Being in Beauty: Hearing the Whisper in the Wind

March 9, 2020

by Pete Bengry


I am currently sitting by a very beautiful lake in Finland. The last time I was here was to celebrate the stepping from one year to another. During that time I walked upon the frozen surface of the water with a nervous degree of trust.

It’s hard to imagine that then, this entire lake was solid enough to sustain my weight. In the winter, many people use an axe to access the fluidity of the water as they submerge themselves into the icy temperatures.

Sitting here now, I simply witness memories of the past and remain present in this sacred moment. The eternal changes within nature invite me to question our connection to both her and our relationship as a race. And these words enter my mind:

What do we learn from nature?

I listen to the whispering within the wind as it moves the leaves on the trees around me. Then the whispering increases to that of a roar, and these words appear in my mind:

Are we listening and learning? Or are we losing and leaving?

There are so many changes occurring in our lives right now. The rainforests in the Amazon have been on fire as the world watches the lungs of the earth burn. So many people are in pain witnessing catastrophes for both the planet and its inhabitants. Somewhere within this trauma is a loud message, which reflects our presence on this planet. Again, I sense the whispers in the wind, as more words appear:

Are we frozen, unable to move, or are we fluid within the changes we can make?

There are many views and opinions related to mental health with reference to frozen energy linked to trauma. To witness the rate at which we are destroying our own home is surely a huge warning to our mental health as a whole. But as many of us are aware it is those who are in power that potentially are blinded to their own prognosis towards their own mental health.

It is important that as visitors and witnesses to our beautiful planet we do not lose hope towards our presence. We need to ensure that we exist within the fluidity and not the frozen space of trauma.

As a species, we need to be very conscious to the fact that we need the Earth more than the Earth needs us. Our acceptance of this reality is crucial to whether we remain fluid or frozen. So, do we simply surrender and accept our demise as a race, or do we stand up for change?

I say we simply live within the moment of movement, inviting the fluidity of our incredible ability to feel to melt what is frozen. As always, natural life has adapted in order to survive. But, as a race we have caused changes to occur, which have seriously challenged ours and others birthing within natures evolution. Life is continually changing, and we have to listen to the whispers in the wind before the roar arrives. As I sit here now by this lake, I hear the sacred messages from nature both whispering and roaring. The powerful presence of the wind is a force of movement, which is currently waking my soul to its inner purpose.

The blood in my body feels alive, mirroring the fluid reflection of the water in the lake. Currently there is movement, but just a few months ago it was frozen. As a race we cannot be frozen; we have to welcome the movement of fluidity. Within the many traumas of modern life, so many people are frozen as they witness the world around them with tired eyes.
In order to really live, we need to look after ourselves, each other and more importantly, our home: the Earth. We need to learn, listen and love. It is only here that we welcome the whispers in the wind, and what was once frozen becomes fluid.

We welcome change.


About the author

Pete Bengry is a shamanic practitioner, musician, sound therapist, composer and author. He has dedicated his entire life to using the drum as a musical instrument and healing tool. He teaches and performs internationally, sharing his gifts that have been refined over many years and remaining present to the voice of the drum.
Pete offers workshops in shamanism, but his primary skill is working with and witnessing the visible and invisible energies within sound healing. He is endorsed by Meinl Percussion, Sonic Energy, Roland, REMO, Paiste, Zoom, Protection Racket and Shure microphones. When he is not traveling and teaching, he composes music and writes short stories and poetry.

Posted by: Leah Russell