Kindred Spirit Awards 2020: Editor’s Pick

September 17, 2020

Each year, the Kindred Spirit Awards celebrate those who make a positive difference in our lives. We’ve seen another year of wonderful work in the world of Mind, Body and Spirit, and this year you voted in your thousands to decide who would take away the awards in each category. The votes have been counted and the results are in… find out more about who has won in each category this year and why you voted for them.

This year’s Editor’s Pick is Dr Bruce Lipton, who has been bridging the gap between science and spirituality for nearly 40 years.


Editor’s Pick: Dr Bruce Lipton

Here’s what Kindred Spirit editor Claire Gillman had to say about her reasons for picking Dr Bruce Lipton:

“I have had the privilege of interviewing Bruce Lipton and his humility, warmth and compassion left a lasting mark on me. He combines knowledge with wisdom and makes deep and difficult topics easy and accessible to all of us. I continue to follow and admire his work in the field of epigenetics with great interest.”

Posted by: Leah Russell