Transform Your Relationships with Forgiveness Practice

March 26, 2020

by David Lusch


Relationships are a key and vital part of our lives. If you think about it, we are in relationship with everyone and everything – we are connected. Our feelings, attitudes, behavior and more, indicate the nature of these relationships.

Among our many significant relationships, challenges may be common. According to renowned spiritual teacher and healer, Dr. and Master Zhi Gang Sha, one of the purposes of relationships is spiritual growth. Without the proper skills, motivation and determination, it could be difficult to overcome some relationship challenges. But we can learn to handle the ups and downs in relationships and heal them with simple, yet powerful tools.

One of the best tools to help heal and transform relationships is forgiveness practice. When practiced sincerely, forgiveness turns relationship challenges into fruit bearing opportunities for growth and expansion.

Here’s why:

Issues arising in our relationships have to do with information in our souls. Our souls have a history, which includes our connection with other souls and the positive and negative experiences we’ve had together. When relationship challenges arise, it’s an opportunity to transform the negative information in the relationship and any related patterns in our soul. This leads to healing and growth. It can even lead to the opening of the hearts and more love and light to flow in the relationship. By altering the information in our souls, we create a new trajectory and pathway with new options for the relationship to grow.

Whatever the relationship, whatever the trouble, it’s beneficial to step aside from our feelings and take the long view – which is to recognize that the issues aren’t exclusively tied to the facts that have unfolded in the here and now. We can entertain the notion that we have a history with this/these soul(s). We can imagine or tune into that history. Perhaps the situation has been reversed, or worse. We can embrace this as fully as possible.

Practicing forgiveness from this perspective is very beneficial and can lead to deep healing in the relationship and in our lives. It enables us to take responsibility, forgive ourselves and others, and clear negative information, replacing it with the positive information of love and forgiveness. Having done so, we can resolve practical issues with clarity, love and respect.

If we cannot embrace this perspective, it’s ok. Practice forgiveness anyway, from the perspective of unconditionally forgiving everyone and blessing everyone. With sincerity, you can achieve great strides and transform yourself and the situation.

Many times, we resonate with the concept of forgiveness, but have trouble implementing it when it is needed most. This is especially true when someone does something that many people agree is “wrong” – such as physical abuse, cheating, and more. However, if we want to heal and transform the situation (and stop having it show up in our lives), then forgiveness is required (and the long view is helpful). Be grateful for the opportunity, which is an invitation for healing.

Note that forgiveness doesn’t mean that we approve of anything and doesn’t require that we stay where we “shouldn’t”. It just means that whatever we do, we do with love and forgiveness. The more we can forgive then the more we can release the associated internal negative marks, pains and memories. Forgiveness Practice can lead to amazing turnarounds and solutions you may never have thought possible.

Here is a simple forgiveness practice you can try using the Four Power Techniques taught by Dr. and Master Zhi Gang Sha.


Body Power

Sit straight in a chair or on the floor cross-legged or in lotus or half lotus position. (If lying down, that is fine. Just chant silently in that case). Place one palm on your lower abdomen, just below your navel, and the other palm on your heart area.


Soul Power

Try speaking the following aloud to say ‘hello’ to outer and inner souls:


Dear Divine/Tao/God/Universe/Creator (use whichever most resonates with you),

I love you.

Would you please bless this forgiveness practice?

Thank you.

Dear the soul(s) of: ___________(name them),

Please come.

I love you.

We have some disharmony between us.

I have called you here to practice forgiveness.

I deeply apologize for having hurt or harmed you in any of our lifetimes together.

I am especially sorry for ____________(fill this in with what you feel is important. Consider turning your current situation around, apologizing for having done what has upset you).

Can you please forgive me?

I forgive you unconditionally, including for ____________(fill this in with what you feel is important).

Please receive my love and forgiveness.

Thank you.


Mind Power

Visualize golden light around you, between the soul(s) you called and you, connecting your hearts together in love and forgiveness.


Sound Power

Chant silently or aloud:

I forgive you.

You forgive me.

Bring love peace and harmony.


Chant for as long as you wish. Give your total love and forgiveness. Remember that souls really come and deeply connect with them. When you’re finished, pause and say, “Thank you” and ask all souls to “kindly return”.

It’s wonderful to spread the wisdom and practice of forgiveness. Unconditional forgiveness is the key – to forgive without needing anything in return. You can learn more about it in the book Greatest Forgiveness: Bring Joy and Peace to Your Life with the Power of Unconditional Forgiveness by Dr. and Master Zhi Gang Sha, Master Cynthia Deveraux and David Lusch. This pocket-sized book includes more wisdom and tools to help us access, learn and embody unconditional forgiveness in our lives.

In closing, no matter how it is that you learn and practice forgiveness, may you experience how forgiveness can heal your relationships and your life.



About the author:

David Lusch is a Master Teacher of Tao Academy and the co-author of Greatest Forgiveness: Bring Joy and Peace to Your Life with the Power of Unconditional Forgiveness (BenBella Books, £9.99)

Posted by: Leah Russell