Your Astrology Forecast for September 2020

August 29, 2020

The next two months are pivotal in the astrological view. On 22 September we have the Autumn Equinox, as the Sun moves into the zodiac sign of Libra. The focus at this time of the year is partnerships of all kinds and how we relate to others in a diplomatic way. In polarity to this, Mars, the God of war, will be in Aries on 9 September and in retrograde from then onwards. When Mars goes backwards in the sky like this, the collective can feel repressed in their ability to express anger at society and governments. This can lead to social unrest and problems within the healthcare sectors, especially regarding surgery. However, our ability to raise our own consciousness to higher levels in terms of fighting for causes that can lift humanity is strong under these astrological aspects for September and October.

by Demian Allan


Notable Astrological Dates

2nd SeptemberFull Moon, 10 degrees Pisces, 06.22
9th September – Mars goes retrograde Aries, 23.22
17th September – New Moon at 25 degrees Virgo, 12.00
22nd September – Autumn Equinox, Sun enters Libra, 14.31




20 March – 20 April


This is a major month for you Rams: your planet Mars is going retrograde in your own zodiac sign from the 10th of the month. This is a bit like retreating from battle and giving yourself a rest from the hustle and bustle of the world. Aries is a sign that likes to face things head on, but this is probably not the best time to engage in any conflict with others.



20 April – 21 May


Venus is travelling in your solar 4th house, which represents the home, family, and where you feel that you can retreat into the world. On the 15th Venus forms a square aspect with Uranus, which is travelling in your own sign – this is a powerful combination that can make you feel you want freedom in self expression, but also stability at the same time. Polarity will be marked at this point.



21 May – 21 June


Friendships are going to dominate your thoughts over the next two months as Mars travels backwards in your solar 11th house. This could take the form of you reviewing past social contacts and making decisions regarding matters of how you connect with others. From the 6th – 26th your planet Mercury is transiting through another air sign like your own – Libra, which should help you to make the right call about friends.




21 June – 22 July


The moon’s cycle this month highlights the knowledge and learning aspects of your solar chart. Studying new subjects or going back to review past interests will bring about a change in your thinking. There is such a powerful pull towards the search for truth over the next four weeks that you could find yourself coming up with some new and powerful insights about human behaviour.



22 July – 23 August


There is a lot of activity happening in the sky for Leos this month. The planet Mars is retrograde in Aries, another fire sign like yourself. This combination creates change in your philosophical outlook, but also in how you express your opinions. This is a month in which you can create a clear balance between how you feel and what you want.



23 August – 23 September


Financial matters are under the microscope during the next four weeks, as you seek to improve (or at least bring stability) to your attitude to money and how you acquire it. This will be magnified on the 24th as your ruler Mercury opposes Mars in the sky, bringing about a slightly cavalier attitude to your personal finances.



23 September – 23 October


Social activities take prominence this month as Venus moves through your solar 11th house, the house of good fortune in traditional astrology. This is a good time for networking and generally making the right connections to advance in your career aspirations. However, watch out for Mars retrograde in your opposing sign of Aries – other people jealousy could get in the way of your own opportunities.




23 October – 23 November


Your traditional ruler Mars is travelling in Aries, and is also going backwards from the 9th in your solar 6th house. Any health regimes that you have given up in the past might be worth revisiting under this planetary combination. The focus of the month is how you can be of service to others – it might be through a charitable course or possibly helping someone close to you.



23 November – 21 December


The good news for the archers is that your ruler Jupiter is moving direct from the 13th for the first time since May. This means that you can create plans and become a little more optimistic in your approach to the trials and tribulations of life. The sun for most of the month is shining in the work and career area of your chart, so this is a good time to be seen by your superiors for what you can do.



21 December – 20 January


Your planet Saturn is still retrograde this month until the 30th, when it turns direct and will help you to focus on the future rather than the past. The presence of both Jupiter and Pluto in your own sign can cause you to reevaluate and over-analyse your motivations without taking any action – be careful of this cycle.



20 January – 18 February


Both your ruling planets Saturn and Uranus are retrograde this month, enabling you to be much more reflective in your mood. The retrograde of Mars in Aries is in your solar 3rd house, in the area of communication, so you might find yourself expressing your ideas in a forceful manner. This can be fine unless others take offense, so make sure you are being sensitive to the needs of those around you without losing your own identity.



18 February – 20 March


On the 13th, your traditional ruler Jupiter moves direct for the first time since May. The significance of this is a much more outward psychological approach to your decisions regarding the future. Your modern ruler Neptune is still moving backwards in your own sign, which can amplify your reactions to emotional situations almost as if you are stepping back in the past – you’re not really, but what you are doing is getting yourself caught up in other people’s problems.


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