Spring Reads Bonus Review: Londonia by Kate A. Hardy

April 27, 2020

by Tania O’Donnell


Want to know what to read when you’re isolating or in lockdown? Kindred Spirit book reviewer Tania O’Donnell has an online-exclusive review for readers…


It may seem odd to be recommending a book set in a dystopian future when our present is running too close for comfort to such outcomes right now, but Kate A. Hardy’s Londonia is a rare beast.


In the future, London is divided, with the outer parts such as Hoxton called Londonia and the inner part of such areas as Mayfair are known as the Cincture. A woman awakens on a park bench in Londonia with no memory of who she is or why she is there. Londonia operates on the basis of barter and the woman stumbles into becoming a ‘finder’ – a trader in hard-to-find goods. A fateful request from a grand lady in the Cincture leads the woman to begin to discover more about her lost past.

This is a superbly written book retaining dialogue, place and characterisation to a masterful level. You believe in Hardy’s world and it should hardly be long before a producer is clamouring to make her highly visual future London into a film or series. This is a surprisingly uplifting book despite the subject matter as it strikes at the heart of what we consider to be important in life – something all of us are thinking about at this strange time.

– Tania O’Donnell


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Londonia is available from Tartarus Press in limited edition hardback (£35.00) or e-book (£4.99) formats.


Posted by: Leah Russell