Talking With Angels of Love

February 6, 2020

by Amanda Hart


Angels of love have guided and protected us throughout history to help us understand about the full spectrum of love which ranges from bliss and ecstasy through to anger and grief. Cherubs, for example, have been symbolic of angels of love throughout history in art and religion, reminding us of their vital role with humanity to experience the true marvel of love and help us through the pain and hardships it conversely creates.

Some of our greatest philosophers have tried to capture the essence of love, to summarise it in all its glory, but it is so mighty that we cannot ever contemplate its expansiveness other than through personal experience and what we observe. It is our choice with what we do with love that counts.

Angels of love help us find love within ourselves: without initial self-love, we cannot begin to contemplate the magnitude of what love can bring to our lives in other ways. It is not through seeking love that we will find nirvana, but when we find love within ourselves that we finally unlock a door that leads us to limitless possibility.

The law of polarity helps us to see that when hardships exist in our lives, there is a polar opposite to experience – once we ask for guidance to see that opportunity for enlightenment. Our angels of love are constantly with us, trying to help us see the limitlessness of our situations and to help us move out of the darkness and into the light.

Once we start to invest love in ourselves, our angels of love will guide us to enriched relationships with others, often culling those that have a negative impact on us or no longer need to show us lessons for growth. Self-love aligns us to ‘our’ people, to deepen our relationship with those who will serve us, and to tell us who we can allow into our inner sanctum of our energy field. This feeds and nourishes our soul and amplifies a glorious message to the Universe that we are serving our purpose to connect with others and to spread love into this world.

When we attract the people who serve our higher ideals, we find our place in this world as a by-product and therefore the cycle of love’s full riches starts to form an unconditional loop of amplified energy that continues to feed us through the light that our angels of love are guiding us towards.

Our angels of love guide and protect us, teach us and serve us to discover the three loves – self-love, love in relationships and love of life – which serve not only our highest needs, but create a ripple that will pass on throughout humanity, spreading love into the darkest recesses expressed by this world.

Love is not about reaching utopia and feeling that you’ve achieved your goal. It is an ever-moving ocean that can be at times calm and tranquil, reflecting the morning sun as shining sparkles of light, but which can in a heartbeat turn to a tempestuous raging storm that battles relentlessly until, when exhausted and spent, it calms once more.

All these extremes – and everything in between – are what we have the ability to experience as humans through this existence. Whilst we feel the safety and support of loved ones in our life through our times of need, it is often like we are set adrift on a raft and have to face the ocean alone with the turbulence our emotions create.

Calling upon our angels of love doesn’t just help us discover who we are, guide us to loved ones or discover the things we love to experience in this world. More importantly, they are there to guide us through times of struggle, uncertainty, doubt and fear.

Throughout my life, I have never doubted my angels of love would help me through the enormity of my challenges, but I have vast richness in my life today because of how I embraced their guidance and allowed them to show me through the lessons I had to learn, to find the love that I knew existed in me, reflected back into my world.

Every day I count my blessings and thank my angels of love for their constancy in my life. They are always there to guide you too: you just have to ask.

Here is a prayer that you can say last thing at night and keep by your bedside that will help with the polarities of your life, so your angels of love can help you find your alignment and way through this world, to experience love as you rightly deserve.

Dear angels of love who guide, love and protect me from the highest of the Divine,
I call upon you to hear my prayers.
Through uncertainty, help guide me to trust
Through fear, help me to be courageous
Through indecisiveness, help guide me to find resolution
Through difficulties in relationships, help me to find clarity
Through self-doubt and lack of self-belief, help me to find self-assurance and my truth
Through self-loathing, help me find self-love and appreciation
Through times of isolation or loneliness, help me find my people and place in this world
Through times of frustration, help me find right solutions and serenity
Through times of sadness, help me to find joy and happiness
Through times of grief, help me find peace
Through times of anxiety or depression, may I find contentedness and certainty
Through times of despair, help me find hope
Through times of envy, may I find good will
Through times of shame, may I find self-respect
Through times of guilt, may I find fulfilment
Through times of anger, may I find calm
Through times of shame, may I find honour
Through times of heartache, may I find comfort
Through times of betrayal, may I find faithfulness
Through times of rejection, may I find acceptance
Through times of tragedy, may I find blessings
Through times of unworthiness, may I find compassion
May I always recognise your love, good grace and guidance to find the highest vibration of my truth, if it be for the highest good of all, with love and gratitude


About the author:

An intuitive consultant for over 20 years, Amanda Hart has helped countless people to overcome adversity, to find their power, purpose and voice. Amanda trained for many years in numerous holistic practices to understand how the energy world affects us.
Amanda’s most recent book, Talking with Angels of Love: Open your Heart is available now.


Posted by: Leah Russell