Gratitude and Good Vibrations: How to Manifest the Life You Desire

March 5, 2020

by Nancy Robinson


We are powerful beings of light, with extraordinary abilities and talents to manifest the joy and abundance we want in each area of our life. We can align with powerful energies from our higher self and soul in order to receive all the information and direction that we need for creating the abundance and prosperity that we’re willing to receive.

If you’ve already tried several strategies but find that you are still waiting for your abundance to show up, or if you’re just ready to receive more, the following can help you clear and activate to new levels of prosperity.


Build the consciousness and it will come

Check that your consciousness is supporting what you say you want. Pay attention to what you focus on and how you speak about what you want to create. Do you truly believe that you deserve it? Speak words of power and affirmation to generate energies that draw your outcome in towards you.

Be sure that your consciousness is positive and aligned with unlimited divine energies. This can open new avenues of increased prosperity flow to all areas of your life.


Believe to receive

Are you utilizing all the tools you have in order to reach your dreams? Harness the power of your subconscious mind so it is working for you continually. As you visualize the success you want through positive words and powerful mental pictures, it instructs your subconscious mind to start seeking and finding new ways to receive.

It can be especially powerful to focus on what you want to create as you go to sleep each night. Your soul can better communicate divinely inspired ideas, important information and powerful solutions through your subconscious mind while it’s at rest, so you receive powerful inspirations that can guide you with new directions for manifesting your dreams.


Clear, clear, and clear some more

Watch out for any hidden, unknown patterns or subconscious programs which may still be blocking your achievements. As you identify them, clear them quickly and replace them with visions of success and affirmations for abundance and plenty.

Trust in the fact that you are here to experience a joyful life and that you have the power to create your own special heaven on earth. You can have it all, and the infinite abundance of the universe is available to support and help you on every level. Ask what you need to know, do, heal or release to start receiving your most joy-filled and abundant life. Be ready to make any necessary changes so that you start allowing new levels of abundance.


Develop your manifesting abilities

If you are truly ready to experience higher levels of wealth, abundance and prosperity, consider taking classes that teach advanced manifesting techniques. They can help you learn new ways to create through higher levels and amplify your energies for success.

When you choose to manifest at the soul level, instead of the lower more limited ego or personality level, you will be able to receive inspired information and work in clearer and more sustained ways. You can learn how to transform your life and create lasting success by working through these higher frequencies and awareness. Are you willing to invest in creating new channels for receiving your best?


Activate a prosperity frequency

Changing your energy to higher levels of light can also help you manifest faster and more easily. As you activate a stronger energy force field around yourself, you will magnetically attract new levels of prosperity and abundance.

Stones, healing crystals and crystal skulls can be used to clear and elevate your energies for attracting more abundance. Tiger’s eye, malachite, lapis, citrine and quartz crystal are especially effective in amplifying the frequencies that draw in more money and prosperity. These special stone energies help transform energetic blueprints within your energy field that sustain and retain abundance.


Attitude of gratitude

Gratitude and appreciation are also important for generating powerful energies of light at higher levels, which allows you to receive even more. Saying thanks and expressing gratitude enhances higher frequencies of light for attracting more joy and freedom.

Trust that you can have what you want and that you already have the wisdom and guidance within to fulfill your dreams. The whole universe is ready as never before with support and help. Past karmic patterns of hardship and lacking are rapidly being replaced with powerful new vibrational energies of abundance and plenty.

Now is the time to keep asking for your best, and staying open to receive more than you’ve ever imagined.


About the author:

Nancy Robinson uses a vibrational energy system called Elicor Awakenings, which includes energy clearing, spiritual coaching, and crystal skull gridding (on request). These energies clear mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual levels, enabling clients to awaken new talents, abilities, and higher levels of creativity as well as improve patterns around fear and anxiety.
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Posted by: Leah Russell