Your Astrology Forecast for October 2020

September 29, 2020

by Demian Allan


Notable Astrological Dates

1st OctoberFull Moon, 9 degrees Aries, 22.05
14th October – New Moon, 23 degres Libra, 20.31
22nd October – Sun enters Scorpio, 23.59
31st October – Full Moon, 8 degrees Taurus, 14.49




20 March – 20 April


Your ruling planet remains backwards in the sky this month, creating an opportunity for you to do some inner work on what motivates you in life. Any practice of meditation is going to help you to discover your own needs and what you seek in this life. On the 1st we have a Full Moon in your own sign at 9 degrees, illuminating emotional tensions to resolve.



20 April – 21 May


Over the next four weeks the planet Mars is retrograde in your solar 12th house, the placement of the dreams and unconscious. How do you express your anger and self-assertiveness to other people around you – is it positive or negative? This is a period when you can have a better understanding of your feelings of frustration.



21 May – 21 June


It’s that time again when your planetary ruler Mercury goes backwards in the sky from the 14th onwards. This retrograde is occurring in your solar 6th house, that of health and service to others, so you can expect elements of those themes becoming significant during this period. On the 19th Mercury will oppose Uranus in the sky, a potent mix which may lead to unpredictable communication.




21 June – 22 July


We are now all into the autumnal months, as the moon becomes a totem of the longer, darker nights that lie ahead of us. Cancer is a zodiac sign that likes to nurture all it comes into contact with, and this is a time when we all need a bit of self-assurance to help us all face our fears. Cancer, it’s time for you to step up!



22 July – 23 August


The sun shines in the communication part of your chart, meaning you can convey your ideas to others with passion and commitment. The only thing to be aware of is that the sun is in opposition with the planet Mars in the sky – although not exact, it still can create opinions which are at risk of becoming too dogmatic, especially with others.



23 August – 23 September


Halfway through the month Mercury goes backwards in the communication zone of your chart, which can cause misunderstandings with those close to you. It is best to make sure that you have expressed yourself clearly and not in an ambiguous manner. If you succeed in demonstrating your ability to reach out to others, you might just surprise yourself.



23 September – 23 October


The planetary energy of Venus travels in the secretive zone of your solar chart, bringing romantic illusions and dreams that may take hold of your imagination. This can be a period during which your creative gifts are at their height in terms of inspiration and dedication to a higher purpose. If you manage to create something tangible during this time, it will make you very happy.




23 October – 23 November


On the 6th your modern ruler Pluto turns direct in Capricorn, allowing a new sense of purpose in your own convictions to begin to move forward. Partnerships will also need reviewing from the 14th onwards, as Mercury is retrograde in your own sign and opposing Uranus. Sometimes it can be good to be direct, and sometimes you must consider the needs of others and hold back. Balance is needed.



23 November – 21 December


Venus transits into your solar 10th house, helping to bring harmony and diplomacy as tools you can use to your advantage, particularly in relation to your aspirations in your work. The only snag is that Mercury is retrograde in the second half of the month, revealing the unconscious part of your nature. Know your inner motivations.



21 December – 20 January


This may feel like one of the more exciting months you have had this year, as Pluto also joins Jupiter and Saturn in moving forward in your own zodiac sign. There is so much energy to move forward in life with passion and purpose that you could feel a little overwhelmed at times. However, because of the need to challenge yourself, you will overcome those feelings.



20 January – 18 February


Your traditional ruler Saturn is now moving direct in your 12th house. Over the last two and a half years, you have had to focus on your own mental health and be aware of your hidden motivations. The outcome of this transit will be seen in how you guide yourself on your own personal journey of self-growth with vigour and determination.



18 February – 20 March


How you earn your money, as depicted by the planet Mars travelling through the financial sector of your chart, is the key feature for you this month. If you are not happy in your work this could be the period when you decide to cut the ties from employment. However, be careful – it’s good to plan right now, but not so good to take action.


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