Therapy Review: Aura Transformation

November 27, 2019

Sarah Jennings explains how this therapy can help you to strengthen your energetic protection and clear decades of negative patterning.


by Sarah Jennings


Is your energetic protection strong? Do you know where you end and others begin? Are you leaking vital energy? Are people’s thoughts and energies seeping into yours? Are the functions of your aura working for you?


If your aura is working against you then AuraTransformation™ is a one-time permanent expansion of your consciousness which could turn things around for you. It offers an epic de-cluttering of your aura and a radical re-organsiation of how your aura functions in connecting you to your higher self, to others, and the world out there.

Sarah Jennings

You can start learning about the quality of your energetic protection by answering these questions.


1. Do you feel exhausted very quickly?
2. Is your skin missing that glow, and have your eyes lost their sparkle?
3. Do you class yourself as an ‘empath,’ certainly the kind that feels overwhelmed by other people’s energy?
4. Crowded rooms overwhelm you?
5. When you work with or on people (as a therapist) do you take client’s traumas home (or colleague’s?)
6. You feel empty, dark, sullen, depressed? Like an invisible force is holding you back.
7. Children’s energy agitates you? Or you feel the need for frequent breaks even from your own children because their energy is so strong.

If you answered yes to any of these questions it is likely that the protective layer of your aura is weak or damaged. You can see it in the quality of your skin, how exhausted you get by the end of the day, and how irritable you can be when you run out of energy. Your vital energy is literally running away from you, until you have nothing left and feel increasingly powerless. If left unchecked this sort of energetic damage can eventually lead to physical illness.

The protective etheric layer of the aura has in time become weaker and weaker for most people. It can be very easily damaged, with heartbreak, drug & alcohol use, car accidents, any physical, mental or emotional shock and being around high intensity children can cause the etheric layer to fray. Feeling exhausted, absorbing other people’s thoughts and emotions, feeling boundary-less, and irritable, are all signs of a leaky aura. The structure of our auras to date are no longer functioning optimally in the technologically advanced world we are in nor able to keep up with the shift in consciousness we are all experiencing.

People with weakened energetic protection often have created a daily self-practice that they rely on to just feel ok. People use energy work, breath, the gym, do yoga, eat certain foods, meditate, even use mantra or movement. We call this building a temporary aura or protection that needs to be topped up everyday, and it is time consuming to maintain and never fully restores the weakened aura.


What it Does

If you have asked the question ‘there must be something that fixes a damaged aura’ then AuraTransformation™ may be the answer you have been looking for. This Danish modality, founded by Anni Sennov, has been spreading across the world for 25 years, with over 100,000 people having had the transformation. It offers a real opportunity for the adults of today to dissolve their Old Auras and upgrade their energy field to the latest evolution in consciousness that the high frequency Indigo and Crystal children have so that they too can thrive in modern day life.

Anni Sennov, founder of AuraTransformation

The astral body is another aspect of the Old Aura that can work against you. This behaves like the ‘universal plug socket’ where thought forms, planet energies or collective behavior patterns can live through you, such as addictions, fears, and low self-esteem. Karmic bonds with people and situations are attached to the astral body too, explaining why you have felt magnetically drawn to the wrong kind of people to learn important lessons. The ancestral imprint taps in to the astral body, and can manifest in your life as repetitive patterns of behaviour and thought that have been passed down your ancestral line, living through the makeup of your cells and the emotional frequencies they emit. During the AuraTransformation™ the astral body and all its attachments are dissolved, resulting in you becoming truly sovereign and ultimately the master of your own energy.


The way the Old Aura functions is that the higher self hovers outside of the energy field making it hard for most people to connect to their true selves. Living the hedonistic life, avoiding emotional processing, or having suffered abuse in childhood or adult life can make for a further sense of detachment or being far from your body, and not being present or grounded. Some refer to this as soul fragmentation. During the AuraTransformation™ the Old Aura is dissolved meaning there is no more barrier between you and your Spirit energy, and this comes flooding in and around your body and crystallises into every cell over the following months, leaving you with a real sense of wholeness.

There are no words to really describe how good and right it feels to become embodied in this way. There is a sense of feeling far more grounded and comfortable in your own body, a real coming home to yourself and Earth like never before. Embodying your spirit energy in every cell of your body gives you a fresh energetic start in life, it means you emit more light from every cell in your body to experience a more radiant way of being.


How it Works

When you have the AuraTransformation™ the existing aura and its layers are dissolved, along with trauma, blockages, undesirable thinking, mental chatter and ancestral patterns of behaviour. Once it is dissolved, we integrate the New Time crystalline aura structure which has a much stronger energetic boundary, its protection is amazing for empaths, or people that struggle with other people’s energies and for all kind of body workers and therapists. If you would like to know more about the new aura and how it connects to the Indigo & Crystal children please visit my website .

Having an AuraTransformation™ is a drastic way of clearing your cellular and energetic memory field of decades of patterning. It is an incredibly transformative individual treatment which takes 4 hours, in two sessions. The first step is to read the prerequisite books called Balance on All Levels by Anni Sennov then to find a local Aura Mediator™ you resonate with on

As of two months after your AuraTransformation™ you can apply to train in this groundbreaking modality. The Aura Mediator™ Courses are powerful, run in small groups, are hands on, and have a huge impact on your personal growth and expansion of consciousness. Working in this modality can expand your practice to have a profound impact on the lives of the people you work with in a practical and safe way.


Find out more:

Sarah Jennings is the UK, Swiss, France & South African Aura Mediator™ Instructor and is a highly experienced transformation catalyst, shifting consciousness with AuraTransformation™ & L.E.A.P Kinesiology and the creator of Heart Retrieval. Sarah uses her vast experience & multi-dimensional wisdom to help people embrace their true essence and fine tune their energetic potential.

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June Carnell, Exeter, Devon & Southwest
Puja Louise Brown, Brighton, Sussex & London
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Deva Yasmin, Cambridge, Essex & Dublin
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Posted by: Leah Russell