Reclaiming Your Inner Rhythm With Yoni Oracle Cards (with 3-card reading)

August 24, 2020

Divine inspiration led Georgie Catling to create the Yoni Oracle Cards, a powerful tool to activate your womb wisdom and connect to your natural cycles. Georgie shares the journey that took her to the creation of the deck, plus offers a 3-card reading.

by Georgie Catling


2020 has been a year like no other. Many of us have had our worlds turned upside down, with big changes in both our personal and professional lives. These external changes and feelings of not being in control (are we ever?) can adversely affect our internal environment, with increased stress impacting our physical and emotional bodies.

During times of immense change we can feel overwhelmed, ungrounded and simply ‘frazzled’. There are many self-help tools that offer support to regain a sense of calm and balance, and the Yoni Oracle Cards are one such tool.

Our wombs (physically, energetically, menstruating or menopausal) are our still points. They are our maps, guiding us home to a place of inner knowing. When you connect to your natural rhythm you make better decisions, feeling centred and empowered. The Yoni Oracle is a transformative guide to enable you to go within and to connect with your womb wisdom, your feminine wisdom, and your cyclic nature.

Creating by nine different artists, each of the 45 cards transmits their own unique healing and divination to aid you along your path. Through journeying with four Tribes – Crones, Maidens, Mothers and Enchantresses – you uncover hidden creativity, passion and purpose. You explore when to rest and reflect, when to take action, plan, when to let go and when to shine bright. You live from your natural rhythm.


The birth of the Yoni Oracle Cards

The dream seeds for the Yoni cards were planted during the summer of 2014, whilst writing a raw and vulnerable ‘Oath to my Yoni’ for an inspirational poet, who has since passed. I had left my partner of 18 years, my home, my friends and my career as a psychiatric nurse to live in an intentional community in Dorset with the desire to be free. My spirit was being crushed.

While living in a magical house at the bottom of Glastonbury Tor, I was given the Divine inspiration to create the Yoni Oracle Cards. The very first artist that agreed to take part was the Reiki Master I trained with in 2004, after my diagnosis of cervical cancer at the age of 29. Having a hysterectomy led to a deep pilgrimage into my womb, and the messages provided the passion and purpose for the birth of the Yoni Oracle Cards.

The creation and birth of the Yoni Oracle Cards was a journey with the self-saboteur and inner critic within. There were moments of elation and flashes of insight along with doubt, fear of failure, rejection and judgement. The creative process is not an easy one, but my soul ached to voyage deeply into the truth. When the muse calls, the only option is to respond. This felt like my own initiation into both the brilliant light and velvet darkness of the divine feminine, returning me home to my sovereign self.

Each of the 45 cards took me on a voyage of discovery. There were times when I wanted to give up, or I felt I was drowning in the void. However, it was these very experiences that gave the power and healing energies to the cards.

There is a story behind each one. Medusa was brought to life whilst living in Cyprus, and experiencing an influx of snakes. I had been hesitant about including Medusa in the deck, but, as with the creation of all the cards, I didn’t really have a choice. Snakes appeared on the pathways, with the locals commenting about how unusual it was to see snakes out of the grasses. Friends started to tell me they were dreaming of snakes, and one of the artists created a Medusa image herself without knowing that I had been inspired to include her.

Yoni of the first moon arrived to support me in reclaiming my power after a real life encounter with a trickster. The Yoni of abundance was the last card to arrive – with two different artists, her image changed three times during the process and I continue to work with this energy of abundance now.

Creating the cards changed me in ways that I am still realising. After having my hysterectomy at such a young age (I was lucky enough to have already had my daughter when I was 18) I went on a healing pilgrimage into my womb. The creative process provided a roadmap to reclaim what was lost. Each written word aligned me with my inner wisdom, releasing me from turmoil and guiding me into my soul. The cards were birthed from this rawness, magic and a deep desire to support myself and other women in remembering and reclaiming all that we can be and all that we are.


Moon Wisdom Reading

This Yoni Oracle reading allows you to play with the cards, supporting yourself to feel rooted in the safety and nourishment of Mother Earth. Our light shines brightest when our nervous system is soothed, when we feel held. This gives us the courage to stand for what is true for ourselves, to walk in alignment with purpose.

Close your eyes and take three slow, deep, rhythmic breaths. Place your hands over your belly and imagine a healing pink light emanating from your womb. This pink light flows up to your heart and continues to your third eye. Breath with this energy and focus on the following question: “What message does Mother Moon hold for me?” As you open your eyes, let yourself be drawn to the card that holds the message for you.


Choose your card, then read on to discover which you picked…



Card 1: Yoni of Avalon

This card is from the Enchantress Tribe, whose focus is on boundaries, voicing your truth and letting go of what is no longer in alignment. This Tribe relates to the waning moon, the season of autumn, or the pre-menstrual phase. The Yoni of Avalon is asking you to take a close look at what you are building your life upon. What are your foundations? Now is the time to make choices that will support your true path. It may be hard to let go, but rebuilding from a place of truth will bring peace to your heart.


Card 2: Rainbow Yoni

This card is from the Maiden Tribe, whose focus is on innocence, joy, and taking actiony. This Tribe relates to the waxing moon, the season of spring, or the pre-ovulation phase. This is a beautiful card with a simple message: a wonderful opportunity or gift is coming your way. Look out for synchronicities, follow your intuition, accept unexpected invitations, as they will lead you to the pot of gold!


Card 3: Medicine Yoni

This card is from the Crone Tribe, whose focus is on resting, reflecting, going within and dreaming in new ideas. This Tribe relates to the energies of the Dark Moon, the season of winter, or the menstrual phase. When this card appears in a reading, the energy is calling you to listen to your own inner knowing; to stop seeking external validation or advice. You hold the answer to your question. You just need to retreat, rest and find a quiet space to listen to your own voice.


About the author:

Georgie Catling is a Womb Mentor, Sexological Bodyworker and former crisis nurse. Georgie’s personal and professional journey with the divine feminine was catalysed by a diagnosis of cervical cancer aged just 29 in 2003, and later burnout in 2012, which led to her following her heart and leaving her day-to-day life to live in a community in Dorset. After a pilgrimage to Glastonbury, she remained for three years, creating the Yoni Oracle Cards which have since been sold in 25 countries. Georgie is currently writing the book Womb Rooted Business, offering a feminine nourishing perspective on business.

The Yoni Oracle Deck will be one of several decks reviewed by Kim Arnold in issue 172 of Kindred Spirit (Nov/Dec), on sale 22 October 2020.

Posted by: Leah Russell