Self-Regulation: Learn From Your Body to Stay Invincible to Toxic Energy

March 9, 2020

by Alla Svirinskaya


Recent tragic news about Caroline Flack jolted so many of us into a reflection on our mental health and the effect that a negative emotional environment has on our life. Currently, there are a lot of discussions on TV and press about the need for all of us to be kinder. Being kind is self-evident and I cannot stress enough how important this is, but again, the emphasis seems to be on altering the external energy environment in order to feel well within.

For a meaningful change in society, it’s crucial that the social media campaign “be kind” goes deeper and expand to focus on “own your balance” to highlight the importance of resilience and our immunity to toxic energy. Nearly every suicide is an extreme attempt to self-regulate; people do not want to take their own life but wish to escape the pain they’re experiencing. There will always be unkind people. This is unfortunate, but also a reality, because unkindness for many is a way to self-regulate the inner anger, insecurities and trauma. So let’s not only embed the “be kind” movement into our daily lives, but also focus on healthy self-regulation, since it is of utmost importance to our wellbeing, and to the healthy exchange between people.

Let’s go back to the concept of homeostasis that you may have covered at school during a biology lesson; it refers to an organism’s ability to maintain a stable internal environment in spite of changes and external factors. This innate mechanism is crucial to our survival; our body is constantly maintaining its internal temperature, pH and glucose along with other structures. Our body is continuously being pushed away from its balance point to the extent that our self-regulating system fails to rest. Whilst a part of our brain registers the change of the external and internal conditions, another section initiates adaptive equalizing reactions; this is the body’s homeostasis in action.

For example, when we start to heat up due to weather or exercise, our body triggers the cooling act of perspiration to prevent itself from overheating. Each time we eat food containing sugars, the glucose in the blood increases, kick-starting the pancreas to release insulin to balance glucose levels for the optimal health of our system. We excrete toxins by urinating and open bowels in order to keep our system free from particles that are dangerous to our cells. We also know how to help our body adapt to changes, since we undress or drink water in warmer temperatures, inject insulin when the pancreas stops functioning, apply SPF cream during the summer, and so-forth. Majority of illnesses begin as a breakdown of the homeostasis when the body’s ability to preserve is jeopardised. The biological homeostasis is crucial for our survival and health; its value is unquestionable.

However, there is also another type of homeostasis that is crucial to our life but not taught in school; the aura’s self-regulation. I believe one of the reasons for mental health illnesses, emotional breakdowns and suicide is because we’re not familiar with another invisible dimension of our being and therefore unaware how to take care of it. Until we embrace ourselves as an energy being, we will not be able to maintain a holistic state of homeostasis and as a result, struggle to adapt to external changes in our social environment.

Aura has a complex multi-layered structure, each of which has a distinct impact on our emotional and mental health. Many conditions labelled as a mental/emotional health disorder stems from an energy imbalance, and by only relying on a biochemical approach, our ability to self-regulate is often become ineffective.

I am firmly against the alternative medicine school of thought aggressively opposing the conventional; let me be clear, I’m not suggesting people stop their prescribed medication. My intention is for people to awaken and recognise the extent their energy field is affecting their emotional and mental health. In my experience of healing, which I have been practicing for over 20 years, it becomes very apparent to me, that if we place well-balanced energy in a driving seat we never feel out of control. Many tools are available to help us adapt to a changing energy environment, but unfortunately, far too many people only know how to self-regulate in a challenging environment through distractive or negative behavior, for example, by giving up, leaving their job, sabotage, self-numbing through toxic lifestyle or suicide.

Let’s not continue with the “victim” mentality by expecting our optimal inner self to be only dependent upon the external environment. Our body doesn’t hold grudges about bad weather, uncomfortable temperature, diet or pathogens. It acts once it registers a threat and we should learn from this! We should stop expecting our external environment to improve or focusing only on the changes in other people.

Start by learning about the body aura, using the tools for energy protection, preservation, and reclaiming your boundaries. Pay attention to small fluctuations in your state of inner harmony and do not allow it to snowball of extreme discomfort and despair. Your body does not wait for you to have a heatstroke to start perspiring in order to cool down. It acts as soon as it registers a threat to the inner constant.


Slow down

If someone is verbally attacking you, minimize the auric damage this will cause by slowing down the up-flow of your inner energy. To do this, hold your breath or significantly slow down your breathing while the insults are being thrown at you. This will act as metaphorical earplugs for your aura.


Change the tone

If someone is shouting at you or verbally attacking you, calmly and confidently ask them to take a step back. Most of the time, that person will do as you ask, which in turn will make you less submissive to their negative influence and enable you to gain control over the energy exchange and reinforce your personal space.

Alternatively, don’t respond to or comment on what the person is saying, and ask them to alter their tone instead. In this way you treat the essence of their words with indifference and only ask them to adjust the frequency of their voice. For example, you could ask, “Please can you tell me what you’d like to say in a calmer or quieter voice?”


Tidy up your energy as you go along your day!

A restored holistic state of homeostasis, which encompasses biological and energy ones, is the best protector in life and this will enable you to thrive regardless of the circumstances.

Self-regulation is the key to resilience. The root of the word resilience comes from the Latin ‘resilire’ meaning ‘rebound, spring back’. Embrace self-regulation as an essential part of your lifestyle; do not wait until an acute desperate state of imbalance occurs, since this often leads to extreme and dangerous methods. Become your own proactive master.


About the author:

Alla Svirinskaya comes from five generations of Russian healers. Techniques were passed down from mother to daughter, and Alla began her training as a young child, assisting her mother in her practice. Like her mother, she also trained as a medical doctor, but then decided she wished to follow the traditional Russian method of healing.
Alla has appeared numerous times on TV, radio and in the print media, and is the author of Own Your Energy from Hay House Publishers, £14.99.

Posted by: Leah Russell