Five Ways to Bring More Spirituality to Your Life During and After the Crisis

May 30, 2020

by Sarah Negus


It’s no secret that the COVID-19 outbreak took us all by surprise. The pandemic has seen the world change before our very eyes, in ways we could never before have imagined. Many lives have been affected and many people are dealing with huge loss, both through business and on personal levels. We are facing loss not through war or external conflict, but from an invisible enemy that knows no borders, race or gender. In times like these using spirituality is more important than ever, as we long to connect with a guiding force greater than ourselves, embracing its divine energy.


As we face this new stage of life together, it is important to look towards the future by tapping into our spiritual sides, visualising new growth and prosperity. Here are my top tips for connecting to your inner spirituality during the pandemic…


Start journaling

Putting pen to paper helps you to dump whichever emotions are whirling around inside your mind. During this turbulent time, it is normal for you to be manifesting more anxieties than usual as you undoubtedly worry about yourself and those around you. When will this end? Are my family okay? Is it safe to go outside? These are all common thoughts.

Writing down your anxieties helps you to clear some space inside your head, leaving that void clear for more helpful thoughts to manifest. Try writing down the things you are grateful for each day, as studies have shown that those who do become more optimistic. Your thoughts create your life, your world, your success and your ability to highly achieve, so it is a good idea to clear them out daily and notice each one of them.


Get clear on your goals

Think about what it is that you truly want to achieve. What would you like to manifest? Focus on these things and talk to yourself as though they are in your life already. Self-isolating or being in lock-down is the perfect time to take active steps to realise our intentions and goals, as we may find ourselves with more time and space than usual. It is important to approach this task with the attitude of ‘I can do this’, making sure we are adopting a growth mindset as we do so. A fixed, negative mindset can lead you down the path of failure so it is important that you maintain an open mind.


Reframe your negative thoughts

It is important to become conscious of our own thoughts and how we frame them. The main interruption to your spiritual awareness and your intuitive guidance will be your inner voice of self-doubt, which can undermine our confidence, tell us we are wrong, and make us doubt our choices. It is important to recognise that our own self-doubts come from a place of vulnerability and suffering, and can be overcome by reframing them into powerful questions. Here’s an example: ‘I can’t have professional success during the pandemic’ reframes to ‘what steps can I take to create the success I desire during the pandemic?’ Reframing your thoughts in this way allows you to disconnect from your negative voices over time, and will also give you action points to work towards.


Listen to your intuition

Your intuition is the part of yourself which innately knows what is best for you. Learning to trust your own inner guidance system, your inner voice of wisdom, and your intuition means you are supported wherever you go, whomever you are with – it is invaluable. Trusting in your intuition brings inner strength and a feeling of being centered within your body. This support is found within you. You know all that you will ever need to know about your own life and what is best for you. When you allow your intuitive gifts to expand there is no need to ask outside of yourself for insight, or advice, you will know the way and you will be able to move through life with clarity and purpose.


Take time for self-reflection

Now is the perfect time for some deep self-reflection, and to bring about change. Reflect on how you can live more fully, in your positive energy. Becoming the best version of you will free your spirit, so that you can be happier, physically healthier and can feel free. When you take the time to reflect on how you can become the best version of yourself that you can be, it creates feelings of inspiration. You’ll find you are filled with creative insight every day. The mind monkeys in your head with the negative chatter will be replaced with new and exciting ideas. Meditate on becoming the best version of you that you can be so you can arrive at a place of joy and gratitude for all that you achieve, which will be in complete alignment with who you are.


It’s also important to remember that we are a global community and we are all facing this together. We may be individual cogs in the wheel, but collectively we are all living through this pandemic. What happens to you, happens to me. Focus on your own spiritual growth, and the spiritual growth of us as a collective will benefit.


About the author:

Sarah Negus cured her illnesses, changed her career and gained the emotional strength to leave her marriage after learning how to use shamanic energy. A chance encounter with a shaman inspired Sarah to trade in her former life as an investment banker to train in traditional and non-traditional shamanism, a journey which took her to Peruvian Amazon rainforest.
Sarah now works as the Modern Day Shaman, with clients across the globe including entrepreneurs and CEOs who use her shamanic techniques to help them to become more successful and earn more money. Sarah uses her 22 years of shamanic experience combined with modern psychology and mindset control to enable clients to uncover hidden potential and inspire change.

Posted by: Leah Russell