Your Numberscope for July 2020

June 29, 2020

To discover your personal Life Path Number, write down all the digits in your date of birth and add them together, (eg: 16 December 1965 is 1 + 6 + 1 + 2 + 1 + 9 + 6 + 5 = 31).
* If they add up to 11 or 22, that’s your number.
* If they add up to a number that’s more than ten, you keep adding the numbers together until you reach a single digit, (eg: 3 + 1 = 4).
* Therefore 16 Dec 1965 would have a life path number of 4.

by Sonia Ducie, Dip.CSN.AIN


In July life brings important issues to the surface – we’re collectively awakening. Soul directs us to listen and hear with a new voice and speak with conviction and clarity. The fruits are starting to appear on the trees; be grateful for what you have and appreciate your gifts. Eat and sleep well, be peaceful, and connect with the limitless light within and the abundance of mother earth.



You are never alone – soul is ever present. People do listen to you and care about your needs. Does your sense of independence drive them away? Be more caring towards loved ones and allow room for intimacy and sharing. Find inventive ways to be creative around the home and office. Ask yourself, ‘how can you improve others lives?’ Then takes steps forwards.



‘Stronger together weaker apart’, the old saying goes. You’re feeling this intensely. Whilst separation is painful learn to pause life for a moment. Feel the pure unconditional love of the whole universe pulsating through your mind, body and soul. A spiritual outlook uplifts your vision and takes you out of the mundanities of everyday life. Yoga or simple breathing exercises help to relax you then you can feel at ease.



Your mind is working overtime trying to rationalise situations. Everything seems upside down, back to front. You’re being presented with too many choices. Keeping decisions as simple as possible can help you get through. Feelings of vulnerability are normal. Life goes out of balance to eventually reach a new equilibrium. Entertain others with your brilliant sense of humour, and share your know-how.



Do you feel the weight of the world upon your shoulders? Does it all feel too much? What is your joy? What is your passion? Painting, art, mathematics, food? A new brush is sweeping clean away old debris from the past to help you breathe more easily. You can then see clearly what needs to be done and get on with it.



You’re searching for new inspiration – books, films, recipes – to lift your spirits. Friends and family offer you great recommendations so listen. You do your own research and rely on facts. You embrace change but your senses feel bombarded with overload. Keep talking, keep listening, keep moving and discover new elements to life that you did not even know existed.



Soul endurance enables you to hold life together, carefully, neatly, and all organised. One little stray negative thought can ignite your fuse and blasts open your emotions. You don’t do things by halves. Deep soul searching helps you to recognize underlying issues and you’re being receptive. Each day provides a rich tapestry of experiences that leads you to greater happiness and wholeness. Every moment counts.



You’re cleansing the cupboards from within. It’s a natural process. Time for you to sit and gaze at the moon and stars, connect with birdsong, and sing with your soul. Great bounties of information are revealed from your inner journeying. Life is full of new potential and you are set to make a practical start and lay a new structure. Think big.



Your life feels totally out of control and from a greater perspective it always truly is. The higher source of energy (soul and spirit) is ultimately guiding you along your path. You have important decisions to make. Nobody can help you but you carefully listen to loved-ones feelings and opinions. Life is forever renewing for the best. Find love in everything you do.



You attract the same old situations but it gets easier you’re learning. Are you weighing up life before jumping in the deep end? Do you care what is happening in the world? You are so deeply embedded in soul you know what is best. Helping others with your skills makes a tangible difference to your state of well-being and happiness.



Expectations are there to urge you on to do better. Reality can be even better than your aim and overshadow your hopes and desires. Share your wisdom and resources with others but allow people to form their own view and take their own decisions. Make a contribution. Simple tasks like gardening, cooking, washing your hair, exercising, and all the basics keep you going.



You’re rethinking your every move – what is necessary, what is not, what is no longer appropriate? Your mind is firing on all cylinders. You’re passionate about your soul work (inner reflection) as much as about creating a better life for others. You feel happy, safe and secure knowing that there is a greater plan to life.


About the author:

Sonia Ducie Dip.CSN.AIN. is a teacher at The Connaissance School of Numerology and a member of the Association Internationale De Numerologues. She has been a professional numerologist for more than 23 years and has written 12 books, which have been translated into 13 languages.
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Posted by: Leah Russell