Distance Healing Modalities

May 24, 2020

by Crispin Andrews


With the world in crisis now more than ever, we need to look after our mind, body and spirit. In lockdown, we’re unable to visit live events to receive the guidance and assistance we need. But while the immediate future outside is uncertain, there are many healers who also work remotely, online, and who can still help us and our loved ones through these difficult times.


The consensus between healers is that healing works across space (and, some believe, time) and that its effect is undiminished by distance. There are many possible explanations as to how this can be so. We spoke to a few healers to find out more.


Julie Fenn

Reiki master

This is about quantum thought, the idea that everything is actually happening at once. The healer connects to the energy source and healing can be channelled wherever it is needed.

Our thoughts and feelings affect everything in the universal quantum field all the time. We can focus this down to a single point of contact across time and space. When a healer does this, they form an immediate energetic connection with the person they are sending healing to. Everyone can do this, with training.

A Reiki healer channels universal energy, not their own energy. When the connection is made, the healer keeps their thoughts pure and distractions away. So that’s a clear mind, no thinking of the shopping list or what you just watched on TV.

It is possible to send something more specific – compassion, strength, resilience, other positive concepts. Often we just send love. We don’t focus on the problem, but rather the solution. So we don’t visualise the person as sick or troubled but as healthy and recovered.
When you’re having distant healing, my advice is to treat it the same as actually visiting the therapist. Lie somewhere quiet, relaxed, somewhere you can be open to receiving the energy. You shouldn’t be driving, watching TV, drinking or eating.

Distant healing can actually be more powerful. In your own space, you’ll less likely have any inhibitions. You don’t have to impress the therapist, or worry about your smelly feet. There’s a lot of wasted time when we interact one on one.

We’re all electromagnetic beings, we talk to each other all the time at an energetic level, like two cells in a body. The problem is that we’ve learnt to be so pre-occupied with ourselves that we’ve forgotten how to make this connection.

When we have sympathetic resonance, this means we’re vibrating in same frequency band as another person. This is how you find the right healer, and it is also how that healer can help you. You are putting out into the field that you are seeking something and the Universe connects you with the person who is offering what you need. This is the Law of Attraction.


Dr Gulara Vincent

Energy healer

We are all energy. During a healing the Reiki energy comes through me and into the other person. If your intent is to send healing to a specific person, this creates a transfer of energy. Everyone has the energy; with practice and study you can learn how to channel it. The healer acts as a conduit with a client. It doesn’t matter if the client is in the room or far away, the energy goes where it needs to go.

You can tap into energy yourself – say compassion, for example – to help uncreate the reality you have created that’s causing the problem you’re experiencing. Symbols act as a conduit to the energy.


Karen Goodson

Energy healer

During a healing, I tune into their client’s energy body, not their 3D body. We are all energy, vibrating at different rate.

I scan the person’s energy, pick up things that might be causing a problem, or which look like they shouldn’t be there. Say, for instance, I find a spear. That could be an energetic imprint left over from an actual stabbing in a past life. Or maybe the actual item represents a betrayal that took place from a past life, and the person is still carrying the energy. Alternatively, it might be the energy body’s way of saying that someone is stabbing you in the back now.

I work by first making a heart-to-heart connection with the client. Then I connect to Source and to the centre of the Earth for grounding. Source guides me, I make the request. I then focus my attention on the client, and whatever they need will present itself to me.

If you need help, find the right person by connecting from the heart and then follow your intuition. Affirm that you want to be guided to the right person for you. By doing all this you’ll connect to that person’s energy.


Gill Wilkinson

Eden energy practitioner and healer

I either know the person or I’ve been asked to work on them. We are all energy so it doesn’t matter whether they’re in front of me or ten miles away, I check their energy to work out where they need healing, where the blockages are.

If I’ve been asked to send healing, I’ll need the person’s name, and if there is more than one person of that name in a certain town, also their address. From this I can create an energetic hologram of the particular person.

The healing goes through me. I set my intention to offer healing to a particular person and from there, channel energy to that person. I often use relaxation exercises to get the person into the zone. Meditation can help get the person’s busy brain out of the way. With Eden energy, I teach people how to use acupressure points or meridians, through which the energy can flows more efficiently.


Denny Dakin

Healer and aura reader

The healer is sending their client a higher vibration, so even if the client is currently at a lower vibration, this will not stop the healing from working.

We always get the client’s permission to send healing, and don’t just send it without asking. Even if the person is troubled, they might not want it. Or, their struggles might be part of their journey.

I see the person I am working with, their energy, their whole being, what’s inside their consciousness. I scan the body to pick up where any problems might be, and go in with help from my crowd. So that’s my guides – higher beings, non-physical.

Belief is important as it means that a person is open to receiving the healing. Scepticism creates a block, makes it harder to receive the healing, as you’re resisting it. It’s possible for a healer to get through blocks like this, but more difficult.



Find out more:

You can contact Julie Fenn, Gulara Vincent, Karen Goodson, Gill Wilkinson, Denny Dakin and many other healers, spiritual teachers and readers, through the Mind Body Spirit Portal, an online service to help people connect with spiritual, holistic practitioners and retailers.



Posted by: Leah Russell