Introduction to the Ancient Art of Spell-Craft

June 15, 2020

by Flavia Kate Peters and Barbara Meiklejohn-Free


For thousands of years, wise women and men have weaved supernatural belief with the power of spell-casting, through the use of herbs, crystals, and other tools of nature. Our ancient ancestors naturally understood how and when to work with natural forces when casting spells, with focus, dedication and reverent gratitude to the gods, elements and spirit world.


The history of magic and spells between cultures, beliefs systems and religion is varied and different, depending on location and available tools. In most cultures, the magic of spell-casting was orally handed down from mother to daughter. Spells that were written down were hidden or coded, and only verbal knowledge was passed on to the next generation.

Through the ages the safe practice of spell-crafting changed dramatically, largely due to religion and medieval superstition. The use of magic and spell-casting was hidden away as fear, doubt, ridicule and death overshadowed the once-favoured craft of spell work. As the accusations of yesteryear are healed, a magical resonance surges throughout our modern world, invoking all those with a natural magic and curiosity in their hearts and souls to awaken to the Old Ways.

By magically working with the mystical forces and cycles of nature, in conjunction with ancient wisdom, knowing and honour, we have the power to create a positive life of love, happiness and prosperity for ourselves and the world around us.


What is a spell?

Tips for spell-casting

  • Determine your goal with clarity and focus
  • Gather your ingredients for the spell
  • Speak your words with positive intentions, never using negative words
  • Practice energy-raising with meditation, shielding and purification
  • Be specific: don’t miss any details out and find the spell that fits your situation exactly
  • Remember that spell casting takes time to work. Sometimes you may have to wait an entire moon cycle to cast your spell, or to see results
  • Take responsibility for your spells. What you give out comes back to you!
  • Don’t tell others about your spell casting; silence is power
  • Believe! Believe! Believe!

A spell is a powerful and sacred ritual of action that combines the use of magical tools, symbols, elements and recipes with positive thoughts or words of intent to create powerful effects.

Once your focus is honed fully, it is possible to use the power of creating and manifesting by thought and visualisation alone. Magical spells are powered by personal positive energy, desire, belief, emotion, and an awareness to cast a desired effect. With unwavering focus and intent, spell-work harnesses and manipulates energy and magical forces to bring about anything from healing and prosperity to walking towards one’s destiny.

Before casting a spell, you must decide on the purpose of the spell and be extremely clear about what it is you want. As you make a statement of intent, you are instructing the universe that you wish to effect change for yourself, and for the good of all. Ensure that you leave any doubts, insecurities or negativity at the door before you start. Magic needs personal and powerful energy in order to work. Stand confidently as you invoke the Divine spark to ignite the magic of your spells.

REMEMBER: the Threefold Law. Whatever you give out comes back to you three times. This ancient rule of the Old Ways is based on the universal law of cause and effect. Our magical intention must always be done ‘with harm to none’.


When should I cast my spell?

Moon cycles, the months, days of the week, and the seasons all have a profound effect when casting spells. Choose your magical time purposefully, depending on which type of spell you wish to cast.


Moon cycles

Ancient wisdom and magic awakens within when one follows and works with the mystical phases of the Moon.



A powerful time to banish or remove things, people or situations. A time to neutralise spells made again others. Powerful times for understanding fears and anger. Also good for bringing about justice. Time of transition from the dark moon to the new moon.
Time to cast spells: From dawn to sunset



Constructive magic, increasing things. New beginnings, new relationships, best time to set intentions, to focus intention for positive outcomes. Sowing of seeds for new ventures. Projects coming to life.
Time to cast spells: From mid-morning to after sunset



The best time to draw things in, such as money, success, friends, lovers, work. Attracting that which you most desire into manifestation. Also a good time for house hunting or finding lost objects. Time of acceleration and growth.
Time to cast spells: From noon until midnight



For renewal of strength and energy. Time to focus on will-power and seeing things through. Time to surrender to the universe and trust. This is the most powerful time of the moon for fruition and completion.
Time to cast spells: From mid-afternoon to 3am


Releases what no longer serves. Full moon removes old habits and other issues. This is a time to harness extra power to get over difficult challenges. Rituals and spells for protection, divination, and for healing of long-standing illness. This is the time of manifestation and empowerment. The full moon is most powerful, and its magic is potent.
Time to cast spells: From sunset until dawn



A great time to expel all negative thoughts and influences. Waning moon energy rids and repels. A time to decrease, to bring to an end. A time of facing shadows.
Time to cast spells: From mid-evening until mid-morning



A time of transitions and change, to avoid temptations. A remover of obstacles.
Time to cast spells: From midnight until noon



Banishment, retreat. A healing of transition between the death of the old and the birth of the new moon.
Time to cast spells: From 3am until mid-afternoon


*Between the dark and the waxing crescent is a period of stillness called the new moon, which is the space between the past and new beginnings. This is a very powerful phase of transition.



Magical weekdays

Sunday – of the god Apollo, ruled by the Sun. This day is imbued with energy and divine guidance. A perfect day to relax, unwind and focus on health and well-being to light up one’s inner sunshine.

Monday – of the goddess Diana, ruled by the moon. This is a day for discovering one’s true potential and intuition. Looking deep within and honouring emotions.

Tuesday – of Týr, ruled by Mars. A day of projects and decision making, new jobs. To fulfil dreams, goals and desires.

Wednesday – day of the god Woden (Odin), ruled by Mercury. A day of expressing oneself and focus on life decisions. A time for communication and messages.

Thursday – day of the god Thor, ruled by Jupiter. A day of gratitude and positivity. A time of expansion of the mind, body and spirit.

Friday – of the goddess Frige, ruled by Venus. A day of love and self care. A time to create and connect with others.

Saturday – of Saturn. Time to be grounded and balanced. Great day to tackle big projects, of being responsible and getting organised both at home and at work.

Magical directions and elements




North – element of Earth. Season of winter. Time of the new moon and midnight.

East – element of Air. Season of spring. Time of the waxing moon and sunrise.

South – element of Fire. Season of summer. Time of the full moon and noon.

West – element of Water. Season of autumn. Time of the waning moon and dusk.

Above – Mind, connection with the Universal Great Mystery

Below – Body, connection with the Earth

Within – Spirit, connection with one’s inner universe, the Great Void



Read on to learn how to prepare and cast your spell in Part 2: Practising the Ancient Art of Spell-Craft


About the authors:


Celebrity witches Barbara and Flavia are authors of 7 oracle decks, including the No.1 bestselling Witches Wisdom. Both are High Priestesses and teachers of natural and ancient magic who initiate others through the rites of passage of Wise-Craft. A formidable team, they work extensively around the world to awaken others to the magic of the Old Ways, and are key-note speakers at Witchfest International and regular presenters on the MBS & Pagan circuits. Television appearances include Celebrity Haunted Hotel & This Morning, and are considered the UKs favourite Wise Women.
Barbara and Flavia’s Spellcasting Oracle Deck (Hay House, RRP £15.99) is available now.

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