we must step out of our limited zone of familiarity into the larger reality of unity consciousness. The current world situation is helping us to do that. While we did not choose lockdown and increased governmental controls at a conscious level, our higher selves may have called forth this very situation in order to encourage us to reclaim our personal and collective power by making more conscious choices based on love, cooperation, and unity, rather than our previous choices based on fear, judgment, and separation.

Leaving the zone of familiarity and following the map to the new reality that we are co-creating requires thinking differently and acting differently, while we unwind old patterns and beliefs that have kept us in what feels like a familiar ‘safe’ zone of the illusion of reality. There is no single right way (although some ways certainly flow more easily, because they are more connected to the benefit of the whole).

The Pleiadians guide us to detach from our old belief systems, to base the understanding of our existence on energy rather than time, to surrender our need to be right. They guide us to open to new perspectives to accept the gifts that may be found in listening to others who see the world differently than we do, to learn to cooperate rather than competing with each other, to live from love rather than fear, accept everything as simply an experience and to have gratitude for every opportunity to grow and change.


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Pia Orleane, Ph.D. and Cullen Baird Smith are designers and co-creators of the Pleiadian-Earth Energy Calendar, a guide for conscious evolution and spiritual advancement using energy rather than time. They are also co-authors of the Wisdom From the Stars trilogy and the COVR Award-winning book for Divination, Pleiadian-Earth Energy Astrology: Charting the Spirals of Consciousness.
Former practicing psychologist Pia is a respected intuitive and Pleiadian-Earth Energy astrologer. Trained in archeology and anthropology, Cullen Baird Smith is an empathic intuitive and interstellar communicator. They bring forth the voice of Laarkmaa, a wise and loving group of Pleiadians here to support human evolution.
This material has been excerpted from Pleiadian Manual for Accelerated Evolution & Ascension (£17.86, One Water Press), available now.


Posted by: Leah Russell